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    posted a message on Big list of enchantments that could be added

    Wow! While some might be a bit overpowered, you balance them out well.

    98% Support

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    posted a message on Improved Player-Villager Interactions
    Quote from Wolftopiaยป

    I understand that Villagers should be protected by the player, but the way it is as of now isn't that fun. If this is to be a thing, the following needs to happen:

    1. Each village starts with at least 1 iron golem as aid for both the villagers and the player.

    2. Zombie sieges (or other similar events to be implemented in the future) should be the only events in which villagers should die without player aid, and the whole event of a zombie siege should be better communicated to the player.

    This may be what Minecraft is to you, but it isn't the same game to everybody. Many people play it in many different ways. That's part of why it has been so successful. Also, I don't see how this is any more "thinking financially" than trading with Villagers yourself- this is merely an extent to that mechanic to player-player interactions and a purpose/use for the Nitwit.

    Good point, Wolf. I have to make it 99% Support
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