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    posted a message on Lagging/Freezing Pocket Edition?
    My/My cousins minecraft PE is frozen/lagging as hell. So, my friend told me because I downloaded oCD pack. I removed it into default. still lagging. I close all multitasking, still lagging. Anybody knows some solutions to prevent/reduce lag?


    iPhone 4 32GB A4 Chip (iOS 5.1)

    iPad 2 16GB with 3G and Wi-fi A5 chip (iOS 5.1)

    Both devices are not Jailbroken

    Minecraft PE:

    Fancy Graphics off

    iPad (sensitivity to the max)

    iPhone (default sensitivity)

    I would like any help. =3
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    posted a message on Simple Bukkit Server Hosting 24/7 No Monthly Payment
    Hi, I need one server like this.
    • Bukkit
    • Plugin File Management
    • 24/7
    • Cheap
    • No Monthly Payment
    • Can hold more than 15 players.
    Thank you.
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    posted a message on * Minecraft Pocket Edition Maps * The_Scary_Enderman NEW MAP!

    2 words: THANKS and LOOOOOOL
    These are 4 words.
    1. Thanks
    2. and
    4. XD
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    posted a message on Epic LAVA Waterfall seed!
    Quote from Seruis

    The seed "Herobrine" has a two water falls and a lava fall in the middle.

    Yeah, It was on your first map: Herobrine Town/Herobrine City
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    posted a message on Diamond question
    You are a Diamond Miner but didn't find any diamonds.
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    posted a message on Ways to troll your friends in PE
    1. Mostly known (change bedrock to diamond ore)
    2. In multiplayer when AFD (Away from Device), trap him into obsidian (or change it into bedrock).
    3. Do the same in the first, but change grass blocks into bedrock.
    4. Change water texture into lava, and lava texture into water.
    5. GRIEF
    6. Kill him when he's AFD
    7. For hex editors, change invisible bedrock into diamond ore
    8. replace diamond ore into coal ore
    9. replace coal ore into diamond ore
    10. Fill his home with obsidian
    11. Push him into a very very deep hole.
    12. Fill his intervory with air blocks (infinite)
    13. Kill his animal pet
    14. Kill his zombie pet
    15. Replace stone with TNT
    16. Replace TNT with stone
    17. Tell him to stay in water in creative
    18. Destroy crafting table in time of using need
    19. Put bedrock around him in spawn point.
    20. Change his skin with Herobrine and play MP (you may die in survival)
    21. Rename your minecraft player to "Herobrine"
    22. (in the next update) Break furnace in the need time of use.
    23. Drop all of his items in Skyblock
    24. Pimp his house
    25. Give him a hex'd golden pickaxe and enjoy the view.
    26. Add lava to his home (changed water)
    27. Flood his home.
    28. Fill his very hard work with obsidian
    Some steps from NeonKitty
    1. For those who suffer from the lava glitch, you can put some lava in his world and watch it burn down from a nice floating glass platform.
    2. Change all of the textures to air and watch him try to find his way around.
    3. If he has a big house, break all of his torches, take his coal, and turn the coal's textures to cobblestone. Watch as he never enters his house again.
    4. Kill him. Find his spawn point. Break it down and surround it with lava again. Kill him again and watch him go to hell.
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    posted a message on Next Update! 0.4.0/0.3.1

    0.4.0, yeah.
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    posted a message on TheMarkCrafter's Map Converting Service
    If you want seed converting service, then go to blafbello's seed converting service

    Have you ever wanted Minecraft PC creations in Minecraft PE? Well, I'm here to help.

    Note that
    • Minecraft PE unknown blocks (eg. glowstone, furnace, nether rack, etc.) will transform into White Wool.
    • Minecraft PE map is 256x256 blocks. (tell me if i am wrong)
    • Lava pouring will destroy the whole map

    I will be happy to convert your maps, but ONE in each HOUR/DAY/WEEK

    I am sorry boustouffle (whatever your name is), but I can't convert your Aulgemir map, tell somebody else to do it.
    • No large maps by height
    • No posting 2 maps in each post.
    • No eating porkchops asking about when will I finish, or else I will cancel your request.
    • No, and I mean no GIANT TREES.
    Q: Why can't you do it? A: Because it shows me an error when I try to convert it.
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    posted a message on How to convert creations from PC to PE
    Quote from boustoufle51

    TheMarkerKraft I don't can very well speak English also I not understand. But can you convert this map please:

    This Please !!!!:


    Map trailer:

    If you do this, you will be my hero !

    Too large map.
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    posted a message on Minecraft PE Super Flat Seed?
    SuperMario3DLand has a BIG superflat near the ice flatland.

    blank is 100% flat

    flat plzz is also flat.

    You can also download a fully flat map.
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