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    posted a message on How Do I use Custom Skins in Minecraft Beta 1.6.6?

    You actually can still do this; the default skin is located inside of the Minecraft jar file (else, how would it show anything if you are not online or the skin server was down?) and can be changed with a resource (or texture) pack; I even replaced the default skin myself (by replacing the one inside the jar since I modded it anyway; it is preferred and much simpler to use a resource/texture pack though) so I'd always have it even if the servers were down (which are now down for good for any version older than 1.7.10, and even before then they did not work on versions older than 1.3).

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    posted a message on How to change Minecraft world version

    Unfortunately, by loading your modded world in 1.12.2 you basically ruined it; even if you could go back all modded blocks and all items (even vanilla ones) will be gone - the only fix is restore it from a backup:

    While the link mentions going from 1.8 to an older version this also applies to older worlds that were loaded in 1.8+ then reverted, and even more so, later versions; for example, in 1.11 they changed the IDs for most entities so they too will be gone if you go back, and numerous other changes have been made to IDs and NBT data since 1.7.10.

    It might be possible to save the world by using MCEdit to change back every single block/item/entity/etc that 1.12.2 changed but I doubt anybody has made the converter to do this, and since you tried loading it in 1.7.10 it likely caused further damage. One bit of good news is that only chunks within the spawn chunks and around where you were will be affected, and perhaps 1.7.10 had only loaded a few chunks and/or didn't save them before it crashed (so nothing important was removed), but the issues with reverting the changes that 1.12.2 did remain.

    For future reference, always run modded and different vanilla versions in their own profiles and in their own game directories and double-check that you are in the right version before playing, and always keep backups for anything you care about (suppose one day your computer refuses to start and indicates a disk failure, or the power goes out while playing, or you get malware, your computer gets stolen, and so on).

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    posted a message on Why Do Console Variants of Minecraft Have Limited World Sizes?

    World size is not correlated with lag since only chunks that are within view distance are loaded in memory; my first world is 525 MB yet runs as well as a brand-new world (well, aside from constantly ticking over 600 tile entities in the spawn chunks but that has not caused noticeable issues yet; they are mostly chests which are not as demanding as hoppers or the like. There's also MC-33134 although that has more to do with inefficient data management than world size; I modded the game to disable structure saving for mineshafts to avoid any possible issues from this, no idea if CE also has this issue).

    Most likely, it is because games on console are only allotted a certain amount of disk space (I have no idea if this is true). It may also because CE loads all chunks (I recall hearing something to this effect) that have been generated in memory (e.g. see the global entity caps, which only make sense if this is the case since the amount of space an entity needs is insignificant compared to the blocks in a chunk. The aforementioned world has over 30,000 entities, but again only those within loaded chunks are loaded, and they probably take up less than 1/1000 of the total disk space). If true (or still true since earlier versions), I hardly see how this would help performance (presumably chunk loading time, but it can't be anywhere near as slow as generating new chunks, which the game has to do when you explore and that only gives me issues (moving faster than chunks can generate) if I give myself a high speed effect). I presume that CE compresses chunks when saving them as otherwise the required disk space would be around 10 times higher (see first point about disk space allocation).

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    posted a message on Exclusive Golden Tool Enchantments.

    Personally, I think most of these are still useless; after all, gold tools can only mine coal and quartz, and few people would want to have a tool just for those, which also only had a few dozen uses (47 times less than diamond tool in fact).

    Rather, add some of the enchantments as "real" treasure enchantments, meaning that they can only be found in naturally generated structures, and can be applied to any tier of tool. For example, in my own mod I added a "vein miner" enchantment which lets you mine blocks adjacent to the block being mined (level 1) and blocks adjacent to those (level 2) for up to 6-18 blocks mined at a time (excluding one block from one side since otherwise you can't reach the center block; it only works on ore blocks). It can only be found in chests - no trading or enchanting - and only at level 1, making it quite difficult to get level 2. Likewise, I added a "smelting" enchantment which makes iron and gold ore drop ingots as well as XP (scaled according to XP drops from other ores and their rarity) and works with Fortune (same effect on drops as with coal, diamonds, etc); again, it can only be found in chests.

    Of course, that doesn't help gold be any better, which I just see as something added to the game for mobs to use (e.g. give mobs tools and armor that players find worthless so if they drop them it doesn't matter that much; this is probably why diamond armor is so rare, if a bit too rare). I also don't like enchantments that have some major drawback; Thorns is garbage because it causes armor to break 2-4 times faster (even when not dealing damage it doubles durability loss, and quadruple that when dealing damage, and not just that, Unbreaking is nerfed in armor in general. Considering that a set of Unbreaking III diamond armor only has 1/38 the effective durability (average of 650 per piece / 4 pieces) of an Unbreaking III diamond tool (6248 uses) I see no reason at all for such a nerf).

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    posted a message on The game's 1.5.1 version doesn't give any sounds.

    You have to use the old (Java-based) launcher so it can properly download the files, then you should be able to use the current (native) launcher and they will continue to work (the problem is that the native launcher isn't downloading the files to the proper location, which is "%appdata%\Roaming\.minecraft\assets\virtual\legacy", and is still empty with the native launcher); this works for me in 1.6.4 (I already had the files downloaded from before the current launcher came out and never saw any issues when it updated):

    Also, if you want a custom skin you can make a resource (or texture) pack that replaces the default skin (or even just replace the skin inside the jar if you are modding it that way; since versions older than 1.7 do not support multiple resource packs you'll have to either do this or modify the resource pack), which is what I did long ago so I'd always have my skin even if the servers went down:

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    posted a message on How to make a piece of food randomize between two effects on Mod Making?

    All you need to do is add code like this to the code that applies the effects:

    if (random.nextBoolean())
        // Apply effect #1
        // Apple effect #2

    This will give a 50% chance of either effect; you could extend this by using nextInt(number) and a switch statement to select between cases, or leave the else empty so the effect is only applied sometimes, as with rotten flesh and Hunger.

    More specifically, this is the code in ItemFood which applies a potion effect; you can extend that class and override this method to account for multiple cases (as e.g. golden apples do); for a simple case like rotten flesh you can just call "setPotionEffect" to set the effect and another useful method is "setAlwaysEdible" which lets you eat the food even if you are full:
    protected void onFoodEaten(ItemStack par1ItemStack, World par2World, EntityPlayer par3EntityPlayer)
        if (!par2World.isRemote && this.potionId > 0 && par2World.rand.nextFloat() < this.potionEffectProbability)
            par3EntityPlayer.addPotionEffect(new PotionEffect(this.potionId, this.potionDuration * 20, this.potionAmplifier));
    public ItemFood setPotionEffect(int par1, int par2, int par3, float par4)
         this.potionId = par1;
         this.potionDuration = par2;
         this.potionAmplifier = par3;
         this.potionEffectProbability = par4;
         return this;
    public ItemFood setAlwaysEdible()
         this.alwaysEdible = true;
         return this;

    (note that this is from 1.6.4 but the code in later versions should be very similar. Also, note that the duration of an effect is in ticks, 20 * seconds (the "potionDuration" field is multiplied by 20 so this field should be set to seconds) and the amplifier starts at 0 for level 1)

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    posted a message on Minecraft isn't going to die.... Its going to be murdered...
    Quote from FINTonza»

    Don't claim something you can't back up. You don't know "if 80% of people still play 1.8" Period.
    Only claim something, if you can back your words. I won't be saying, that majority of Minecraft players would be playing newest version(s), but it's even more stupid to claim, that 80% of people are still playing 1.8.

    In fact, the majority of players aren't even playing on the Java Edition, which has been a minority of all sales ever since 2012, and is the only edition to have the 1.9 combat (it is pretty obvious that is what is implied by a refusal to update past 1.8): (note that PC was just 16% of all sales over Christmas; even over the entire year it was only 28% and this was when only a few other platforms existed and they were very new).

    Never mind that around 50 million people, a third of the total, have bought the game since 1.9 came out.


    Yeah, a third of all servers are on the latest version - 1.12.2 - and over half are on 1.12.x - so much for "80% are still on 1.8.x" - and for singleplayer the percentage is likely much higher (there are many reasons why servers may be behind, like mods and plugins). Just one out of thousands of listed servers is on 1.6.x, so the fact that I still play in that version, and not only because of mods (which that one server most likely is) makes me truly unique. Likewise, most of the 1.7.10 servers are almost certainly modded given the (declining) popularity of mods for that version.

    Also, the fact that Java has become such a minority of sales leads to the fact that many people specifically refer to this version when they say that Minecraft is dying but I do not see any indications that it is; it is still selling at more or less the same rate it has since the official release, if not earlier with close to 28 million copies sold so far (which again, a lot have been sold since 1.9 and anybody who bought the game since then never experienced the "old combat"). Part of the increase in the rate of overall sales is due to the game coming out on so many different platforms, and mobile games are simply the most popular these days.
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    posted a message on POLL-What Minecraft definitely needs

    Leaving aside the messing updates part, they constantly remove stuff n really !? Well the FARLANDS used to be real fun things, best example for fun feature they removed. In fact gears used to exist in minecraft long long ago !! They eventually removed them as Minecraft developed. What i really don't get is how can updating/upgrading/development procedure have something that is 'removed' ?? MOJANG needs to listen up to players

    The Far Lands were a bug, one which most players would never see without using commands or filling up their hard drive (a quick calculation puts the required disk space at around 80 GB for a render distance of 10, and another bug would cause issues in 1.6.4+ long before then unless you kept deleting files).

    Other bugs, like redstone dust turning into obsidian, were not intentionally removed but removed due to changes to the code (IIRC it had to do with the lava/water mix code using metadata only to determine whether it should be stone/cobblestone/obsidian; 1.8 replaced metadata with block states), while others were simply never intended, such as tree branches replacing bedrock (the code only checked for clearance above the trunk and did not make sure that the block they were replacing with wood was only air or leaves) or being able to go above the Nether ceiling (gold farms? Mesa biomes are filled with gold, possibly just for this reason, yet many players don't want to do half of the name of the game; likewise, there is no reason for iron golems to drop iron, just as villagers and pets do not drop anything; at the least they should require a direct player kill to get anything from them, then you can still farm them but with actual work needed beyond the initial setup).
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    posted a message on Minecraft isn't going to die.... Its going to be murdered...
    Quote from CannonFoddr»

    Don't know about that - IIRC i read somewhere someone said similar thing when Roblox came out, but looking at the Google trends of both & you'll see Minecraft is still more popular than Roblox

    Although you'll see they are getting closer to each other but IMHO the Spikes we see may be down to the Minecraft update during December & Roblox Xmas Event - so when Aqua Update comes out, we may see an increase in interest

    Rather than looking at Google Trends, let's look at official sales and player count data:
    Minecraft Sales Hit 144 Million, Mojang Boasts of 74 Million Active Monthly Players

    The last official figure we heard was 122 million copies sold as of February 2017, meaning an average of 2 million copies of Minecraft sold every month. This compares to 1.7 million per month the prior year. Far from Minecraft’s success waning, there's actually a growth in the rate of sales.

    This data says that Minecraft is still becoming more popular. Much more so - the number of active players has nearly doubled in only 1 1/2 years:
    Minecraft sales hit 122M copies 55 million people play it per month

    Mojang also announced today that Minecraft currently has 55 million monthly active players, an increase of 37.5 percent from the 40 million that Microsoft reported back in June.

    Other games may show extreme spikes in popularity but none of them have lasted for anywhere near as long as Minecraft; remember Pokemon Go? Well...

    This is actually pretty normal - Minecraft is the exception (actually, Pokemon Go was still doing pretty well with more monthly active players than Minecraft around the time of this tweet - yet another indication of how poor Google Trends is for gauging the popularity of a game).

    Also, an interesting fact about people who play Minecraft - they tend to play many more different games than the average gamer, so people like myself or YouTubers who only play Minecraft are the exception, not the norm:
    Minecraft gamers in the US are very active gamers. They played an average of 22 franchises in the previous 6 months, double the number of franchises played by the average American gamer.

    Also, from the link above (a bit old but very likely still accurate given the latest sales/player count ratio):
    In an interview, Mojang Chief Executive Carl Manneh, noted “Usually with games, you would start to expect a decline after the first year since launch. That’s never really happened for us.” Fresh Newzoo data shows that 36% of Minecraft gamers have been playing for more than 12 months.
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    posted a message on Creepers = Bad Game Design BUT Good Marketting

    I think the problem with creepers is the fact that they deal so much more damage than any other mob that the armor required to guarantee that they can't one-shot you makes everything else completely irrelevant (on Normal creepers deal up to 49 damage, about half this when they walk up to you and stop before exploding; by contrast, the other "common" mobs (skeletons, spiders, zombies) deal 1-4 damage). 1.9 unbalanced them even more by adding armor penetration, which impacts higher sources of damage more; it is still possible to survive a point-blank explosion even on Hard with around 6 hearts lost but the same armor lets you survive dozens of attacks from other common mobs.

    My own mod helps fix this by making player armor weaker (max 66% damage reduction instead of 80%; diamond armor is only 60%, the same as iron in vanilla while amethyst, a much rarer and more expensive tier, replaces diamond as the top tier; its 66% damage reduction lets you survive 20% more damage compared to 100% for vanilla diamond vs iron; by comparison, in TMCW diamond is only 25% stronger than iron but does have 6 times the durability. Mob armor is not nerfed beyond making diamond have 18 points (72%) and even then I recently scaled it back up to 20 for mobs, with amethyst up to 22; 1.9's armor penetration affects everything so it is a nerf to armored mobs, which are also much more common in TMCW) and decreasing the amount of damage creepers deal point-blank from 49 to 36, but also reducing the rate at which damage falls off with distance (linear instead of quadratic and down to a minimum of 6 instead of 1 at 6 blocks):

    D = distance in blocks, V = damage in vanilla 1.6.4, M = damage in TMCW, ratio = TMCW/vanilla () = damage with full armor (% max reduction)
    D    V (80%)    M (66.7%)  Ratio
    0   49 (9.8)   36 (12.0)    1.22
    1   37 (7.4)   31 (10.3)    1.39
    2   27 (5.4)   26 ( 8.7)    1.61
    3   19 (3.8)   21 ( 7.0)    1.84
    4   11 (2.2)   16 ( 5.3)    2.41
    5    5 (1.0)   11 ( 3.7)    3.67
    6    1 (0.2)    6 ( 2.0)   10.00
    With full Protection IV armor (min-avg-max damage reduction, fixed for TMCW):
    D    V (88-92-96%)      M (86.7%)     Ratio (average)
    0   49 (5.9-3.9-2.0)   36 (4.8)    0.82-1.22-2.45 (1.49)
    1   37 (4.4-2.9-1.5)   31 (4.1)    0.93-1.39-2.79 (1.70)
    2   27 (3.2-2.2-1.1)   26 (3.5)    1.07-1.60-3.21 (1.96)
    3   19 (2.3-1.5-0.8)   21 (2.8)    1.23-1.84-3.68 (2.25)
    4   11 (1.3-0.9-0.4)   16 (2.1)    1.62-2.42-4.85 (2.96)
    5    5 (0.6-0.4-0.2)   11 (1.5)    2.44-3.67-7.33 (4.48)
    6    1 (0.1-0.1-0.0)    6 (0.8)    6.67-10.0-20.0 (12.2)

    They also stop counting down from 5 blocks away (in vanilla it is 7 blocks, resulting in nuisance explosions that only cause damage to terrain or structures) and keep moving as they count down, restoring a feature lost in 1.2 (walking right up to the player if they can and dealing near point-blank damage, which can be over twice as high after factoring in maxed-out armor as seen above). This is not the only feature that was lost in 1.2; skeletons used to strafe and hold bows like they do in 1.9. However, I do not think this should be restored for creepers unless their damage is reduced or armor penetration changed (in TMCW only axes can penetrate armor, in addition to vanilla damage sources like magic).

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    posted a message on How rare is it to spawn in a Mesa biome?

    The game normally tries to spawn the player in plains, forest, jungle, or taiga (no variants except for hills) but if there isn't one within a 512x512 block square around the origin the game will instead search random chunks for grass blocks, which often does find a "valid" biome (if not one of the four mentioned, which were never updated to reflect the new biomes added in 1.7) and can be over a thousand blocks away from the origin (otherwise, you usually spawn within 256 blocks with a bias to the south of 0,0):

    (while the biome in this case is valid and has grass as this is the default Superflat preset the game doesn't check blocks below y=64 and always checks for grass even if the biome is valid (e.g. to avoid water) thus it ran until it gave up the random search. The origin is located in the top-right and spawn was set in the middle of the big square near the bottom; the random search involves adding a random value to each successive coordinate checked so the offset grows over time in a random walk pattern)

    I'd say this is a bit uncommon, in line with the rarity of mesa biomes since the game doesn't try to place mesa biomes far away from spawn, and they do tend to be rather large and the only "valid" spawn biome within "hot" climate zones is Plains (with Forest as a sub-biome) so the biome check is likely to fail if one is around the origin. Due to the greater presence of grass in Mesa Plateau F you are probably less likely to spawn in a desert even though they are more common and have rivers which can have some grass.

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    posted a message on Any good mods for a survival world 1.12.2

    I would always recommend my "old caves" mod to anybody who wants more variety in their world; it reverts the changes they made in 1.7 which greatly reduced the variation of the size and density of cave systems (this is not a Forge mod but can be used with it if you apply a few minor tweaks to the JVM arguments, a 3rd party launcher may be preferable due to issues with manually modifying jar files). You can even use seeds for 1.6.4 and earlier in 1.12.2 and the exact same caves will generate (ravines will be slightly different, and if you use the separate mineshaft mod most mineshafts will be the same).

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    posted a message on POLL-What Minecraft definitely needs

    The poll "Which recent update/change annoyed you the most" is quite limited; there are many other versions which annoy players far more than any of those (and the Far Lands were removed in Beta 1.8, not release 1.8, which is far from recent and it was the other changes that Beta 1.8 made which cause complaints).

    For example, in 1.7 they decided to change the underground from this:

    To this:

    One look and you can see why I never updated to any later version (among other reasons); they couldn't even bother themselves to add customization even though you only need to change two values within the code to revert the change (or customize it to give any combination of cave system size/density/variation). Even more offputting is the fact that Superflat has let you customize how common/large/etc various structures are since 2012 yet Customized only lets you turn them on or off (except for dungeons; another change made in 1.7 is to make dungeons and mineshafts much rarer, I'd also prefer not to have mineshafts be less common near the origin as they are in either version).

    If I were in charge of underground content I'd make it look like this, as seen in my own mod:

    A close-up of a region with a high density of mod-specific caves:

    If you look near the upper-left you'll notice that caves appear to be filled with sand, and near the center are caves which are colored gray; these are due to underground biomes which are extensions of the surface layers of various biomes (the gray is from stained clay, which is not recognized by the utility I used to make these maps):

    (since then I've added more biome-specific underground variations, such as caves whose floors are lined with mycelium and contain more mushrooms, including giant mushrooms, in Mushroom Island, as well as occasional giant mushrooms elsewhere; and caves below jungles have more vines (deeper down than they generate in vanilla) as well as a type of cave which contains surface vegetation and cobblestone/moss stone walls linked to the surface by a skylight, and "cave plants" which ignore light levels scattered around)

    The underground wasn't the only thing that lost a lot of variation in 1.7; here is what the surface of the same world shown above looks like - just look at all the variation within an area barely larger than a zoom level 4 map! There are 31 unique biomes, not counting variants like hills, edge biomes, or rivers, which is only half of the total that exist (nearly all the biomes present in 1.7 plus many of my own):

    For comparison, here is an AMIDST map of the same seed in 1.7 - not really that varied to say the least, mostly just plains, forest, extreme hills and one jungle and swamp (surprisingly, the jungle is not larger than a normal biome; if I want huge biomes I'll set the biome size higher) - and not a single snowy or hot biome (extreme hills is not considered to be snowy, nor is jungle hot; both generate within "warm" climates (also "cool" for EH) and they can border each other as they do here):

    And again, we can't change how biomes are laid out, only their size (I made the first mod that removed the climate system, which simply combined the biome lists for each climate zone into one, and others have made mods that also let you set the frequencies of individual biomes as well as change the sizes of landmasses and oceans so this would not be very hard to add either).

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    posted a message on TheMasterCaver's First World

    I've finished exploring the map to the northeast, which as I suspected is mostly ocean, or any other land is further away than my exploration distance from land; I did explore up to 1000 blocks from the mainland thanks to various islands to the north:

    There are only two more maps left before I've explored all land within 3x3 maps centered around the origin, which would take up to a year of daily playing to finish if they are all land; I do not have any plans as what to do after this or after I completely explore the continent, which extends at least some distance further south and east in addition to the two maps (exploring more than 3x3 maps would require a larger space for my map wall, which has no more room in its current location). I might also decide to explore further under the ocean and fill in the entire 3x3 map area, which would add the equivalent of at least another full map to explore (the NE map is a bit much for exploring without any nearby bases unless I build one in the middle of the ocean but it is easier to travel by boat than walk over land; similarly, the west map only has two bases as Ice Plains is easy to cross by foot).

    Also, this is a good time as any to take a break from this world and finish updating TMCW to version 5, after which I'll start a new modded world; already, TMCWv5 is on track to be the largest update to the mod since I created it; of note, the first world I started using what would become called TMCW was started exactly 4 years ago to this day (the name of the mod was likely inspired by comment #12). I may still spend some time on this world until then but not play as regularly.

    Here is a look at how the world grew over each period of time I've spent on it, and a comparison to the other main worlds that I've had; there is simply no comparison between this world and any other world that I've had, or will ever make given how large it is (which is still small by many standards, especially if you want to find woodland mansions, which can easily be twice the width of this world away from spawn. All my other worlds have been explored to no more than 1,500 blocks from the origin, which is not even as far as the closest three strongholds often are in 1.9+):

    Here are some of the statistics for the world:

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    posted a message on Can stronghold have no chests at all?
    Quote from ScotsMiser»

    I've not seen anything like this, nor seen a report of precisely this issue, but the same paragraph that indicates an End Portal may not generate implies the rest may also be overwritten by "ravines, caves, abandoned mineshafts or dungeons".

    If this is what has happened, you should be seeing one (or more) of the mentioned structures...

    This is false; somebody really needs to look at how world generation works and fix the Wiki - caves can't "overwrite" any part of a stronghold or any other structure any more than the air that generates above the surface can since caves are considered to be part of the terrain (when a chunk is initially generated it is initialized with an array storing the raw terrain data, which includes caves; everything else is placed in an entirely separate "decoration" step, which includes strongholds being generated after mineshafts). The only reason why they appear to cut through strongholds is because the stronghold generation code refuses to replace air blocks when the walls are generated (which can be changed with a one-line change, as I did in my mods*) - but everything else generates just fine (the same as if you made a Superflat world with only air and strongholds; if you look closely near the center you can see a chest). Not only that, portal rooms overwrite everything and even generate underwater which prevents other parts from generating in their entirety*) - my first world has a portal room that intersects a ravine, mineshaft, and cave and is completely intact (after all, I used it to get to the End).

    There is nothing in the code that ensures that any room other than the portal room generates though; the only restriction is that the portal room must always exist and can't be less than 5 rooms away from the start.

    This single line of code says that if the block being overwritten is not air or a flag is false (presumably named something like "doNotReplaceAir" in the original source) it will replace it - all you need to do to make the walls of strongholds overwrite air is to edit this out:
    if (!par11 || this.getBlockIdAtCurrentPosition(par1World, var13, var12, var14, par2StructureBoundingBox) != 0)

    This line of code is why strongholds refuse to generate underwater; the portal room however does not have either of these:
    if (this.isLiquidInStructureBoundingBox(par1World, par3StructureBoundingBox)) return false;

    Here is the result of editing them out in my mod:

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