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    I applied...sounds like a well thought out community server!

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    About Us

    We are a small group of friends who met because of a love for multiplayer survival minecraft. We recently moved our world from a realm to a server located in central North America. Our current players are from North America and Europe. We’re looking for a few new players who have a passion for multi-player survival minecraft to join our family. Read on about our server and see if you think our community would be a good fit for you!

    Server History

    MineFam started in January 2020 and currently has four active players. We have built up one community area quite a bit but most of the world is wide open for development. As of right now, all farms are community farms. Anyone is free to use the resources produced by these farms, but everyone is more than welcome to make their own farms to gather resources as well.

    With the new 1.16 Minecraft update seemingly right around the corner, we will be resetting nether when that time comes.

    The End will be reset periodically, based on the availability of unexplored end cities. If you choose to build a base or build of some sort in the End, contact an admin so that we can make sure your build is safe and does not get reset as well.

    Player age: We currently have ages ranging from 22-41 years old.

    MineFam Rules and Guidelines

    Relax and have fun...we’re family.

    This is vanilla (mostly) server. Embrace the survival experience (and sometimes the pain of death, losing items, etc.) Admins will not give you items that you lost or teleport you to a different location.

    No cheats, x-rays, etc.

    No griefing

    Fun pranks are encouraged as long as they can be cleaned up and nothing is destroyed.

    We do a lot of community planning and building. If you are building something just for you, please mark it clearly for personal use.

    If building in a community area, conform to the theme of the area. We’re all for you bringing your personal style so if you’re not sure if your build idea works, just ask or be willing to adjust based on community feedback.

    Clean up after creeper blasts, tree chopping, or other activities that mess with the terrain. Exception: bulk material (such as sand and gravel) gathering in designated areas away from main building areas.

    Server settings:

    1. Difficulty: Hard
    2. Fire spread: off
    3. Pillager patrol spawning: off (raids and outposts still work like normal)
    4. Wandering trader spawning: off

    Vanilla tweaks installed:

    1. Afk display
    2. Anti-endermen grief
    3. Armor Statues
    4. Double Shulker Shells
    5. More Mobheads
    6. Multi-player sleep
    7. Player head drops
    8. Silence Mobs
    9. Universal dyeing


    Does this sound like a good minecraft home for you? Click on this link to apply and we will be in touch on discord!

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    Hi tnex,

    I'm going to message you on discord. I play on a server that seems to fit the type of experience you outlined above. Looking forward to talking further.


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