About Me
Why do you defend enderman?
I don't bother them that's all. Also I hate dragons from the end..

You mean Ender Dragons?
I knew that... :3

Okay, so whats the point here?
I just wanna get a good rank on these forums, but im usually on a server called alpha realms :)

Well, can I join?
If you can find it on google :D

Where did you get that picture?
Achievecraft. Google it.

So are we done here.
Wait a minute... why the heck did you even come to my profile. Not saying anything negative, because i'm a nice person, but I literally have no idea why people view my profile 0_o
Interests Minecraft, Slender, Skyrim, Portal 2, Steam, Scribblenauts

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Minecraft TheEnderDefender Xbox is for games not like minecraft.