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    IGN: __TheFlyingPig__

    Real Name: Taylor

    Age: 12

    How much Minecraft Experience: 4 years

    How Much Server Experience: I've been a co-owner on a server and have played on servers for 3 years.

    What you are good at: I'm great with making a server look great, and I'm good at detail for building. I love helping people and letting them have as much fun as they can. I also know the limits, and I know that staff duties come before my own.

    Do you have Skype: Yes, it's taylor_and_chloe

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    Age: 16

    Name: Taylor

    IGN: _TheFlyingPig__

    Experience: I was a mod to a server and the owner ranked me all the way up to co-owner. I am not co-owner on that server anymore because I resigned to play different servers. I can do command blocks and I've played Minecraft 7 years.

    Skype: taylor_and_chloe

    Why we should choose you over someone else: I am very friendly and experienced. I know the expectations of being a staff member. Staff is still allowed to play like members but need to know what to do if someone needs help. I will treat the server like family like I do with every server.

    Any special Info you would like to tell us: Not really anything special.

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    IGN: __TheFlyingPig__

    Age: 12

    Skype: Yes.

    Why I should be Admin:

    If a someone is harassing another player or admin I would first tell them to stop, then report it to a co-owner or the owner.

    If another Admin is abusing their power, I would tell the owner and ban the Admin if he/she continues.

    If and Admin is abusing their power and I am not allowed to ban them I will just simply tell them to stop and check out the rules.

    The reason I want to be Admin is because I love to help with servers and remind people to be kind, this game is supposed to be friendly.

    I want to join the server because I can help it in as many ways I can. I will bring friends to play on it, and help it thrive.

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