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    Welcome To The Paradise!
    A mod by Team Paradise
    "Oh, yeah. Oooh, ahhh, that's how it always starts. Then later there's running and screaming."
    Welcome to the Paradise aims to add a new dimension to the main game. This new world is full of mysterious animals, landscapes and ruins which are waiting for you to explore. The new dimension also comes with new weather mechanics! Falling leaves (movement speed and falling angle will adapt to wind strength!) Fog (After rainy days, large, white clouds will emerge at the feet of mountains!). Not just unique weather patterns, new ambient and challenging mobs will also make your adventure even more exotic! The Wildlife, a key part of this mod. Dinosaurs will roam the dimension, but watch out, some of them may not like your presence. Some may run away, or even get provoked by you approaching them.

    High Risk - High Reward. Many of the mobs will be tameable and rideable. Not only that, new dungeons, ruins and ominous buildings will also appear in the Paradise. 3 New bosses also make the gameplay more interesting. When a boss is slain, it will have a consequence towards the world, these consequences are always positive, since they count as a reward to the player for defeating a powerful entity.

    Just to clarify, this mod is heavily in development.
    1.0.0 - First Release, Adds the paradise, and all of its planned features.
    1.0.x - Hotfixes.
    1.x.0 - Small Content Updates.
    2.0 - Theme: TO BE ANNOUNCED, Port to 1.16.x
    Release Dates: Do not ask for Estimated Times of Arrivals (ETAs)! We cannot say for sure when the mod is released, and we don't want to disappoint fans if the mark wasn't hit.

    Team Paradise:
    BlackbirdAntlion - Lead Developer, Artist, Future Coder.
    Coda - Artist
    Proddy - Artist
    TrexGaming - Artist
    Tazz_Stryfe - Concept Artist
    AGSucho - Sound Designer
    Expora - Structure Designer
    !Looking for developers!
    We are always open for applications! If you're talented with Jappa textures, modeling entities, blocks, and especially coding, join the discord server below and Direct Message me!

    Discord Server: Here you'll find the latest progress updates on the mod!


    Now, here are some models we have finished sofar!
    Oviraptor, Pygmy Spinosaurus (Sailed Goose Reptile), Struthiomimus, Carnotaurus, Microraptor.
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    Hello Mowzie!

    I just wanted to say that i love this mod and i respect all work that is going into this. I've had some ideas and i think im ready to share them.

    Land Strider

    -Appearance: It has the form of a serpent, but with 4 legs. The large hard scales on the back make up tough armor, which cannot be penetrated by arrows. Otherwise, the belly of the beast is quite soft, the head is also a weak spot. The beautiful grey-ish blue scales are sometimes used as currency under barakoana traders. It is quite the slow creature, being an omnivore, it can sometimes hunt for live prey, or peacefully gaze upon the trees. Its the primary food source of the barakoana. The neutral nature of this big snake like creature is not to underrated, the bite force is pretty strong, and a strike from the thorny tail can be lethal. But, the attacks can be countered by having strong armor. The length of this beast can stretch over 8 meters.


    HP: 40 (20 hearts)

    Damage: when biting 4 (2 hearts); when using the tail-whip ability 6 (3 hearts)


    Land Strider Meat 4-5 (60% Chance of dropping 6)

    Land Strider Scales 7-10

    Large Claw: 0-1 (50% Drop Chance) --> Claw Sickle: Damage: 7, Attack speed: 1.7, Crafted with: 2 sticks, 1 string, 1 Large Claw

    Land Strider Trophy: Placeable Land Strider Skull.

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    posted a message on De-Extinction Mod (Dinosaurs, Prehistoric Creatures, Resurrection Biology, and much more!!!)

    I have some suggestions, just some ideas:

    Dinosaurs (herbivores)

    - Mamenchisaurus

    - Giraffatitan

    - Psittacosaurus

    - Stegoceras

    - Centrosaurus


    - Austroraptor

    - Torvosaurus

    - Oxalaia

    - Caudipteryx

    Cenozoic Creatures:

    - Levyatan

    - Deinotherium

    - Phorusrhacos

    - Andrewsarchus

    - Wooly Rhino (Elasmotherium)

    Paleozoic Creatures:

    - Meganuera

    - Arthropleura

    - Edaphosaurus

    - Megarachno

    - Dimetrodon

    Marine Reptiles/ Paleozoic Aquatic Creatures

    - Nothosaurus

    - Dakosaurus

    - Giant Orthocone

    - Dunkleosteus

    - Primitive Sharks (Orthacanthus or other Species)


    Living Fossils

    - Tuataras

    - Coelacanth

    - Nautilus

    EDIT: i forgot something, will this be for 1.8? That would be awesome.

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