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    posted a message on The Phantom (Mob B) Will Make The Game Easier
    Quote from Pykaxe»

    I'm not sure if they don't spawn at all or just don't attack you if there's a roof over your head

    Based on some information I found they only spawn if the player is above sea level and has a direct view of the sky so you can spend as much time as you like mining or place a (non-transparent, e.g. glass) block overhead at your AFK point and they will never bother you:

    However, they ignore the hostile mob cap (which they do count towards) so an extreme number can accumulate (I presume Mojang will fix this, they even spawn for players in Creative mode, and while they may not attack they can become a big nuisance):
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    posted a message on Why did people vote for the Phantom? It's a useless addition to the game most players won't even encounter.
    Quote from ScotsMiser»

    Spawning under its own mob cap (as do squids) — no filling of the other mob caps and thus no interference with farms

    Since you mention this, somebody posted details of how Phantoms spawn over on Reddit (based on the decompiled code); it appears that an unlimited number can spawn since they ignore the mob cap:
    Phantoms are counted towards the hostile mob cap but don't respect it when spawning (I'm running some more tests to confirm this)

    Every 1-2mins (1200-2400 ticks) the game will attempt to spawn Phantoms

    Phantoms can only spawn at night, and spawn in both the overworld and the end

    The spawning mechanic is based off the location of players in the world, not by randomly choosing a block near the players like regular mob spawning

    The players current location needs to be above sea level and have sky access

    The player has to have not slept for at least 3 days. With a 1/4 chance on day 4, 2/5 on day 5, 3/6 on day 6 etc (specifically, random.nextInt(ticksSinceLastSlept) >= 72000)

    If the players meets all the criteria, a pack of 1-4 Phantoms (on hard) will be spawned somewhere 20-34 blocks above and within a 10 blocks on the x, z

    Here is an example somebody else posted showing hundreds of Phantoms circling overhead - imagine all of those attacking you at once (they were AFK-ing in Creative, so it seems that even players in Creative mode get insomnia):

    Note also that this is in daylight, so they do not appear to despawn during the day (unless they are more than 32 blocks away?)

    One good thing is that they won't spawn if you are below sea level, so if you are mining/caving you only need to be concerned about coming to the surface at night, and even then you have 1-2 minutes before they spawn (which is not much when you regularly travel up to 1000 blocks to where you are currently caving). They also won't spawn if you are inside a shelter since the player must have a direct view of the sky (presuming you don't have transparent blocks, like glass, in the ceiling).
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    posted a message on Things You Do in Minecraft That Other Players Probably Don't

    In my case it would be the amount of caving that I do - most players just do enough caving to get the resources that they need; on the other hand, I've collected millions of resources in one world, hundreds of thousands in others. In fact, I've explored practically every single cave, ravine, and mineshaft under what is likely most of an entire 1.6.4-style continent (I've reached ocean on most sides, except for the northwest and southeast):

    Even in a single play session I easily collect 3,000 or more ores and other resources (and have been doing so for many years, if not all in the same world); I've even modded the game to add "stats" to the inventory screen so I can easily see how much I've collected and other statistics for the current play session:

    All of this is just for fun; I branch-mine to get the resources I need early on and avoid caving until the "end-game", which is pretty much just that, and I just see the resources collected as a byproduct of caving (I do use some, such as coal for torches and fuel or rails for railways to link my bases together).

    Another thing unusual about my playstyle is the total lack of farms, besides basic ones like (manual) crop farms; I don't even have a simple dungeon-based XP farm (the XP I get from mining and killing naturally spawned mobs meets all my needs many times over; when I make my gear I get the XP I need by mining quartz, When I find a dungeon I just destroy the spawner, with a few exceptions, like when I found an Enderman dungeon in a modded world, and I only used it to collect enough Ender pearls to get to the End), much less resource farms (when you have collected over half a million iron an iron farm seems a bit silly; past the early game the only thing I use iron for is the occasional anvil and trapped chests and all the iron I've used would take 3-4 sessions to replace).

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    posted a message on Is this illegal?
    Quote from wills_bills»

    If you're trying to distribute anything that includes work from Mojang (textures, files, the base game, code, etc.) then that is illegal.

    In other words, that means that most mods are illegal because by definition they modify parts of the game and are distributed - yet I've never heard of any mod being taken down except for hacked clients or when an entire working jar was uploaded.

    Before you claim that Forge mods are not illegal (Forge itself aside) many actually do include parts of Mojang's code, even very basic mods, even if just copied+pasted with some changes (for example, "func_151538_a" in this mod is virtually the same as Mojang's; note the variable and method names, which are a dead giveaway that they copied (MCP-deobfuscated) source), then there's all those mods that add in new tools and armor, including ingots, gems, and ores, which are simply recolored vanilla textures (my own mod is guilty on both counts, including textures and code taken from newer versions (with some changes to fit with 1.6.4), which also isn't the only mod that does that, e.g. Et Futurum's legality has been questioned because of this. Here is another thread where the legality of mods is questioned, with forum staff asserting that they are legal (and getting exasperated by the last page).
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    posted a message on 1.13 update useless

    Respiration and Water Breathing are supposed to reduce underwater fog (example); if they are no longer working it has to be a bug (a quick look at the bug tracker shows no relevant issues). What is your render distance? That directly affects the closeness of fog, including underwater. Also, if you used Optifine in 1.12.2 it has a Clear Water setting which reduces underwater fog and well as reduces the light opacity of water (I've played with this for so long it is "normal" for me and vanilla water looks way too opaque and dark).

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    posted a message on Why did people vote for the Phantom? It's a useless addition to the game most players won't even encounter.

    Heh, who doesn't sleep for 5 in-game days? Me? I have not slept for close to 200 in-game days, at least (since I moved to another base to explore further around it). Even a single play session doubles that; I play for an average of 3.5 hours per session, which is 10.5 in-game days, and spend about two sessions caving between trips back to a base to unload everything that I've collected and get more food and wood. So basically, I'd have to bring a bed with me in order to avoid them (do they attack during the day or it is just at night, and how easy is it to avoid them? I often do return at night and just sprint past the mobs, which are extremely common when all the caves underground have been lit up, sometimes I have to deal with them though and may spend all night fighting them until the sun rises).

    Not that it matters since they aren't going to retroactively add them to 1.6.4 (and even if they did I play with a modded version, which is not kept up-to-date), just as I don't play on Hard in part because zombies breaking doors is a useless, annoying feature (so are zombie sieges, which weren't fixed until 1.8, nor do I intend to fix them in my mod even though there are fixes/patched code readily available) or creepers deal way too much damage (scaling up more than most other mobs so in upgrading my armor, which is far from maxed-out (I don't even bother with a helmet except for mob drops) they would be even less of a threat. 1.9's armor penetration mechanic makes this even worse; I could upgrade my armor to offset all of the increase in damage not only on Hard but in 1.9+ - and nearly halve the damage from zombies, skeletons, etc. I do not want to rely on shields since they are only effective if you can arm them and face the source in time).

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    posted a message on I have played the same version of Minecraft for four years

    Although this is not directly related, the current version I would prefer is 1.5.2, because of Better than Wolves; it may literally be the only truly well-designed Minecraft mod out there, because most others contain a lot of bugs and oversights despite being 'official' or something like that, and of course can imbalance things. But it's equally important to note that most modders are just those with some programming experience and a willingness to share, so maybe the community should've never expected them to be 'professional' or anything like that, or actually make Minecraft 'good'. (In fact, I would feel guilty running any mod besides BTW because of the feeling of imbalance or just plain overcomplication.)

    Even if I end up dying or quitting because of a bad situation, and feel like quitting BTW completely, I cannot stop coming back to it; it's that fun.

    Since you mention Better than Wolves; my own mod "TheMasterCaver's World" is very similar; as with BTW, TMCW is largely based around how I think Mojang could have implemented newer features, like the atrocious "climate system" which forces you to search for a good seed unless you want to travel potentially thousands of blocks to find biomes which are significantly different from the ones you spawn in (here is a rendering of a world I recently played on). It also preserves a "universal ocean" type world while not having quite so much ocean by adding in smaller landmasses of varying size to oceans. And, of course, instead of nerfing the underground, a major part of the game, it adds more features (more variation in caves and new cave variants).

    It even has my own version of the highly controversial 1.9 combat, designed around my combat style, which lets you attack multiple mobs as fast as you can accurately hit them (an upcoming version fixes the issue that you can spam-click empty air with no penalty, and lets you attack a single mob as fast as its damage immunity allows, instead of once per second with no penalty, though if you have a good enchanted sword this doesn't matter much). My version of Mending replaces renaming an item to keep its cost down instead of magically repairing them with XP (1.9's Mending also makes it too easy to get crazy overpowered gear with 5-6 enchantments and makes mining and anvils obsolete), and so on.
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    posted a message on Preference Questions for Survival

    1. I'd say cobblestone due to its abundance, and quartz, which I use for my main bases as I get tons of it as a byproduct of enchanting, but don't usually intentionally mine it for building with.

    2. Bonemeal, not as a dye but because it is the most useful to me; I only use regular glass (with a custom texture) since colored glass does not exist in 1.6.4 (and I have not added it to my mod because I don't see a use for it); likewise, white wool since white sheep are most abundant (my main use of wool is trading it for emeralds, and before I put Silk Touch on my shears, as way to save all the string I collect from cave spider spawners).

    3. None; I don't use automated machines of any kind unless the definition is taken very loosely (I suppose planting crops and letting them grow on their own is automatic in a sense as the game grows them for you while you can do other things, which is the main reason why people automate things).

    4. A diamond sword with Sharpness V, Knockback II, Unbreaking III (Mending does not exist in 1.6.4 though my mod adds its own version which replaces renaming to keep the cost down).

    5. Villagers; they are the most human-like mob and seem to have some intelligence (they live in organized villages) and resemble the player, plus you can trade with them (for stuff like all diamond gear prior to 1.8; all the diamonds that I get while caving are about as useful to me as once you have Mending in 1.9+).

    6. The ability to (hopefully) fully customize world generation like they should have done in 1.8 (they have not actually added this yet but they have made the necessary changes).

    7. Unbreaking (and Mending in 1.9+); even with Unbreaking III I've burned through an entire diamond pickaxe (or repair) in a single session and while the repair cost is increased it is far offset by the 4x durability increase, part of the reason why I've never made (needed) an XP farm.

    8. A big box? I really, really am not a builder at all, as indicated by the answers to the first few questions.

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    posted a message on World Sizes

    It is possible to ensure that structures generate within a certain distance of spawn, at least, if they are not dependent on the biome; for example, in my own mod I ensure that a couple of rare types of caves always exist within 1056 blocks of the origin:

    // Ensures that at least one colossal cave system and giant cave region exist within 66 chunks or 1056
    // blocks of the origin by incrementing seedModifiers until it is successful (100 attempts is far more
    // than should ever be needed). Range * 2 should be a multiple of 12.
    int range = 66;
    for (int i = 0; i < 100; ++i)
        for (int z = -range; z <= range; ++z)
            for (int x = -range; x <= range; ++x)
                if (this.validColossalCaveLocation(x, z, x * x + z * z))
                    break colossalCaveCheck;
        ++seedModifiers[i & 1];
    seedModifiers = this.rand.getSeedModifiers();
    for (int i = 0; i < 100; ++i)
        // Only checks once every 12 chunks as regional caves are 12x12 chunks in size
        for (int z = -range; z <= range; z += 12)
            for (int x = -range; x <= range; x += 12)
                if (this.validRegionalCaveLocation(x, z, x * x + z * z) && this.isGiantCaveRegion(x, z))
                    break giantCaveRegionCheck;
        ++seedModifiers[i & 1];

    1056 blocks may not seem like much but for somebody like me it is a lot; it takes me around 5-6 months to explore a level 4 map (about the same size) and I've only explored past 1500 blocks from spawn in a single world. Vanilla even has a somewhat similar thing for strongholds, the closest three of which are guaranteed to be no further than 2688 blocks from the origin (1152 prior to 1.9 and in Bedrock) due to how they are laid out (the furthest are up to 24192 blocks away but unless you want to find every single one there is no need to ever go that far out). Note that in both cases there is a minimum distance from the origin, 512 blocks for my caves and 1408 for strongholds (640 prior to 1.9 and in Bedrock), so not like they will be right under spawn (usually within +/-256 blocks of the origin).

    As for biomes, an option to disable the climate system, or better yet, customize biomes individually, would be very nice and would solve many of the issues it causes (e.g. jungles are not really that rare as a percentage of all land; they just generate in huge clumps which may be a dozen or more times the size of a normal-sized biome. This generation is directly related to the climate system, which randomly makes an entire "warm" biome a jungle). It would make no sense at all if the new world generation customization that 1.13 is bringing doesn't allow us to change this (or how common different structures are, as Superflat has been able to do since 2012; I have no idea why they never added it to the Customized world type. This can also offset the rarity as making them more common means that an instance of a biome is more likely to have them; in my mod I made jungle temples twice as common to offset jungles being rarer due to more biomes, with similar adjustments to other structures).

    Other than that, I find it hard to believe that anybody doesn't have the required disk space these days; even my largest world is only about half a gigabyte while modern hard drives are thousands of times larger and even SSDs are easily hundreds of times larger (RAM does not matter as only chunks around the player are loaded; I only see 100-300 MB of memory usage on this world, the same as a brand-new world). You can also use the world border command to set a border to restrict the world size if it is really necessary (mainly on servers with a limited amount of disk space due to 3rd-party hosting restrictions, plus multiplayer servers naturally have larger worlds due to more players).

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    posted a message on Problem with JSON in launcher. How do I report it?
    Quote from Videogamer555»

    (it always checks against a hash to see if these files are altered, and downloads replacements if possible)

    Just to note - you can get around this by renaming the files (json, jar, the folder for the version, as well as the version id inside the json), which is how mods bypass this (to mod the jar itself you also need to delete the URL inside the json that points to the jar on Mojang's servers; since this can be complicated for some users I provide a pre-modified json with my own mod).

    Also, the bug tracker does include the launcher; you want to search under "MCL":
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    posted a message on Most time consuming projects you've ever worked on?

    In my case it is exploring just about every single cave, ravine, and mineshaft within more than 85,000 chunks, which has taken more than 139 real-life days of playtime (minus a bit spent on building bases and the like, but that time is insignificant). The statistics for the world are truly staggering with more than 2.3 million ore mined, two-thirds of a million torches crafted/placed, a distance walked of more than halfway to the world border (of course, not in a straight line), 282,000 mobs killed (I've never used mob farms), and more:

    A surface + underground rendering of the world, which measures about 6400x6400 blocks; only caves which I explored are shown as the mapping utility that I used only renders them if there are torches in them, I also modified mineshafts so they do not have torches (chunks generated before I did this have long since been explored):

    The actual number of chunks I've explored was determined by making a copy of the world and using this utility to delete all chunks without torches within a 1 chunk radius (a 0 chunk radius results in some clipping of explored caves; when used on a test world with torches generated in all caves a 1 chunk radius resulted in 99% coverage of all generated chunks while a 0 chunk radius covered 90%), with the following results for the last few times I did this (the overall world size was 106430 chunks as of the last measurement, meaning that about 80% of all chunks have been explored):

    78258 chunks (12/11/2017)
    82051 chunks (1/16/2018; 105.36 chunks per day since 12/11/2017)
    83233 chunks (1/25/2018; 110.56 chunks per day since 12/11/2017)
    85354 chunks (2/15/2018; 107.52 chunks per day since 12/11/2017)

    On average, a 1.6.4 world can be expected to have the following within 85354 chunks:

    38143 caves/tunnels
    6935 circular rooms
    3711 monster spawners
    1985 dungeons
    1707 ravines
    768 abandoned mineshafts (accounting for reduction within 80 chunks of the origin, 854 otherwise)
    548 cave systems at least as large as the largest possible since 1.7 (where only 3-4 are expected)
    41 cave systems at least twice as large as the largest possible since 1.7

    My daily rate of exploration (for a time when I did not build any new secondary bases or railways; overall it is less) also means that on average I explore or find the following per day:

    48 caves/tunnels
    8-9 circular rooms
    4-5 monster spawners
    2-3 dungeons
    2 ravines
    1 abandoned mineshaft (more than 80 chunks from the origin)
    A cave system at least as large as the largest possible since 1.7 every 1-2 days
    A cave system at least twice as large as the largest possible since 1.7 every 19 days

    Some of the statistics for the world:

    (yes, this does show that I've mined more than 3,000 monster spawners, which are not normally shown in the stats but I modded the game so they show up)

    This is what I collected the other day - I regularly collect that many resources every time I play; you can also see that I've played in this world for more than 10,000 in-game days:

    (this does not show everything that I collected, hence the lack of diamonds)

    Also, to get an idea of how quickly I explore caves, here is a full-size sequence of renderings of what I explored over a 10 day period (the maps shown above are 10% of full size and are so large I had to render them in pieces and combine them after resizing as GIMP crashes when trying to load the full size image all at once):

    This is also not the only world that I've had; I've had 7 other main worlds, all played the same way (none come close to my first world, which represents close to two-thirds of all my playtime/caving).

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    posted a message on [SOLVED] Skin not showing up in 1.6.4 and older

    You have to use a resource pack since they dropped support for; this happened just the other day but I never noticed it (I play in 1.6.4) because I'd long since replaced the default skin with my own (actually, I replaced the skin, as well as a few other textures, inside the jar since I modded it for other reasons and never use/switch resource packs. Otherwise, if you use a custom resource pack you'll have to modify the skin inside of it).


    The only issue is that all players and heads will use the default (your) skin but multiplayer isn't even properly supported anymore (the launcher fails to pass in a valid session ID so the game thinks you are not logged in; singleplayer works normally though. 3rd party launchers may work around this issue, but not the skins unless the game is modded to use UUIDs):

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    posted a message on How should i deal with the new ocean world generation?
    Quote from Badprenup»

    They have several times. As far as existing chunks, the actual blocks within them do not change. All that might change is the biome of those chunks (to my knowledge a week's biome map is independent of the chunk data, so the seed determines a biome map first and then builds the world generation based on the seed and biome map). So if you have 9 chunks of Ocean (3x3 grid) before an update the biome might change to make those chunks a forest biome. The blocks won't change but if you press f3 it will say Forest instead of Ocean. At most it could turn the top layer of water into ice if it becomes a cold biome.

    This has not been the case since 1.2 - biomes are saved with the world data, and the only way they will change in existing worlds is if Mojang changes how the game interprets the biome IDs, as they did with taigas in 1.7 (for some reason they added a new "cold" (snowy) variant which replaced the original snowy taiga instead of adding a new snowless variant):
    Biomes are saved per X,Z column, rather than being calculated on the fly, which means they can be altered by tools; this is very useful for map makers. It also prevents bugs where features don't match the biome after changing the terrain algorithm.

    In a similar manner they added saving of structures in 1.6.4 so you could upgrade to 1.7 without breaking structures like witch huts or Eyes of Ender locating strongholds (in this case you had to go around and load the chunks they were in for the data to be saved; when 1.2 came out the game converted the entire world at once instead of on the fly as chunks are loaded, as they have since; for example, 1.8 changed the way item IDs are saved and they are only converted in chunks that are loaded).

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    posted a message on Understanding the world spawn generation logic.

    I don't know about non-Java versions but the Java version first checks for a plains, forest, taiga (non-snowy) or jungle biome (including their hills variants, but not other variants) within a 512x512 area centered around 0,0, then chooses an initial point if found, then it checks to see if the block at that point is a grass block at sea level or higher and if so sets world spawn there (the actual area checked uses the biome generator's underlying resolution of 4 blocks, prior to smoothing, so coordinates are a multiple of 4. For example, the seed "-123775873255737467" in 1.6.4 has spawn at -92, 236, which is a multiple of 4 so this seed passes the first check).

    If no grass block is found it starts a routine which checks up to 1000 points with a random offset of up to +/- 63 blocks from the previous point, which will randomly wander around and may get over 1000 blocks from the initially chosen location before it either gives up or finds a valid spot (in the case that it gives up spawn can be in a location like in the ocean with no land around, though this is rare in versions since 1.7). Unlike the biome check, this method actually generates chunks, which is why you sometimes see a long trail of chunks scattered from 0,0 to the world spawn, as in this example (in this case the game is unable to read blocks below normal sea level so it fails to find any grass blocks on default Superflat worlds):

    Here is the actual code that finds the world spawn point (the comment given by MCP is a bit incorrect since it will only be within 256 blocks of 0,0 if the biome check passes and there is exposed land):

     * creates a spawn position at random within 256 blocks of 0,0
    protected void createSpawnPosition(WorldSettings par1WorldSettings)
        if (!this.provider.canRespawnHere())
            this.worldInfo.setSpawnPosition(0, this.provider.getAverageGroundLevel(), 0);
            this.findingSpawnPoint = true;
            WorldChunkManager var2 = this.provider.worldChunkMgr;
            List var3 = var2.getBiomesToSpawnIn();
            Random var4 = new Random(this.getSeed());
            ChunkPosition var5 = var2.findBiomePosition(0, 0, 256, var3, var4);
            int var6 = 0;
            int var7 = this.provider.getAverageGroundLevel();
            int var8 = 0;
            if (var5 != null)
                var6 = var5.x;
                var8 = var5.z;
                this.getWorldLogAgent().logWarning("Unable to find spawn biome");
            int var9 = 0;
            while (!this.provider.canCoordinateBeSpawn(var6, var8))
                var6 += var4.nextInt(64) - var4.nextInt(64);
                var8 += var4.nextInt(64) - var4.nextInt(64);
                if (var9 == 1000)
            this.worldInfo.setSpawnPosition(var6, var7, var8);
            this.findingSpawnPoint = false;
            if (par1WorldSettings.isBonusChestEnabled())

    Also, the biome check is done by scanning the 512x512 biome map from the northwest corner to the southeast corner (from west to east, then back to the west and one south to the next row), which causes spawn to be biased to the south (it does not necessarily use the first valid point found but rather has a random chance of choosing a valid point, which starts at 100% and decreases as more points are found, and always checks the entire area).

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    posted a message on How should i deal with the new ocean world generation?
    Quote from Sarinilli»

    It's because they rewrote worldgen from the ground up; meaning, the algorithms behind the previously generated chunks have changed. New worldgen will interpret those chunks entirely different, and you'll have a completely different map at best- trashed, broken or missing chunks at worse. It could completely destroy a world that uses the old worldgen algorithm because the entire code base is different.

    In short, new worldgen won't know that your previously generated chunks in your old world were even there. It won't know how to render them "properly".

    This is completely false - there are people who still have worlds they created all the way back in Alpha which still work perfectly fine in the latest version - existing chunks remain the way they were in previous versions (with the exception of before they saved biomes with chunks in 1.2, so the biomes in older worlds changed, but nothing else. 1.8 also allows ocean monuments to generate in chunks which were not loaded for more than a few minutes):

    Updates of a [7 year] old Surival World
    Started: Alpha 1.2 (Or thereabouts.)
    (note the version in the debug screen)

    I believe it is is even possible to upgrade a world from all the way back in InfDev, if not even earlier- when Mojang says that they do not support backwards compatibility they refer to downgrading from a newer version of the game - which will certainly destroy any world created in 1.13 (I tested this and 1.12.2 acted as if I'd created a new world, only a few non-block items in my inventory survived). They would have to be very shortsighted not to provide compatibility with older worlds (the main exception is worlds that use command blocks, as they constantly rewrite commands, but even then they won't disappear or anything).

    The main issues with keeping older worlds are that chunks generated after a change in world generation will not match existing chunks as well as new content becoming further and further away with each update (dependent on how much you explore; to me a 3x3 area of fully zoomed maps is huge, I still have not explored such an area in a world that is nearly 5 years old with close to 4 times the playtime of the world above).
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