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    I've played around with command blocks before but this is my first time making an actual map (even if it's really small). The goal is to get to the next room using the items you have to craft the right item. If you run out of resources, hit the reset button


    No cheats

    Adventure mode

    Download the world here:


    If you're stuck, here's a guide:

    1) Craft that oak log :log: in your inventory into planks :wood: You should be rewarded with a crafting table you can place on dirt :soil:
    2) Use your wooden pickaxe :WPA: to break the cobblestone :cobblestone: The cobblestone should renew itself.
    3) Collect enough cobblestone to craft a stone axe :Saxe: It should be replaced with an axe that can break acacia logs
    4) Collect the acacia logs in the wall and use those to craft a chest :chestfront: You should be rewarded with a shovel :DS: that can break coarse dirt.
    5) Congrats! You beat the game! Feel free to look around my world, look at the command blocks that run the map, and see some other tests I ran before making this map.

    Let me know what you think!

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