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    Reworked cobblestone again:

    I said I wouldn't... but I finally noticed what was bugging me about the last version, so here it is again. :P

    I've noticed that your granite, andesite, and diorite textures are rather jarring while mining. Can I suggest blending the edge colour of each more towards the grey of the stone around them to prevent such a sharp texture change; and maybe adjusting the colours overall so that they're closer to the colour of the stone?
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    Lately I've been watching the Yogscast as I play.
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    Quote from Hop843

    here are my screenshots
    -snipped for brevity-

    You may want to alter the texture so your planks tile better. I'll give you a texture, if you'd like to use it (I didn't spend much time on it, credit not necessary if you do use it).

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