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    posted a message on EULA Revisited: an Updated Q&A From Mojang
    I'll reiterate what I said earlier. Servers should not be for profit. This is Minecraft, a game by Mojang. You've written a few plugins and got yourself a server host and suddenly you think you have the right to turn your server into a business, with thousands of dollars of revenue made to cover hundreds of dollars of expenses. This isn't your game, and for all the people saying "but my plugins have monetary value!", they would have zero value without Minecraft.
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    posted a message on Ever find Diamond on your first Mining trip?
    My first trip lasts until I find diamonds.
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    posted a message on How's your current Single Player map going?
    Quote from cecilhowe

    Better than yours.

    Wow, who invited you in here to belittle other peoples' work?

    I've been using the same world since 1.0.0, and I'm sorta proud of it. I haven't built anything worthy of being posted on the front page or fancy stuff like that, but it's cool in its own little way.
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    posted a message on What was your favorite development phase?
    Full. Everything the other versions had and more.

    This coming from an Alpha player.
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    posted a message on "Natural" Airship Crash
    Quote from Megacaleb179

    That's what the wiki says.

    It also says [citation needed].
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    posted a message on Last person in 1.4_01! And I can gladly say I'm not missing anything.
    1.0.0. Don't like the new features? Don't use them. Afraid of new mobs? Man up. Dislike new game mechanics? See above, don't use them.
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    I think it would be unbalancing. Archery is already highly overpowered in multiplayer, considering the bow is basically a ranged diamond sword.
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    posted a message on Nether mobs are leaving the nether?
    Notes for the ignorant people in this topic who failed to do their research:

    - Ghasts NEVER spawn in the normal world. It is impossible to get one in the overworld without hacking

    - Zombie pigmen are the only nether mob capable of being in the overworld naturally, as they result when lightning strikes a pig (which is rare). They still do not spawn on their own, think of them like obsidian.

    No, ghasts don't spawn near portals, that feature was never implemented and when you look at the code, it is clearly impossible for ANY nether mob to spawn in the overworld.
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    posted a message on What do you LMAO at Minecraft?
    Quote from bylt

    I laugh at the 1.8 and 1.9 updates.

    They're hilarious ly pathetic.

    I laugh at the tools that complain about updates. I find it absolutely hilarious that people out there whine about additions to the game made out of the kindness of Notch's heart and because he is loyal to his customers.
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    posted a message on The Line Between Constructive Criticism and Flaming
    1.9 is a horrible update. 1.8 is a horrible update. Everything Notch does is horrible. Minecraft is just getting worse and worse and everything is getting ruined! Why can't he just design the game in the exact way I want it to be designed and not do what he has done successfully for about 2 years?

    Yup, that's your typical idiot. I see topics like this all over the forums, and it drives me nuts. You know why it drives me nuts? People actually defend morons like this. They call it constructive criticism and claim that "all you Notch Defense Force noobs can go bow before your master" and all that, and I can tell you that there is a fine line between flaming and constructive criticism.

    Case Study: Constructive Criticism

    I believe the enchantment system is unbalanced. It relies too much on random luck and does not reward players for skill. For a difficult to craft item, it should be very rewarding and it would be better if Notch made it require you to find books throughout the world to find better enchantments, rather than just get luck of the draw.

    What you may notice about the above is that the hypothetical person does several things that make them easier to understand and appreciate their input:

    - They describe their issue in a concise way

    Their complaint is clear within the first 2 sentences. It is easy to understand what their opinion is and why they have it.

    - They speak in a direct and intelligent manner

    No grammar errors, ALL CAPS, or insulting other users who don't share their opinion.

    -They provide a solution to their issue with the game

    This is probably the biggest one. Rather than just whining, they actually provide a suggestion on how to make the game more fun and balanced in a non-selfish way. This not only creates discussion about whether their suggestion is a good one or not, it also provides a way for people to share their own opinions on the subject, generally in a non-aggressive way following the example of the OP.

    Case Study: Flaming

    The direction Notch is taking with the new updates is stupid. Hunger ruins the game, it's no fun any more. Giant mushrooms make it too easy to get food. Animal breeding looks really stupid and I hate how it was implemented. Notch really needs to get his head out of his ass and listen to players, because we as a fanbase are tired of these lazy half-assed updates. We want the old Minecraft back, with balanced, fun updates every week or so.

    Now after reading all of the above points, spotting the flaws in this person's argument should be easy.

    -They are confrontational and aggressive in their tone

    The person speaks in a very rude tone, often using insulting words such as calling things stupid or boring.

    -It is not clear what point they are trying to get across

    They just seem to completely hate every element of Minecraft. They don't explain their viewpoint either; they just tell you what they dislike.

    -They act as though they are speaking for others

    I see this one a lot and it pisses me off. They use words like "we" and "us", yet it is their opinion that is being shared in their post.

    -They do not provide any suggestions on how to improve the game nor do they seem willing to listen to other people's opinions

    It basically looks like they are just venting steam on how much they hate the new update. They are closed-minded and unwilling to listen to others.

    As you can see, there is a big difference between the two. My reason for making this post is because I often find myself under fire for criticising flamers' opinions and their inability to back them up. I am not a "Notch Worshipper", I realize the game has flaws and I like hearing people describe their own dislike for game mechanics as well, but the flamers bring it too far. Sometimes I ask myself, "Why does this person even play Minecraft if they hate mining, trees, durability, dungeons and cave generation".

    I by no means attack respectful comments on the game and what people don't like about it. Constructive criticism opens the door to a discussion and is the polite way to promote your opinion about the game. Other people don't have to agree with your opinion, you just have to be respectful of that. So the next time you create a topic or you reply to an existing one with an opinion, be sure to give constructive criticism and not just flame. It makes the forum such a nicer place.
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