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    Quote from TheFlyingTurtle

    Cool, I'm on the first page of a megathread.

    I'm not sure what to suggest for more redstone stuff, I think redstone is fine the way it is now.

    Well, many still see ways to improve and build on redstone, which is why I made this thread.
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    posted a message on Harvesting materials on peaceful
    There is no point is hostile mob drops, as most of the benefits deal with combat. The other benefits can be accomplished through other means.
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    Maybe it wouldn't be an item, rather, a screen with a book like interface. You would open your inventory, press a button shaped like a book, and start typing.
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    Quote from aattss

    1. Obsidian is not necesarily delicate
    2. Cool...can you post the source?

    Obsidian is volcanic GLASS, and is therefore very delicate, as it is formed with covalent bonds.

    It was stated by Jeb in the Dreamhack conference.

    Here is an excerpt from the Minecraft wiki:
    Jeb stated during his dreamhack presentation that he was working on something stronger than diamond tools. He did however say that this was not a new set of tools, but rather something that could be used to enhance your tools to make them stronger.[76]

    Here is the video:
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    Obsidian takes so long to mine because it is a delicate material and it needs the precision of diamond to be mined properly. Delicacy does not make a good tool or a good piece of armor.

    It has also been confirmed that new tool tiers will not be implemented through new materials, but through improving old ones.
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    Quote from Bumber

    What light level should a redstone block give off? Something from 12 to 14 seems reasonable.

    Um... that is kinda for you to decide.
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    posted a message on 4 Planks = Log
    Then, you would be in an endless cycle of transforming a log to planks and back again, as you only have a 2x2 crafting grid in the beginning. Good job.
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    This should be in the Mod Request Section.

    It is also already suggested. Please use search. I am not going to, but *product placement alert* it is in the new Redstone Megathread. I'll post a link later.
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    posted a message on Aether Built Into Game
    He is considering adding the Aether, like the SUGGESTION, but he must improve the Nether, which is why the NEW NETHER suggestion was created.
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    Quote from sirlolzalot

    I've seen you in my thread "Gold wires"

    You hated that idea, and it was very similar.

    I hated it because it is AS. And if I said anything else, it is because mine is single use, and I am a "convert" for lack of better words.

    Anyway, here it is, the new megathread:
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    posted a message on Trees and the incompetence of gravity.
    Or, you could have every tree on a record, and once a log is destroyed, the entire thing is destroyed.
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    Again, if you have any ideas or threads that I have missed, please post them. If you know the contributor of the uncited miscellaneous ideas (not Badprenup) please post them below. I would like the links to the original suggestions.

    If you have any ideas for the organization of the thread (i.e. new sections, moving ideas, etc.) let me know.

    I need assistance with the following:

    Any ideas with a creeper next to it must be cited.
    Links to Regular Hexahedron's Redstone Ideas
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    Hello all, this is the redstone megathread. As the description states, minor redstone suggestions should go here. Let us begin.

    *If idea cites no source (a forum member) it is because it is a commonly suggested idea.
    ** If I forget something, or you have an idea, please post it below.

    General Ideas

    1. Gold should interact with redstone more.
    2. Netherrack should catch on fire when exposed to a redstone current.

    General Redstone Properties

    1. Can be used like a tripwire, and will deteriorate if stepped on. (Highly disputed)
    2. Forcing redstone paths :SSSS:
    Changing the path of a current by right clicking.

    Redstone Block

    A redstone block is to be composed of nine redstone dust. It's primary uses are decoration and storage.

    Suggested properties:
    1. Affected by gravity
    2. Carries signal (could be used for vertical transmission)
    3. Produces signal, similar to a redstone torch.
    a) A redstone block could produce a signal if it is composed in the following manner:
    :RedShroom: :RedShroom: :RedShroom:
    :RedShroom: :RFlower: :RedShroom:
    :RedShroom: :RedShroom: :RedShroom:
    The flower represents a redstone torch, and the mushroom represents redstone dust
    4. Gives off light (What light level?)
    5. Use as a more accurate system of storing memory, reminiscent of binary.

    Redstone Interactive Blocks

    1. I think there could be the redstone triggered equivalent to a button. When it first receives power it would send a redstone pulse the same duration as a button. After that it will need to be powered off and powered on to send another pulse. Basically this would work by giving the pulser a property that gives its abilities to blocks around it. If there is a repeater at the input then it modifies its properties to that of a normal torch. But it also will give a pulse count to the pulser when the signal reaches it. The drawback that will balance this is the more repeaters you add the more delay there will be as they each add 1 tick to the signal. (see post #31)

    Vertical Transmission

    1. (See Redstone block, suggested property two)
    2. Sticky Redstone
    http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/281767-sticky-redstone/page__hl__sticky redstone
    (Contributed by gryphster2)
    Summary: Redstone crafted with a slimeball can be placed on walls.
    3. Redstone should be able to be placed on walls, and possibly ceilings, without any prior preparation.
    4. Redstone wire (idea incomplete, post any crafting recipes below)
    5. Redstone/Gold Transformer
    Gold can be crafted into wire by putting three gold horizontally in the crafting grid. This wire has the same properties as redstone, except it can be placed on walls. You will need to craft a transformer, crafted in the following manner:
    :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar:
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone:
    :RedShroom: :RedShroom: :RedShroom:
    Gold represents wire, cobblestone represents smooth stone, and the mushrooms represent redstone dust. This will be placed to translate one current to another.
    6. Wired Blocks
    Contributed By beanssprout
    The block contains redstone within it.

    Wireless Transmission

    1. Gold Repeaters: A Wireless Transmission System
    Contributed by Regular Hexahedron
    Summary:The gold repeater functions like a regular repeater, but with a unique twist. The signal released by the output end is capable of traveling through 1 block of empty space, then getting picked up by another gold repeater on the other side. Repeaters can be stacked, allowing the signal to travel on more block for each additional repeater.

    Mods That Some Would Like to be Added

    1. Eloraam's Mods
    Wanted Feature: Isolated wire mod, similar to redstone and bluestone.


    1. The Eye Block
    http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/413022-the-eye-block-detects-blocks-and-entities/page__hl__the eye block
    Contributed by CaveCricket48
    Summary: The Eye Block can detect interruptions in its signal up to 16 blocks away. If it senses an interruption, it will produce a redstone current.
    2.Redstone Tunnel Block
    http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/191903-redstone-suggestion-redstone-tunnel-block/page__hl__redstone tunnel block
    Contributed by Frossa
    Summary: By crafting a blcok over redstone, it creates the block with a tunnel under it, used to hide redstone, so that you may have a redstone wire within the block.
    3. Bluestone Dust
    Contributed by Starfrish
    Summary: The dust is similar to redstone dust, and it can be placed in the same block as redstone, so one block can carry two currents.
    4. Integrated Logic Gate :SSSS:
    The in-game equivalent of a circuit board, each one representing a logic gate.
    Suggested Properties
    a) May be one block that cycles through different logic gates.
    :cool.gif: Configurable Truth Table which allows arbitrary gates of up to five inputs. (See post #42)
    Proof of concept: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/557804-173-the-redstone-gate-v10-alpha2-block/
    5. Clock Generator :SSSS:
    A Redstone Circuit Block that generates a Redstone Pulse. Right clicking changes how fast it ticks, anywhere from .5 seconds to 4 seconds, at ,5 second intervals.
    6. Light Detector Block :SSSS:
    Produces a current when it detects light.
    7. Redstone Five
    Contributed By JP585
    Summary: Eye Switch (already listed), Audio/Ear Resonance Switch (When correct note hits, it will create a current), Nose Switch (Will store scent of a drop and produce current when it encounters that "scent"), and pressure plates will be orientable on any surface.
    8. Hinges
    Contributed By Optimatum
    Summary: See Hinges. Moves adjacent blocks 90 degrees.
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    posted a message on Golden Trim
    Interesting but unneeded. It would look cool, but you would have to make four new textures, unless, of course, you made only one "trim" texture to put over the armor texture. However, that might prevent texture makers from making different armors.
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    posted a message on Pumpkin pie/pumpkin mash
    I think this would be ideal if pumpkins were not farmable. However, if the are, they should give 1.5 or two hearts per slice. And by the way, I have never seen a pumpkin pie or pumpkin mash suggestion.
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