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    Quote from Ouatcheur

    The idea has merits, however the best approach would be to just remove the main complaint that is in the way.

    So don't call it or make it a golem. Golems are player buildable. Thus, make it into it's own mob. And not iron golem shaped. Why would a monster disguising itself as ore need to be humanoid shaped anyway?

    Since many veins are actually based on the 2x2x2 shape, then just use that simple shape: 2x2x2 or a bit smaller.

    Don't make it exist in several types, one for each type of valuable ore. Just one type is enough.

    Iron? Too plentiful, too essentuial for starting players, and it would make this creature look way too close to the iron golem.

    Diamond? Too rare, and it would be really nasty and sadistic to have the player, when he FINALLY finds diamonds, not only not get those but also getting attacked by a very strong monster too. because anythin made of diamond surely must be quite buff, right? Too hard.

    So gold& Yep, it definitely is the best choice here.

    The mob could be more-or-less cubic shaped but not perfectly like a slime.

    Gold is a good choice because it can be thought of, in Minecraft logic, to be:

    - Highly magical (it is the best material for enchants, after all)
    - Fast (tools made of it work the fastest),
    - Not to strong (smallest durability) (you don't want the mob to be too hard).

    Also, gold is not an essential ore, except for some specific usages, so the player could actually CHOOSE to avoid this mob altogether by not mining any gold he finds. Golds is also abundant enough that making what seems like a gold vein patch turn out to be this new mob, would not be a frequent occurence: only a small minority of gold "veins" would have the mob.

    Essentially, we have a new gold block, "false gold", looking exactly like gold, that "contains" the mob just like the special stone blocks that contain silverfish. You break any one of the 8 blocks, the game engine also removes the 7 others nearby false-gold blocks, and spawns the gold mob. Note that upon world generation or spawning, no two "2x2x2 false gold cubes" should overlap, ever. Or even touch. If the game is trying to place a second "false gold 2x2x3 cube" in that way, then the second one isn't created.

    Also, the mob doesn't come from normally gworld generated gold veins which then have a chance to get replaced by this monster, but the false gold bloks are a true addition, overall making gold "veins" now seem to be just a LITTLE bit more abundant than before.

    How would we name it? It's a cube, more or less, but it's hard metal, unlike a slime. Yeah, gold is the csoftest of metals but it's still harder than say spider flesh.

    Gold cube? That is a name that is way too similar to Magma Cube. And also lacking the "magical stuff" aspect of gold.

    I'd simply call it Animated Gold, implying that gold being so highly conductive to magic, sometimes it "gets alive" all by itself. It would not need to be a perfect cube, either. Or even have eyes. Kind of like a gold "elemental" maybe. Grossly shaped.

    There would be a way to distinguish false gold from true gold: with the help of the new animation-supporting texture layers! False gold would have a *tiny* number of its pixels that seem tio shimmer if only a *tiny* bit as if they had the "magical enchanted item aura" effect, albeit in a drastically reduced fashion, so that only very *careful* observation would allow one to see it. In addition, when displayed at any distance bigger than 1 block, false gold would instead use the normal "static" gold texture. So you'd really have to stand right next to it to be able to see the difference.

    Animated Gold would animate 100% of the time when actually breaking one of it's blocks, or when damaging it by a sufficient damage. Also, each tick of trying to break one of it's false gold blocks or point of damage applied would also have a say 10% chance of "waking" it. Thus, more often than not, it would animate relatively quickly and unpredictably, definitely not "only whren the block is finally broken". Might catch some totally off guard. Even if you don't try to break it, it would also have a few "% per second" chance to animate anyway, but only if you stand right next to it. so even oming close to examinte harbors some risk of waking it (albeit only a relatively small risk).

    Animated gold has the "magical item" aura on all of it's surfaces, all the time. It is thus clearly some form of "magical" creature.

    In all cases, upon animation after it's "appearance" animation, it's first attack is before it actually moves from it's initial spot and will always be a critical hit, taking but a bit longer than normal (giving you a little chance to dodge it), it will deal this attack im empty space EVEN if the player clearly has already moved out of the way. Animated Gold is totally immune to damage until 100% activated (after it,s "coming into existence" animation is finished, which include the initial attack, so even putting TNT right beside it's false ores will only serve to animate it.

    The mob is surprisingly fast, like gold should be: a tiny bit faster than a walking Steve, in fact, but clearly less fast than a running Steve. It would not t move by jumping like a slime or magma cube or by sliding like a silverfish at all. Rather, it would "roll" towards you, trying to crush you as if it was a ball (even tough it looks more like a mishapen cube shape with protruding gold cubes). On a succesfull attack it would deal a LOT of knockback and will itself also bounce "rolling back" somewhat.

    The mob is also about 1.7 blocks in width, length and height, so it CAN move in 2x2 wide spaces. When it spawns it looks as if all the gold concentrates into the mob's fimal shape while a useless but thick shower of cobblestone particles is thrown away, shaking quickly and violently back and forth on itself (rolling madly) a couple times, kind of like when a dog tries to remove water out of it's wet hide. The effect is that of a race care wheel with bad suspension revving up to speed.

    While active, Animated Gold always makes a background magical noise, in addition to his attack sound, that seem to coïndice with it's movements.

    When killed, Animated Gold does not drop the 8 gold ingots from the ore it initially seemingly was made of.

    Instead it drops:
    0-3 gold ingots
    1-5 gold nuggets
    0-1 enchanted gold
    Those drops are thown all over the place in random directions as if the mob "exploded upon death".
    Also, a tiny explosion centered upon the mob and dealing occurs right before these drops are created. This explosion makes a magical boomy sound, like a magic spell that went out of control on a flash.

    Rare drop (2,5% chance, replaces ALL other normal drops): 1 gold block. That drop falls flat right where the mod was. There is a magical sound of "magic suddenly stopping dead flat".

    The Enchanted Gold drop looks like a gold nugget item but with the magical item aura on it. It can be brewed from a Potion of Healing II (the potion using the ingredient that also contains gold) into a Bottle o'Enchanting (this becoming the 2nd way to get this potion in Survival apart from trading with a priest villager). Trying the same thing on a Potion of Healing I will also work but also make a tiny explosion, just enough to break the brewing stand, and all of it's content, thus the Bottle o'Ehcnating will exist only for a short time and immediately drops it 3-11 experience. Trying to brew a Bottle o'Enchanting in any manner will also make this same small explosion.

    Animated gold makes sounds that appears as a mix of weird metallic and magic, nearly sing-songly, but quite grating on the ears. The faster it circles or moves, the more strongly this sound it. When it breaks to turn, it becomes high pitched. When it accelerates, it becomes more roaring and lower piched. When it is knocked back, this sound stops to be replaced by a really weird sound that could be interpreteted as the magically metallic way of saying "Ouch?" A nearly comical sound.

    Animated Gold stats:

    Hit points: 40. This is a relatively big and rare mob after all.

    Attack Strength:
    Easy 4
    Normal 7
    Hard 10

    As strong as an Enderman, however because of the way it bounces back after attacking, it will strike much less frequently.

    However, the main danger comes from the fast that Animated Gold has "invisible equipment slots" specifically for enchants. Just like zombies can have powerful gear, so can Animated Gold can appear with special powers. Some of the possible enchants can make it deadly, others no seem to do anything at all. Respiration III on an Animated Gold is pretty useless if no water is around! But a Sharpness IV enchant can make it quite deadly. These enchants are determined the moment the Animated gold activates, so if the Regional Difficulty rule is applied, this can make "later appearing" Animated Gold *very* dangerous -- if they get the right combo of powers. And since there is absolutely no way to tell which powers an Animated Gold has, each one can be a surprise.

    Animated Gold starts to occur at the same Y elevation as gold, but at a relatively lower frequency, and becomes the most abundant right under the lava layer Y = 10), but is still quite uncommon even then.

    Spawn: Overworld Layers 4-29. Mostrly upon world generation only.

    Afterwards, the spawn rules are:

    - Check if targeted spawn block is gold (thus cuts down on the actual spawning of this mob a LOT, as areas wihout gold at all cannot get this mob).
    - If yes, "teleport" the spawn point to another random spot within 30 blocks X-Z distance and 10 blocks Y distance.
    - The new spawn point is the actual spawn point. Check if it is stone and at least 5 of the other blocks are also stone. remaining blocks in the 2x2x2 volume can be air, dirt, or gravel only. If not, no spawning.
    - Finally, check if out of sight and of any player, using a bigger than normal minimal spawning distance.

    This means animated golds *will* eventually "respawn", but only very, very rarely.

    Experience: 10. Counting the 50% odds of getting the 3-11 Exp in a Bottle o'Enchanting from the enchanted gold special drop, then on average this means this mobs actually gives 13.5 experience, making it the highest experience paying mob in the game (non-boss). However, given that it is harder to kill than a blaze, which actually can come in hordes from a monster spawner too, this doesn't make this mob's all that good as a good Experience source. But since experience in the game is the cost of magic, then the higher Exp also go in accordance with the "high m
    agic gold" principle of this mob.

    lol... my eyes hurt now :(
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    posted a message on Woolen Armor
    Notch and Jeb had already said they weren't adding any more armor Tiers...
    No Support
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    This adds a new strategy of survival, and if the mobs he kills doesn't drop anything will make it very unique to try and find food almost like a search for food everytime or grow a farm. (animal farms like a barn to protect them too :))
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    lol... no support -.-
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    No just really?!? -.- Notch had already said they weren't adding any new Tiers of items like tools or armor. So this is just a waste of time.
    Good Topic, bad name...
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    I was watching BlueXephos' video "Reverse World Animation (2000th Video)" and got this Epic idea. Too bad I can't make it into a mod, but it would be awesome if someone did. So, here's how it seems or looks like. :)
    Video Link:

    Beginning A New World
    When you start a brand new world. You spawn in a creeper's home. Which would have creepers living in them. You can trade with them and there would be a chest in a room containing these stuff.
    Chest in Creeper House

    Bread 1-3 Common
    Apple 0-6 Common
    Gunpowder 0-1 Uncommon
    Tnt 0-1 Rare
    Log 0-6 Common
    Wood 0-12 Common

    You Can trade them Gunpowder or Tnt for regular stuff you normally trade with regular villagers in Vanilla Minecraft.

    The Mobs

    Passive/Neutral Mobs (Don't burn in sunlight and isn't scared of sunlight)

    Zombie, The lower ranks. If you hit them, they'll attack you back twice as hard, but stop once your low on health. (1-3 Hearts left)

    Skeleton, The Elite Ranks. Everyone of them spawn with at least chainmail armor and at least a sword or bow. (Mostly sword) They only spawn near Kingdoms.

    Ghast, You can ride them in the nether and to tame them you need nether quartz, you'll need a saddle.

    Zombie Pigmen, the wanderers. You can trade with them but they usually rip you off. If you exit the trading screen without trading anything, they'll attack you and gain on you if they're in a group.

    Spider/Cavespider, the pets. You can tame them with cooked bacon. They'll follow you and level up once they kill a certain amount of mobs. You can heal them with bacon.

    Enderman, the Rich Traders. Rare to find and usually hard to spot since they teleport every 40 seconds. They trade you diamond,gold, or chainmail tools or armor for Golden Coins or others.

    King Enderdragon, the King who lives in the End. You can accept quests from him to obtain Ender tools, which are only obtained from trading or completing quests from him.

    Queen Ghast, the Highest Rank. You can trade items for Golden Coin, which is usually used to trade with Zombie Pigmen. You can accept quests for epic items or Golden Coins.

    Hostile Mobs (Spawns in ALL Dimensions, Nether, End, Overworld)

    Pig, the explosive/projectiled one, they can shoot bacon at you(can't be picked up) and if you come too close they'll explode. If you successfully kill them, they drop bacon (1-3). (Bacon heals hunger more than cooked chicken but less than steak)

    Chicken, the spy. They'll stalk you to your home and if you don't kill them if they spot you. (even if you see them) Until you stop, they'll stop and do a weird chicken sound and spawn 1-3 Hostile Mobs. (Randomly chosen) If you spot them and stare at them with your crosshair (the plus in the middle) They'll attack you with their mustache and jump on you making it hard to see. (almost like you putting on a pumpkin. When they do that they spawn 0-2 random hostile mobs.

    Cow, the Tank. They have super high health (100-500) And deal a lot of damage. (3-12 Hearts) They drop raw beef, Golden Coins, and rarely, Cow Head. (Which gives you strength 2 when put on but slowness 1 as well) They will charge at you dealing half as much of regular damage they usually deal but at a faster speed. (They charge every 10-30 seconds)

    Wolf, the Grouper. They spawn in groups. (3-6) and deal 2 Hearts each. They have medium health and drop raw beef, and rarely Golden Coins. (Small Chance)

    Villagers, the Rebellion. They spawn in groups in Villages that throw rocks at you dealing 1 Heart per damage. If you get too close there's a chance a Iron Golem spawning. They drop 0-3 Emeralds and 4-9 Gold.

    Iron Golem, the Defender. They usually spawns near villages and knock you in the air. They drop iron ingots and rarely Golden Coins or Iron Armor.

    Squid, the sneaky. They squirt ink at you which blocks part of your screen. (a black circle blob in the middle of your screen) That comes off after getting under water (not in) or after 30 seconds. They just distract you. Some of them rarely explode when you get too close. They drop normal stuff they drop, Rarely gunpowder.

    The Kingdom

    Rarely generate in the Overworld. (Only generates in the Overworld) Skeletons, Enderman, and Cows usually spawn over there. There's always 1 Queen Ghast that spawns at the very top.
    Theres giant walls surrounding the kingdom. There are creepers that spawn in the houses of the Passive Villages in the Kingdom. Regular Villages usually generate near or around the Kingdom.

    Might Add More Stuff.... :)
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    posted a message on How to make a Super Flat world look more natural?
    get worldedit then do //naturalize ta da!
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    Logged into minecraft then closed it, then went to sleep...
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    Changed A Few Stuff :)
    Gold Now Has Only 1.5 more enchantability than gold sword due to its low durability than a gold sword.
    Added Advantages and Disadvantages if you don't like reading a bunch of stuff
    The Battleaxes can only get Sharpness 3 from the enchanting table unless you anviled a sharpness 4 and another sharpness 4 to get sharpness 5.
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    Made some fixes :)
    Might keep the gold effect since there's not much uses for gold ingots unless for golden apples, Battleaxes would make gold more valuable and usable. Even though the gold Battleaxe has 1/2 less durability than a regular gold sword would. (16 hits on a mob)
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    In the age of Battleaxes, they dealt much more damage than swords do, but many great opportunities with this weapon comes with many consequences...
    Like the effect slowness 1 for 10 seconds every time you get hit by a player or mob
    Also, don't forget they break faster because of the heavy weight, which 2 sticks won't be able to hold for long.
    You would also get the Hunger Effect for 5 Sec every time you swing that baddy. (Effects Won't stack up)
    Optional?: You can also replace the sticks with blaze rods which would add more durability, but not by much.

    The Battle Axe would consist of the following Materials...
    ○ 5 Ore or Wood or Stone Materials (Oak Wood, Cobblestone, Iron Ingots, etc...)
    ○ 2 Sticks (Optional: 2 Blaze Rods?)
    Crafting Recipe (Sorry, Had to make it from here...The Crafting Recipe Website isn't working)

    :wood: :wood: :wood: You Can Replace The Wood With Any Ore/Stone (Cobblestone, Iron Ingots, etc...)
    :wood: :|: :wood:
    :: :|: ::

    Battleaxe Tiers (Would be higher damage but with lower durability)

    Damage: 7 (Does 3 1/2 Heart Damage) (Wood Sword Does 4 Damage:2 Hearts)
    Durability: 30 (Blaze Rod: 40 Durability) (Wood Sword Has 60 Durability)
    Special Effect: None


    Damage: 8 (Does 4 Heart Damage) (Stone Sword Does 5 Damage: 2 1/2 Hearts)
    Durability: 66 (Blaze Rod: 88 Durability) ( Stone Sword Has 132 Durability)
    Special Effect: None


    Damage: 9 (Does 4 1/2 Heart Damage) (Iron Sword Does 6 Damage:3 Hearts)
    Durability: 125 (Blaze Rod: 166 Durability) ( Iron Sword Has 251 Durability)
    Special Effect: None


    Damage: 5 (Does 2 1/2 Heart Damage) (Gold Sword Does 4 Damage:2 Hearts)
    Durability: 16 (Blaze Rod: 21 Durability) ( Gold Sword Has 33 Durability)
    Special Effect: 1.5 more enchantable than gold sword!


    Damage: 10 (Does 5 Heart Damage) (Diamond Sword Does 7 Damage: 3 1/2 Hearts)
    Durability: 781 (Blaze Rod: 1041 Durability) ( Diamond Sword Has 1562 Durability)
    Special Effect: None

    When you enchant your Battleaxes, You have a 5% chance of getting Unbreaking. (The more books you have around the enchanting table, the better Unbreaking enchantment you can get.[1,2,3] Also! Gold Battleaxes have a better chance of getting high enchantments!)
    There is a 10% of losing 2 durability every time you hit a mob.
    Breaking wood/axe blocks take 1/2 longer than using regular axes (Because Battleaxes are meant for WAR)
    When breaking a block,you lose 2-5 durability every time. (It Dulls your Battleaxe!)
    If you creeper explodes and hit you while you're holding the battleaxe, you recieve the Nausea effect for 10 seconds and lose 10-20 durability on your battleaxe. You'll also have a 20% chance of dropping your Battleaxe if your holding it 2 seconds after the explosion.


    ◘Can Get Unbreaking Enchant 1+ With Enchant Table!
    ○Strong Weapon!
    ○2 Tools in 1!
    ○Better than swords!
    And More!


    ◘Sharpness Enchant Can ONLY Reach Sharpness 3. (Unless Anviled a Sharpness 4+)
    ○Slowness 1 when hit!
    ○Low durability
    ○Chance of losing durability when held during an Explosion!
    ○Chance of dropping the battleaxe when held during Explosion!
    ○Nausea during Explosions when held!
    And More!
    If any of this is too OP, please click the reply, then I'll fix it! :)
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    posted a message on Glass Bottles To Store XP
    Mine is a different way to store xp
    Using the already resources you have like a glass bottle rather than adding a whole new chest in
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    posted a message on Most useful block/item in survival?
    because he too is made of blocks? without him... no Minecraft?
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    posted a message on Glass Bottles To Store XP
    Simple enough, craft yourself glass bottles, then just [shift]. Right Click then store your XP in the glass bottle turning it into Xp Bottle.
    Stores 4 Levels because Of what i think 1 xp bottle gives you about 4 levels per use (Might be lower) but that can also be the cost so you cant get what you stored like storing 4 xp and getting like 2 levels-3 back makes it simple and equal and not too op. It can help in multi-player and in single player too if you dont want to waste your xp by dying or just simply storing some for use later like enchanting.
    1 level lower? check you chest, then wa la! 3 more xp levels! Now you lv 31 you can enchant at a lv 30 now :)

    Simple and easy
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    posted a message on Were-bunny
    This is out of minecraft
    recommend this as a mod rather than in Vanilla minecraft :/
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