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    Here's a fun undocumented feature I just discovered: brains-in-jars still provide enchanting bonuses. Possibly a deliberate homage to their role in earlier versions?
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    Quote from ChocoPuppy»
    bug, when I attempt to deconstruct (turn into essence) string or wooden doors with the focus the game crashes

    Thanks for the bug report - I just uploaded a fix! (Please spoiler your bug reports next time so that others don't have to scroll through a wall of text)
    Quote from mysteriono»
    So I can't seem to figure out how to unlock the modified runic matrix research. I assume you need to examine something to unlock it, but I've researched everything I thought was applicable. Could I possibly get a hint or something?

    Creature infusion has three prerequisites:

    • Infusion, obviously
    • The curative vat
    • The containment focus
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    Quote from ChocoPuppy»
    if you put enough time upgrades do the golems from the animation focus live infinitely? I got some golems and put some protect cores on them and they still haven't disappeared so am I getting essentially cheaper but not autocraftable golems?

    Adding a core permanently animates a temporary golem. The duration upgrades will allow a coreless golem to follow and protect you for longer.
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    You can construct villager souls via the Soulforge, unlocked after discovering the Soul Sieve and Inspiratron.
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    Quote from ChocoPuppy»
    Research spoilers ahoy
    I got so caught up in the excitement about the reincarnation system to realise that from what I understand it is an overglorified giant one use bed and prompty got confused of why you would even get it (aside from being able to get your grabby hands at those mirror amulets oh boy those have literally saved my bacon multiple times), so Ye, what's the use of the soul beacon/reincarnation system?

    It prevents all XP loss on death, as well as giving Hardcore players an expensive way to avoid permadeath. It's worth noting that any consequences of death implemented by other mods will also be nullified. (Plus, I feel it's a good bit more flavorful than being torn apart by zombies and just waking up in your bed)
    Quote from Hman745»
    I've also noticed an issue with the soul sieve, the problem being that it doesn't work. I know it said that it took some time which is why I setup an energized node so it would operate faster, but it isn't drawing cv from the node. And after going to take care of some other things and coming back nothing had changed the gui showed no change whatsoever.

    The soul sieve won't operate unless an appropriate block (brain-in-a-jar or any of the blocks unlocked through subsequent research) is placed directly on top of it.
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    The latest version, 1.0.2, should fix this incompatibility.
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    The texture issue and Seroconverter issue have been tracked down and exterminated mercilessly. v1.0.1 is up.
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    Quote from Nnystyxx»

    Forbidden Magic- its added Aspects are most likely the issue. Also, are the specially engineered creatures meant to have textures? I artificially spawned a Seawolf and it lacked them. Otherwise, things seem to run -very- well for a first public release. It's remarkably robust! I love its spooky scientific bent-- the vat mechanics are like nothing I've seen before.

    EDIT: One other concern: do you think you could add a picture to the Thaumonomicon or the OP on how to construct the Infusion Vat setup?

    Gotcha, I'll see if I can replicate the issue. The Seawolf should have had a bluish texture with gills - was it transparent or did it just look like a normal wolf? (The infusion vat isn't a separate construct - just stick the modified runic matrix onto the top hatch. I'll see if I can make that clearer in its research entry)

    Direcub: Can you post the crash report (preferably spoilered)?
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    Quote from Nnystyxx»

    1. Scrolling out too far right in the Seroconverter gives an out of bounds exception.

    Which other Thaumcraft addons (if any) are you using? It may be that third-party aspects aren't being handled correctly. Thanks for the kind words and the bug report!

    Quote from J_Malice
    First thing I noticed, the golems have no texture in NEI. They show up as "Animated Golem" but it is a background-less image.

    This is because they stitch together their texture at runtime based on what block you used to create them. Try out the animation focus to see it in action!
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    The Basics

    Thaumic Horizons is a Thaumcraft 4 addon aimed at creating new uses for familiar mechanics. You may attach arcane lenses to enhance your Goggles of Revealing, mix essentia with your own blood to create potion-like effects, or even discover a method of applying infusions to living creatures...


    If the screenshots below don't whet your appetite, expand this spoiler for a full list of features.

    • Arcane Lenses: Choose between night vision, the ability to see through one layer of blocks, viewing creatures through walls, or automatically scanning blocks under your crosshairs! They can easily be swapped onto your Goggles of Revealing or similar items.
    • Wand Focus: Containment: Shrink creatures and store them in warded jars!
    • Biological Alchemy: Grow crops in the blink of an eye, duplicate a slab of meat, or even transform chunks of defeated zombies into useful leather.
    • Blood Alchemy: Mix essentia with your own blood to create potion-like injections. If splash potions are more your style, you can also create blast phials to shower foes in your enchanted blood. Or perhaps you'd like to deliver syringes from long range with the Injector, a thaumium crossbow.
    • Curative Vat: A glass tank which uses small doses of essentia to rapidly heal you or your creatures. With further research it can also be used as a cloning device, or as the basis of the infusion vat...
    • Creature Infusion: Transform common livestock into all-new beings like the Endersteed, Ore Boar, and Guardian Panther, or simply augment the abilities of (almost) any living thing with Quicksilver Limbs, Runic Hide, and more!
    • Soul Sieve: Extract soul fragments from soulsand and feed them to a jarred brain for experience, or toss them into the Inspiratron for knowledge fragments. Once you discover the Soulforge, you'll even be able to reconstruct human souls and clone villagers.
    • Self-Reincarnation: Stick a soul beacon atop your curative vat and you'll be whisked into a clone body upon your death - with no loss of experience or permadeath! You should also consider building a mirrored amulet to ensure that your inventory is spat out of a magic mirror in friendly territory.
    • Wand Focus: Animation: Create temporary golems out of (almost) any block! They'll fight for you during their brief existence, or you can convert them to permanent golems by adding an animation core.
    • Wand Focus: Illumination: As long as you've got the vis, you'll never need a torch again! Plus, dyeable orbs of light look a good deal more magical.
    • Wand Focus: Liquefaction: Smelt blocks and items in the world, or even slowly transmute stone to lava.
    • Alchemite: A magical explosive which shatters blocks into crystallized essentia. Don't let the blast hit a node!
    • Wand Focus: Disintegration: Convert blocks and creatures into crystallized essentia.
    • Node Monitor: Emits a redstone signal when any aspect in a node falls to 1 or below.
    • Shard Transmutation: Convert a balanced shard to an ordinary shard of any aspect.
    • Ethereal Shard: Capable of binding ethereal essence to itself, this floating crystal acts as a synthetic aura node when charged with centivis. But you'll need a lot of essence if you want high capacity!
    • Vis Dynamo: Portable power for your vis network! This nifty device streams centivis out from your wand. With further research, you can also make it operate on essentia...
    • Self-Infusion: Design the perfect body, then reincarnate into it for superhuman abilities like the Silverwood Heart, Spider Climb, and Warped Tumor!

    This young ocelot is about to become a man through the power of thaumaturgy. (And by man, I mean freakish mage-beast)

    Cactus and cake - not exactly traditional golemancy materials.

    A collection of jarred specimens!

    What is this infernal device, and what is doing to the souls of the dead?

    I can't possibly see how mixing essentia with your own blood could go badly...



    • Added Sheeder
    • Fixed an item dupe bug with Morphic Fingers
    • Added configuration file
    • Added workaround for issues with Golemancer's Bell
    • Added an option to enable WIP pocket-plane content

    • Fixed vortex attenuator crashing servers
    • Fixed teleological recombinator trying to fuse a node with itself
    • Removed accidental client-side wisp spawns
    • Golem animation powder must be thrown into the void one at a time; this is the only way Minecraft will associate it with the player
    • Planar vortex can no longer be destroyed by explosions
    • Removed incomplete pocket plane content

    • Added a new research tree starting with "Planar Theory" and unlocked after researching voidmetal and node transduction
    • Added golem animation powder
    • Mirrored amulet now drops its component pearl when the wearer dies
    • Warped Tumor can now contain permanent warp
    • Spider Climb and Chameleon Skin can be toggled
    • Fixed alchemite crashing servers
    • Fixed milk and potions dispelling self-infusions (you will not need to re-infuse yourself; they will be applied automatically)
    • Fixed soul sieve not inserting sand into inventories
    • Fixed issues involving logging out inside a curative vat
    • Curative vat now has actual durability
    • Fixed crashes caused by placing evanescent blocks in Creative (you will need to delete the offending block manually in MCEdit)
    • Fixed third-party aspects crashing the Seroconverter GUI
    • Fixed Runic Hide infusion

    • Instilled Loyalty AI should work on third-party mobs which don't extend EntityCreature
    • Armored nightmare textures use the proper resource path
    • Illumine and Echo lenses do not flicker
    • Clones of a vanilla tameable mob no longer remember their owners, allowing you to give pets to other players. The Instilled Loyalty infusion still preserves ownership, however.
    • Fixed several crashes related to the nightmare
    • Fixed an issue where the vat would endlessly drain essentia

    • Added self-infusions
    • Added horse infusions
    • Added Portability and Instilled Loyalty general infusions
    • Added greatwood and thaumium boats
    • Bugfixes:
      • Fixed an issue where the Animation wand focus could sometimes not be researched
      • Evanescent lens now operates completely differently. It should no longer flicker.
      • Fixed server crashes related to alchemite, ethereal shards, and Taintfeeders
      • Cloning vat no longer consumes entire stacks of samples or nutrients. It can also have items fed into it properly.
      • Fixed essentia costs for cloning infused creatures
      • Injections have been reminded that they are not potions, and do not drop glass bottles.
    • Fixed client-server sync issue with widened disintegration focus
    • Fixed an issue where the containment focus could not be researched
    • Added oredict support for crafting warded syringes
    • Fixed self-reincarnation not working over extreme distances
    • Added compatibility with third-party night vision mods
    • Injector no longer uses placeholder texture
    • Fixed NullPointerException when disintegrating blocks with no corresponding item
    • Fixed disintegration focus's behavior when disintegrating multiple items at once
    • 1.0.2: Fixed incompatibility with Technomancy

      • Fixed intermittent issue with infused wolf textures
      • Fixed Seroconverter GUI crash caused by third-party aspects
      1.0: Initial release

    Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

    Thaumic Horizons was wholly created by TheKentington. Of course, it wouldn't exist without Azanor and his delightful Thaumcraft mod, so please direct at least 60% of any praise and/or glory in his direction.

    Thaumic Horizons' conditions of use in modpacks are based on Thaumcraft's own:

    1. Your mod pack must link to this forum post. 2. You cannot directly profit off of the mod pack - although streaming videos are fine and even encouraged. 3. You cannot claim ownership of the mod or any of its elements. 4. Please let me know when you add Thaumic Horizons to any publicly-available mod pack. 5. I reserve the right to alter, remove, or add any conditions for good reasons or on a random whim.

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