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    posted a message on [Challenge] The Mercenary
    Really like this! Looks like the thread died a long time ago, but here is to someone who might stumble upon it or someone who is still lurking around here. Really wish someone would help give life to this thread once more!

    Thought the challenge needed this:

    Mission: Winter i coming!
    The coldest period of the year is soon upon you and and your village. The ice and snow will destroy all of the crops, and to survive such extreme weather, you will have to build an animal farm. You will need to gather sheep, cows and pigs.

    The farm needs a barn where the animals can stay in the winter, an outside area for them to be during the summer. You will also need a chest with a pair of sheers, a bucket, at least 12 blocks of wool and leather.

    You can use the farm to gather wool. You are not allowed to kill any of the animals in the farm for food or leather.
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