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    posted a message on WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE CONNECTION!

    i'm trying to play with my friends everytime i try to join it gives me this message saying connection lost i've tried restarting my xbox signing out and signing back in WHAT IS GOING ON! how do i fix this!!

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    posted a message on the worst edition ever!

    my grammar was rough for two reasons.

    1. Broken old laptop keyboard

    2. was tired

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    posted a message on the worst edition ever!

    what is wrong with you mojang? pocket edition doesn't have this yet it is better i don't see how this is the most played game first off WHY CANT WE SPAWN AS MANY THINGS AS WE WANT!!!???? seriously? what is wrong with you guys just giving up limited spawn whatevers seriously what is your problem?

    second why can't we make the world layers we want if i wanted to put some lava below wool it would add stone jesus mojang you guys have reached full moron no wonder your sales are going down why does it matter if i wanted to put sand and lava below why should you add sand you morons!!!?????? i just made the top layer 100x tnt and you just happened to add stone you guys need to be locked up

    third why do we just have this stupid maximum enchantment why can't we get thinks like sharpness I or II+ what is wrong with you mojang!!!???? the console version of minecraft will always be bad and will never be good i ju st wanna gag by looking at the cover

    fourth why don't we have a search bar!!!!???? at leat add a new tab why do you have to be so lazy!!!????

    fifth what really grinds my gears is that EVERY GAME YOU JOIN YOU HAVE TO BE THE FRIENDS OF SOME ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what were you thinking adding this???? no wonder people barley play your game IDIOTS!

    i would add more reasons but i have too many to add for this stupid so called edition of minecraft i play minecraft pc more than i play this garbage it gets a -30,000/10

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    posted a message on [1.12.2] AliensVsPredator (Alien Covenant, The Predator, Prometheus)

    things this mod needs

    better animation for xenomorphs not just crouching and make them less slower

    new hud



    acid breaking through blocks

    old egg model (Idk why you changed it -_-)

    alien inner mouth attack that one shots you

    automatic sliding doors


    time skipping in hypersleep

    people from games and movies


    alien being able to crawl in vents


    and 18 bullet pistol that shoots rapidly

    also you lose health when a chestburster is coming out from you and then at 6 hearts it finally comes out forming a bloody hole in your skin then goes away when you respawn

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    posted a message on How to make a npc sit down


    first you'll need flans mod the content pack you need is the one with the boeing707 plane

    second you need custom npcs


    this you'll need any plane from the content pack or helicopter

    a mounter

    first place down the plane then go inside and click a seat MAKE SURE YOU ARE HOLDING THE MOUNTER then right click and go all the way down to customnpc or any other mob the npc will now sit down now you no longer need to go on servers for people to get in

    the npc cannot drive the plane it will get out once the plane/car has stopped moving hope this helped :)


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    posted a message on ♒ CRAFTED SERENITY [Survival] [Towny] [Custom Plugins] [MCMMO + Jobs] Much More 1.14.4 ♒

    What i think of this server

    wait a second

    *adds 0 * there we go...

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    posted a message on my opinion on the trendy update

    ik that was the point of this post

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    posted a message on my opinion on the trendy update

    the trendy update seems pretty useless and does not fit with minecraft and i am super angry with the new sign model so in my opinion

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    posted a message on 30 Days After The Apocalypse Mod - Minecraft 1.6.4

    what type of zombie apocolypse has no custom zombies and only 1 gun???? 0/10

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    posted a message on Freebuild and Pvp (ARENA ZONE ONLY!)

    hey guys i was just seeking and looking for good builders if you wanna play follow the rules below

    1 add me my name is etheralgames

    2 don't grief

    3 dont disrespect

    4 dont edit other peoples build for example you see a house you add redstone on top so yeah do not do that

    breaking 2 3 4 will result in a ban

    so hurry up pls :3

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    posted a message on Optifine 1.7.10 Graphics Glitch

    i am so ticked off i am trying to play a rpg modded map WITH THIS HAPPENEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it makes minecraft look ultra ugly and it makes it -55 cooler just for that i give minecraft 9/100 (Metacritic/Rotten Tomatoes Score!)

    me right now

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    posted a message on Hopefully plugins/mods will never be an option for realms.

    your rude jerbear not cool

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    posted a message on [Modded] Flantastic Minigame Server - TDM, DM, CTF and Zombies

    why isn't the server working I REALLY WANNA PLAYYY also nice job can you add customnpcs? and a map take your time

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    posted a message on [Mod now Released!] Disney's Toontown Online Mod for Minecraft - Discussion

    i really love this mod are you gonna add more stuff??

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    posted a message on Which on is better ? Wizard101 or Minecraft ?

    allot of people are jelous of wizard101 in minecraft all you do is build and there is no quest wizard101 has 50 million players and there are no jerks on there and minecraft has 19 million and gets super boring

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