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    posted a message on NEED HELP ON SG MAP! 1.8+ need volunteers

    Hello! I am building an sg map. I cannot do this alone so I am obviously asking for volunteers. For this you must have skype and have at least a tiny bit of experience building. I have a server and through skype if your application goes through i will add you to my server and gove you the IP.





    Have you been banned before or have you griefed?:

    Patience building 1 (no patience) - 10 (plenty of patience):

    Hope you volunteer! All details will be sent by skype. I will reply only to accepted people

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    posted a message on Anyone Want To Help on a BRAND NEW server?

    IGN: TheDerpiestYT (changed name)

    What position do you want?: builder

    Why Do you want the position: so that I can help build on the server and let staff handle bad people

    What EXP do you have: Used to own a small server, built on it but shut it down because I am not cut out to be staff, im a better builder.

    Why did you choose my server?: I enjoy helping other people, especially gamers.

    Have you been banned before: For stupid reasons.

    If So why?: On Hive the server glitched and I by accidently flew, and got banned for life, but I got an appeal.

    Someone is blamed for griefing, what do you do. If I was staff, I would go to the griefing site, and then ask for proof that this exact person griefed from the community.

    someone is spamming the f word in chat, what do you do If I was staff, mute them and give them a warning about getting banned. If it goes on, ban them.

    No one is on but you, how do you spend this time: If I was a normal player, just leave. If I was a builder like I said I would like to be, fix up maps and stuff then leave.

    S4muel, just ban? Be fair bruh

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    posted a message on need help for map

    Hi! I might be someone you are looking for!

    Name (MC): TheDerpiestYT

    I am not the best with redstone, and I see someone already is good (korralkarrllson) but you said you needed someone to help build. I am great at building!

    Skype: Daniel Gurevich

    I wish I could get my hands on one of my worlds as proof, but I have recently backed up the world and am having trouble finding it.

    Hope I will help building!


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    posted a message on Better PVP Mod [Forge 1.15.2 | 1.14.4 | 1.12.2 | 1.8.9 | 1.7.10 | more]

    Ok thx it will take a long time

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    posted a message on Better PVP Mod [Forge 1.15.2 | 1.14.4 | 1.12.2 | 1.8.9 | 1.7.10 | more]

    I am making a modpack called Project Iris that combines different GUI mods to create EPIC gameplay and i want to use your mod in it can you give me permission

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