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Hiya, my name is Tifa and I'm a huge fan of minecraft, so much so that my room mate worries about me! XD She jokingly calls it my mindcrack, I think it's funny.

Okay, well let us see here, I'm 21 years old and I live in the US! I love gaming of all kinds, I frequently play D&D and am currently running my own RPG. I am a creative person and enjoy just building things in MC, little villages are my favorite~<3 My gaming skills are not limited to MC as you can tell, I have loads of fun on my PS3. I'm currently playing a game called Rule of Rose, it is a rare and expensive game that not many people know of. I've played tons of FF's(Final Fantasy) and RE's(Resident Evil) and SH's(Silent Hill). That is enough about my gaming history though...

I also love.....Animals! They are kute and fuzzy and furry. I have to say my favorite animal is a raccoon, duh! I also like cats, rats, bunnies, dogs, lizards, foxes, wolves, tigers.....yeah. I am currently owned by three cats, we just lost our oldest about two weeks ago, sadface! Oh, we also have one rat, his name is Beaker~<3 At my parents house I have a rabbit named Butterscotch, he is very fat and sweet.

Now you know more about me! :D
Interests Gaming, anime, roleplaying, joking around, having fun, music, yada yada etc

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