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    Rich, you simply can't imagine how frustrated I am, and worse, you don't know my hatred against you. Do you know how frustrating it was to complete your map?!?!?!?!!? (Zodiacal Quarters)

    Void and knockback!!! Are you some kind of evil-doer!? Or do you just like to mess with me?

    Now serious: The map was simply beautiful really, I don't really play CTM Maps or any other kind of map, but I'm a sub and I watched the this and the past year' s25 mini CTM's, but you sir, you did an incredible piece of art in my opinion. I don't really want to play the second map because I finished Zodiacal Quarters a few minutes ago and I am pleasantly unpleased with the map. (I'm unpleased because I believe the map was way out of my league, but I admired the good work on the map).

    The only thing, is that maybe the dark blue wool was really hard to find for me because I never went to that part. To be honest I had to open LAN with cheats and be on /gamemode 3 because I really couldn't find it, so therefore I'm sorry if I broke the rules of the map.

    I give it a 4.6 review ;-)

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