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    Hmm. Is there any way to tell what block a player is looking at?

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    For some reason, using the subscribe button under Tools isn't working, so I'm replying to the thread to ensure I don't miss a dev update like I nearly did last time.

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    Alright, I've been up and down the internet looking for an actual answer to this problem, and this seems the most logical place to post this problem, reasoning incoming.

    Various other people in the past (most over two years ago) have had this problem, it always seems to happen with Liteloader mods, and the only common factor is the error and that it's a Litemod.

    I'm using the Macro & Keybind mod for Liteloader. It was working fine when I woke up this morning, but about three hours ago, the keybind menu (default SNEAK + GRAVE) stopped showing the GUI properly (see attached image for what it looks like for me).

    Upon further investigation, I dug into the log and discovered that something about my jinput 2.0.5.jar path being defined and not secure was throwing errors. I have no idea what that means, but here's the full log:


    I have tried removing all the mods, including Macro, but this error still gets thrown. I updated to the latest versions of both Forge (v13.20.0.2315) and Liteloader (as I found that solved this problem for some other people back in 2014) to no avail. I've restarted my computer, which changed nothing, and aside from a clean install of Minecraft (something I'd rather avoid if possible), I'm out of ideas.

    Any help? Or direction?

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    Pretty much the title. I've been trying to make one for ages, searched through everywhere I can think of with no luck (though maybe I'm just terrible at search terms), and have come up dry.

    I need a flying machine to transport me in one direction for several million blocks (yeah....). These are chunks not yet created and it's a one-way trip, so no rails or boat paths to get me there.

    It must be:

    1. Built in Survival - preferably on minimal budget, I don't want to have to farm for weeks to get the mats I need.
    2. Rideable - Kinda pointless if it doesn't transport me.

    3. Reliable - It's going to transport me around at y=250. If I die I go back to spawn with no items. Not my idea of fun. So it must be 100% reliable - no glitching through blocks, no pushing me off the side, etc.
    4. Automatic - Fully AFK, no user input. A start/stop switch would be nice, I guess, though not necessary. Some way to turn it off, be it block placement or block destruction, would be great though.

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    Quote from Ringoster»

    Reworked cobblestone again:

    I said I wouldn't... but I finally noticed what was bugging me about the last version, so here it is again. :P

    I've noticed that your granite, andesite, and diorite textures are rather jarring while mining. Can I suggest blending the edge colour of each more towards the grey of the stone around them to prevent such a sharp texture change; and maybe adjusting the colours overall so that they're closer to the colour of the stone?
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    Quote from Deonyi»
    It's called mortar (bricks) or grout (tiles).

    Both of which are types of concrete; which use a cement; which is in turn a type of binding agent!

    English is awesome.
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    posted a message on I am colorblind and bad at editing ressource packs ! Please help !
    It might help if you specified what type of colorblindness you have. That way a full texture pack can either be recommended to you or one can be made that will likely enhance your Minecraft experience altogether. If you don't know what type and severity of colorblindness you have, you can ask an optometrist to run tests for you, or if you're looking for a slightly unreliable but likely more convenient result, you can take an online test. I've linked one of my favorites.
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    Has anyone seen drfrozenfire recently? The OP could really use an update.
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    posted a message on [STONE TITANS] now holding tryouts for 7 new members!
    I'm assuming this is a new project, not the Pyramid? I am seriously interested if that's the case.

    EDIT: From what I gathered from the latest upload to the YT channel, you're looking to build the rest of the pyramids. This is something I am interested in.

    IGN: TheGurw
    Age: 23
    Skype (is a must): TheGurw
    Time Zone: Mountain
    Time of day you can play: Usually between 1200 and 0100.
    How long you can play when you get on the server: Likely between 1 and 2 hours, more if I'm in the mood.
    Position you are applying for: Miner (I spend hours in Vanilla mining obsidian. This would be a nice change of pace).
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    posted a message on WorldEdit scripts: Where Do They Go?
    Probably in Tools, but I'm no expert. You could always just post them here, I'm interested.
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    posted a message on ░▒▓█ SupremeCraft █▓▒░ ★ NOW RUNNING 1.3.2!★Normal Survival // No Whitelist! // all new 24/7 // 250 Slots // 50+Plugins + Custo
    The staff are immature, players are mistreated, and the members are encouraged to advertise the server IP by spamming it on other servers.

    I spent 3 hours on this server trying to decide on whether or not it would be a good fit, and was constantly harassed and insulted.

    Will not return.
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    posted a message on More Ores and Potions
    Loving these.
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    posted a message on New Prison Server[Need staff/builders]
    Looks interesting, but prison games aren't my style. Good luck!
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    posted a message on Minecraft CGI Battle Animation
    Quote from Intellergence

    Hey guys,
    I make visual effects videos on YouTube and my latest video was focused around a pretty epic cgi minecraft battle. Take a look and let me know what you think.

    Reddit:Link Removed
    Twitter: Link Removed


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    posted a message on Make items activate pressure plates again.
    Quote from cactii

    I think before either 1.8 or 1.9, dropped items were able to activate pressure plates. with that, people made cool arrow targeting games with paintings and skee-ball-ish games, and more stuff like that.

    There is not much I can really talk about with this, but to put it short and sweet, I want items to activate pressure plates again.

    Only wooden pressure plates, and they still do.
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