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    posted a message on Youtube Collab!!! :)

    I can try to collab if you want (I never collabed before to be honest), my Channel is basicly about brand new with no videos really, except for one that used a video recorder that wasn't good, i currently use my new favorite video recorder, "Action" (for steam which i can use on things like minecraft) that i bought earlier like a week ago, some info on me is...

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    I don't have a great sense of humor in my opinion, but i think i am Pretty nice

    Time zone (i know this isnt something you said about on this post, but i wanted to say this just in case): Pacific Time Zone

    What i would like to be called: some things like "TheKnight", or "Knight" (you can call me something else if you want, but depends)

    oh right, i wont be able to do things in the morning for till the 30th due to Football unless it is a sunday.

    sorry i made this so long, and ya, thanks for reading.

    (I forgot to add this)


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    posted a message on ♦ProvimGaming♦ |LOOKING FOR STAFF, & BUILDERS|
    -Helper Application-

    Minercaft Username: TheKnight175

    Realname? Robert

    Skype? TheKnight175 Gaming

    How long have you played on ProvimGaming?: Just found out of this server, so I don't expect to be accepted.

    How long do you plan on playing on ProvimGaming?: Looks like a hard worked on server, and the things on it right now, I like, so I will probably play when im open to play this when fun sounding (sounds fun already anyways).

    What do you like about ProvimGaming?: This Server, forums, and stuff, Hard work made of this, so I like it, Hard work and Determination always can being at least something or more good or even great.

    Why would you like to be Helper?: I want to help you guys out, It sounds fun too, I help out because I want to do that, and also, I know that there are a lot of responsibility's for you guys, so I want to help you guys since you guys look so dedicated and stuff like that.

    Briefly list some of your skills: Problem solving with people related issues, helping with some server issues depending what it is and how it happened, Polite, Honest, and loyalty.

    How old are you?: 15

    Do you have/use TeamSpeak?: I do use TeamSpeak

    In order to become staff, it is very important for you to have and use Teamspeak. Do you have a microphone/headset?: Sades SA-922

    On average, how much time do you spend on ProvimGaming on a daily basis?(Server, forums, etc):

    since I know of this server and stuff, I should be on for a while, so like total in day: 30 minutes to 2 hour and 30 minutes in approximation.

    Do you have strong interpersonal skills? Im calm about situations, I go with things in a polite way of speaking, I think before I say.

    About yourself? Be as detailed as you like: I am a Gamer just like lots of other people, but I am a Polite person who has manners, Loyal, Respectful, I play games, do other stuff, help out, and being good

    Would you be willing to contribute financially? It isn't that easy for me to get money, so it wont be very easy for the fact I use gift cards to donate or buy things on computer. I live in the country, not in town or city, sorry about that

    Are you comfortable doing an interview if needed? I can be 7.5/10 of the time.
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    posted a message on I Need Builders for my build team
    It looks like you been waiting for some time, if you want, I can make an attempt, but that's entirely up to you for you to test me, im gonna fill the app now for you.

    Maturity out of 10: 9

    Does you use VoxelSniper If so What is it?: I don't know what it is, but you can help me out about that if you want.

    why should we chose you: I am a Fine builder, I can do some various things good, but if you try to get me to do redstone work, im terrible at that part.

    Have you built on any other servers (please say the name): No, I have not, this will be my first time trying to help out building for a server.

    what have you built for servers:

    Proof of work(Please show Screen Shots/Youtube Videos/Server ip):

    Why do you want to build with us: Because I enjoy building, sure I may not be the best builder, but I can be of good help still anyways

    Skills: if this si about just building, then... : (Great) Building terrain of ground, hills, and trees, (fine): Castle walls and towers, (Terrible): Redstone work, (Fine): Houses, work places, and Shops.

    Building Experience (1-10): 7

    Terraforming experience (1-10) 0, not sure what it is, but I can learn it pretty well if taught about it or testing it around.

    World-Edit experience(1-10) used it only like 6 times, so 5 in my opinion

    VoxelSniper Experience (1-10) 0, don't know what it is.

    (Optional skill)WorldPainter experience(1-10)

    Skype: TheKnight175 Gaming

    Age: 15

    What type of builds are you the best at: Ground building, trees and hills.

    Sorry if I may not be that great from the application I put down, but its better then nothing, dont you think? anyways
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    posted a message on [Name Needed] Small Youtuber SMP [Sub count doesn't matter] 14+
    Thank you for liking my application, would you like me to make a Quick video of like 5 minutes or something on a single player survival world on minecraft or terraria and then send the video to you?
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    posted a message on Looking for someone to play Hunger Games with me and possible Skype and Record.
    This sounds fun, if you want too, count me in, Hunger games sounds fun.
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    posted a message on [Name Needed] Small Youtuber SMP [Sub count doesn't matter] 14+
    Name you want to go by: Real life: Robert , In game: TheKnight175, or you can just call me Knight



    Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheKnight175

    Twitch (Optional): I don't use Twitch.

    Skype:TheKnight175 Gaming

    Name ideas?: Guardians

    What are your skills in Minecraft?: Good: Fighting , Great: Survival , Good: Gathering , Good: Building , Good: Mining , Poor: Redstone Working

    What are you skills out of Minecraft? (Photoshop, making renders, editing, etc): Editing im fine on, just need to get a bit better with it.

    How can you contribute as a player/recorder to the server?: I can Help With Fighting, Give some strategy's when doing certain things, Build, Gather materials, And I Can Record too.

    How often will you upload?: One to two times a week.

    and also so you can know, my first videos quality is bad, because it was a video recorder from a company called Tech Smith. I got a new Video recorder long while ago called FRAPS. And I didn't decide to make a video exactly yet for single player survival so I don't have a video of it yet that uses FRAPS Video recording, sorry about that.

    one last thing, Im in a pacific Timezone, so if your in a different timezone, it can be bad depending on how much of a difference in time it is between out times. just wanted to let you know that last part ;)
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    posted a message on Pork SMP Whitelisted Vanilla Server


    Location: United States

    How many servers have you played on? Too many to count
    How long have you played on Minecraft? 3 Years so far
    Whats your favorite thing about Minecraft? Having fun.
    Why do you want to join this server? Because this sounds like this will have good teamwork, and I love to do teamwork, that's what make a team.
    What are you best at in minecraft? Im more balanced then having a best at something

    What can you bring to this server? Me :3
    Skype: Robert Archer (if you look for that, look for one with a pic of a boy w/ a glowing headset on him.)
    Tell me something about you that doesn't have anything to do with minecraft?
    Youtube: TheKnight175 Gaming
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    posted a message on looking for players
    if you want, add me, my GT: TheeKnight175
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    posted a message on Looking for survival players! To start a world!
    This sounds interesting, My Gamertag is TheeKnight175
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