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    posted a message on What do you think of the new water temples?
    Pros - New blocks, a "fancy" glowstoneish block, new mobs and boss mobs, sponges can be attained legit in survival now and have a decent use, A notch apple can be made from the gold loot here. Finally the Oceans are not so dull.

    Cons - I can get more gold from a temple with way less fighting, blocks are not that "pretty" minus the Sea Lantern, Temples Loot is kinda subpar - was hoping for a few chests, These things can be a pain if not in good gear and not really worth the fight compared to the Gear needed to tackle these..
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    posted a message on New underwater mob! [updated 18/Jun/14]
    I just hope they will eventually respawn once killed, or be able to be summoned somehow like the wither!
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    posted a message on Extra furnace slots.
    Quote from DatGuy_

    Possibly have tiers?

    I.e, Iron - 2 slots
    Gold - 3 slots
    Diamond - 4 slots
    Emerald - 5 slots

    Bingo bongo, we got a use for emerald!
    Emeralds are pretty useful at the moment anyways, not sure why you post like they are an item with no use.
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    posted a message on Midworld SMP Series
    Hey Hey Guys!

    My name is thegooorooo and I have sorta recently started a new Youtube Channel. I am very excited to get started and have already posted a few videos. You can find my channel at:


    I love playing minecraft! Whether its adventuring in a deep, dark cave or its fighting horrifying atrocities from the Nether to spending a relaxing day fishing on the pier, every aspect of this game interests me. I started playing Minecraft about a 3 years ago. A good friend of mine talked me into the game and well I fell in love with it. Now to the point I play Minecraft more than he does!

    Anyways, some things you might expect from my channel are an SMP Let's Play of course. With a working title of "Midworld SMP", I hope to focus on building and exploration. I think the natural generation of the game is beautiful and I enjoy contributing to the scenic surroundings with my creations. I may also dabble in Redstone from time to time. You can find my my SMP series at:

    • Episode 01:
    • Episode 02:
    • Episode 03:
    • Episode 04
    • Episode 05
    • Episode 06
    • Episode 07
    • Episode 08
    • Episode 09
    • Episode 10

    Thank you so much for showing interest in my channel, feel free to leave me feedback as well as It will help me produce better content for you all in the future. Please consider hitting the "Like" button on any videos you enjoyed and make sure to click the "Subscribe" button before you head out. I really appreciate it! Dont forget to comment either, I will reply to any and all comments! Have a great day!

    Thank you!

    Follow me at
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/gooorooogaming
    for more information regarding videos released.
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    posted a message on Testing Images and Polls
    So, time for a test!
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    posted a message on [Feedback] Terriffic!
    Ive stumbled around the new forums for a little while now and what can I say? Cant really say anything bad for sure. Love the new look, feels like a better board overall. Very simple and effective! A plus!
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    posted a message on Extra furnace slots.
    I support this, but not exactly for the reason the OP mentioned. Hoppers can allow what he suggested, however his idea being implemented could lead to ores being smelted together, although we would need more ores first though, just some thought on the idea from a different perspective.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Gold/lapis For enchanting WHY? This is gonna suck!
    Quote from Drunkenp0wNeR

    Never viewed villager trading as a reliable way to get things. not without a massive farm and a few cullings. Sigh.... I hope I can find a village on my server that has not been wiped out by zombies.not to mention that the villager may ask for gold for the lapis. Loads of servers ban gold farms.
    You need to rethink your view, villagers are a very reliable way to obtain any item they may sell. And Gold isnt that hard to find, I can mine/cave for an hour and get at least half a stack.
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    posted a message on Slime block uses
    I built an automatic trampoline, only thing is I seem to take damage from slime blocks now :-(
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    posted a message on Fatal bug 14w18a Item frame render crash
    I concur, this happens pretty much instantly.
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    posted a message on [Enchanting] The Debuffing Table
    Change it to where you get no xp back and you get my support, otherwise mob grinders are even more useful
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    posted a message on Mindcrack style UHC mode - needing help
    Thanks, I now know how to do teams, just wish I knew the walls (My walls were different and didnt work like I thought). any premade maps anyone knows of with walls already made?
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    posted a message on Mindcrack style UHC mode - needing help
    thanks, Ill check it out. Teams are the part that are confusing me, the rest I have figured out already.
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    posted a message on Two Peoples Looking For A mature Vanilla Server ;o
    Feel free to Pm me if you would like to talk and maybe come to play over here on Midworld. We are a private whitelisted server and we all respect each others stuff, You two would make the 2nd husband/wife team on our beloved little server.
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    posted a message on Mindcrack style UHC mode - needing help
    Ok, I have found and learned commands for everything except how to create teams and assign teams. I need these in simple terms as I cannot get them to work with how I read/interpreted the wiki.

    I have the mode/health showing and also built a boundry with commands (Maybe teams are too simple for me) or (maybe Im just being blonde lol).

    So can anyone tell me the commands for

    Creating a team

    Choosing the team color

    and assigning players to a team.

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