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    Hello Nick,

    Your son can access external servers, but not other worlds outside of your Wi-Fi network. An external server is a server with an external IP address. I'm afraid there is no way to stop this, besides turning off Wi-Fi on your Android. Hope this helped. :rolleyes:


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    I'm going to tell you the huge difference between Minecraft and Roblox. Minecraft is a sandbox game and Roblox is not. Games like Minecraft and Terraria are sandbox games. I LOVE sandbox games. I think they are great. People might think differently, though. Sandbox games are basicly games where you can craft and something else. I was pretty exited when the huge Minecraft PE update came out because the worlds are bigger. I only like sandbox games with big worlds. Minecraft Xbox 360 edition is a sandbox game with a big world. Basicly the whole point of this post is to tell you what is so awesome about Minecraft and sandbox games. Roblox is not a sandbox game. You can not craft. Anyway I'm going to end this post. Bye!
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