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    posted a message on The Sun [Please close thread]
    IGN (In Game Name):MinerJackle (Yes,I know. Ridiculous name. It was temporary and I thought you could change it,back in the 1.6 days.
    Why do you want to join [SUN]? Well,the server just sounds fantastic. I have indeed,been looking for a server like this one,and I wish to try it out.
    How often do you play Minecraft? Every day. About 4-5 hours. (yeah,it's a wtf moment)
    How much experience do you have in Minecraft? (Skills, not XP xD) I am a master of parkour,redstone and pvp.
    My builds are also quite spectacular. (not just my opinion)
    How old are you? Sixteen years of age,mah good sir!
    Do you have SDK's Gun Mod installed? (It's not updated, but are you willing to install it?)more then willing.but I do suggest you use the flans mod,it's way better,and I have installed previous versions to play with. It was on the flans mods post that their updating it soon. (awwwwww yeaaah!)
    If not, are you planning on installing it?I am planning,it that's what it takes to play this server.
    Will you follow directions and rules?Of course!
    What team would you like to be on? ([SUN:T] or [SUN:CT]) [SUN:CT] counter terrorists for the win!
    Do you have Skype?I do,but only for contacting family members,nothing more nothing less! (very sorry)
    If so, what is it? (For communication purposes. If you don't want to post it, leave this blank or PM me)I am indeed robocop,if those shinnanagins help!And yeah,my skills are pretty damn epic
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    posted a message on [1.6.4]TerraFirmaCraft - Survival mode as it should've been.
    This mod is EPIC!!!!!!
    If your looking for a mod that changes minecraft,makes it harder and more complicated...

    Only for the best of the minecrafters.

    You did extremely well on this mod,sir!

    This modification needs to be part of vanilla minecraft.
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    posted a message on Looking for a client mod that allows you to instantly take the contents of a chest!
    A good day to all! :)
    I've been playing the minecraft survival games lately,
    And I was there a mod that allows you to instantly take all the contents of a chest?
    This would be SO much help,I know it isn't exactly...legitimate....
    But you know,someone killing me from ten blocks away isn't legitimate either......
    The mod version needs to be 1.2.5 by the way.

    I'd appreciate some help! Thanks!:D
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    posted a message on Why isn't there Stone Stairs?
    That's actually a great question.
    I was thinking that same thing the other day...

    And no,it isn't just changing the texture.
    Theirs a couple of properties you have to change,also....
    If you used the wooden stairs and just changed the texture,
    The name,blast resistance and tool you use to break it would be same as wooden stairs.
    It would also be ignitable,and....disintegrate-able,I am unsure if that is a word.

    But anyways,good question.:P
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    posted a message on Flan's Mod 5.3 Rank Update : 100s of new Skins! : Helicopters, Mechas, Planes, Vehicles, 3D Guns, Multiplayer, TDM, CTF
    This mod is beast! :D :D good job man! Good job! *appulous*
    And if your having troubles installing i,that's your own faults!
    Make sure You have ModLoader AND ModLoaderMp,their both two different things.
    And make sure you have your gun packs,in the mods folder.

    Great modification anyways :D! You need claymore's and C4 Explosives,that would be GREAT!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] SpaceCraft ~ Moonmod and more ~ Updated! [0.1] [+5300 DL]
    Nice :P!
    I really think the rockets need to be better,though.
    And some kind of space between the moon and minecraftia.
    Where the word "gravity" has no meaning!
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    posted a message on Balkon's WeaponMod v1.14
    Sweet! I love this mod.
    Good job man. :D
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    posted a message on [128x]&[64x][1.12] Smooth Realistic - a modern HD pack
    Wow,pretty sweet for your first texture pack.
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