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    I remember a certain adventure world/map which in which you are one of three classes warrior/rouge/berserker and in the world/map the point was something about Herobrine, who is the final boss, i also remember that you could not break blocks unless you were meant to and that the best grade of weapon was a weapon which was made of a red material, and you also could not find any materials to craft any blocks (other than string), you would also have to do a bunch of quests and when time came for you to fight Herobrine the day/night cycle would get very fast and you would have to go to what i presume to be the Farlands and defeat Herobrine

    Does anyone know an adventure world / mod like that

    i presume this to be 1.7.10 version but it could be an earlier or later version,

    i also remember that it is an adventure world, with mods, one of them allows for custom npcs

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    posted a message on Forgot the name of a mod / adventure world

    Edit: i don't know how to remove a post so i just removed all of the content, but if you were wondering what this post was about, then just know that i have copy-pasted this post's content onto the maps discussion section

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