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    I've seen several coin and money mods, but nothing that can be considered "vanilla friendly".

    Emeralds become a major storage sink if you stockpile them, and for this reason they often are ignored by players outside of villager trading.

    My suggestion is to add a mod that makes it so any emeralds picked up are transferred to a unique "slot" with an infinite stack size (or a limit of 999999 if need be). This slot can be an emerald icon with a numerical count in the corner of your inventory. Clicking the icon will give you the max stack size you can pull out (up to 64). This allows players to easily trade emeralds amongst eachother, or store emeralds in chests for safe keeping. Dying will cause the player to drop all emeralds on them at that time. The mod could also add a piggybank style block to store emeralds in infinitely.

    Nothing else about the game would change. Villagers could even be the same. Just a way to better store emeralds.

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