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    Ive stumbled around the new forums for a little while now and what can I say? Cant really say anything bad for sure. Love the new look, feels like a better board overall. Very simple and effective! A plus!
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    Cracked Pot server
    will pm skype upon request
    would like a flower pot with flower that is cracked as the image
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    posted a message on To those who are navigationally challenged
    If i get lost I normally just dig up to the surface lol
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    Evidentally people forget you can eat potatoes/carrots raw and make bread early on. Meat would be a late game item, right now its too easy to jump straight to the meats in minecraft.
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    posted a message on Regarding Complaints of Mob Farms and Cost of Builds:
    Quote from Sting_Auer

    Hello everyone! I made a fairly long hiatus from the forums, the reason for which should be fairly obvious in this subforum: People cause ­storms over every little change.

    The current complaint is about how most current designs for iron farms and mob farms were made inoperable. Here's what I have to say to that:

    Get over yourselves.

    You complain about how gold blocks and iron blocks are too expensive to use in your builds without using a farm for them. That's the point, nimrod. If you want to make a golden throne room, use creative mode. If you want to make an iron fortress, use creative mode. Don't play SURVIVAL MODE and expect to make the most richesty rich richhouse of richness all by your lonesome.

    Survival mode is called survival mode for a reason, and I am loving the more recent changes that are helping to make the mode live up to its name, as well as all of the other tools they are adding. They've been needed for too long, and I am very happy with Mojang for starting to implement them now.

    The next major thing I'd love to see is a delay between clicking and your blade swinging and hitting, then a "recoil" period while you ready your next hit, but that's for a different thread on a different day. In the meantime, I'll be using the plethora of bukkit plugins and various mods to customize my SMP experience for the better.
    So your telling me because you struggle and live in a dirt house that we all should on survival? Im sorry but I like to survive in style........
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    Quote from MentalMouse42

    Gaah. Details?
    You actually have to kill the mobs, Auto farms no longer give the Mobs Drops as they have been tagged as "rare" drops. Iron and Gold both...
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    Quote from bobri

    Oh yes, making a huge highly resource and time intensive mob system plus a fully automatic sorter is no struggle, but making 164 iron blocks, THAT is a struggle...
    depends on who you are, some of the smartest people excel at hard things, yet struggle with simple things such as tying their shoelaces.....
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    Quote from TheMasterCaver

    It's ironic that we have people who think that mining iron is too hard and needs to be "farmed" while on the other hand we have people who think that iron is too common. Myself, I mined over 18,000 iron ore in about a month. Eighteen thousand; that's enough iron to make 2,000 iron blocks.

    Some people even think that (char)coal needs to be farmed, but just check out these stats to see why I disagree even more there, or lapis for enchanting being too hard to get; I got enough lapis to enchant over 1,600 times at level 3 even if it had been mined without Fortune III, which gives you 2.2x as much (same for coal and everything else except redstone); and while that was in a month of playing several hours a day, mostly caving, you can still get a lot in one play session, enough to last for a long time, just have to find a good cave, although that is harder in 1.7+, compared to the obscenely huge caves in my worlds or pre-1.7, unless you mod them (I mostly just explore caves for the exploration aspect, mining out whatever ores I find).
    Not everyone wants to mine constantly to get this, everyone enjoys the game differently.

    PS. To the above poster that mentioned they may nerf gold farms, Just found out gold farms too were nerfed......
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    Quote from The_Nanobots

    Well it could be like the zombie pigman and have them drop iron nuggets. Unless the next step is to make gold nuggets rare drops for zombie pigman as well...
    shhhh. dont give them any ideas.

    as for abusing game mechanics, maybe, but it takes some cleverness to learn to abuse these mechanics. Not saying its right but now it will take a while to manually get enough Iron for a beacon (Only real reason I liked Iron farms). And Hoppers now will be pretty rare too as Iron will be mostly mined, however the Iron farms still work but the way they will work should/may produce lag....
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    So guess we shall all go mine Iron while the Iron golems stack up produced lag now that we have to manually kill them in order to receive Iron.

    What does everyone think of this change?
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