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    Discord - TheDeadZombie#7403

    Name - Steven

    Age - 15

    Experience in Developing - I have made plugins in the past, I've made a game called "kollekt ze twoffy" (which was a meme game) that got 2,000 downloads. I have made a core plugin for a server called "Shellcraft.online" and a factions core for, "chaincraft.com"

    Languages you are familiar/fluent with - I'm fluent in C++, Java, JavaScript, C#, and HTML.

    Past servers you served in as a developer Shellcraft, Chaincraft, FaithfulMC, ExodiaMc

    why you want to be a developer - So I can help contribute to your amazing server

    What you think your contributions can impact to CRYPTIC - I can make a core, or any other small things you want added.

    Can you work well in a team?(required) Yes

    Are you good at planning and creating ideas? I normally leave that up to other people, but I can plan & create if requested.

    Pictures/Screenshots of any work you have of plugins you created. http://prntscr.com/hianv8 http://prntscr.com/hiao2r

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    posted a message on ★ Miracle Realms ★ [New Server/Network][Need Staff, Apply Now!]

    Minecraft IGN: TheDeadZombie

    Age: 15

    Location & Timezone: EST

    What position you are applying for: Web-Dev (if open)

    How can we contact you? (Discord preferred) TheDeadZombie#7403

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    posted a message on Project Z; Looking for Leadership Roles

    Wtf no.

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    posted a message on 🔥 EliteSB Looking for Dedicated Staff - Large Playerbase - Custom Plugins 🔥
    Quote from Tweedweeder»

    I really like this thread for many reasons.

    I don't believe I intend on applying, but this is an awesome contrast to the usual trite that's posted here.

    Keep it up, lads.

    We don't normally try for staff on mincraftforums.net for obvious reasons, but we were desperate for staff considering nobody who knew what they were doing was applying on our website and seeing that the server will go up soon I thought this might be a good and quick way to do it.
    It was designed in a way to attract only those who actually might put time and effort into the server instead of just messing around. The typical "you can apply for helper, mod, admin, or co-owner," doesn't attract the right audience. Thank you for your reply and have a great day!
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    posted a message on 🔥 EliteSB Looking for Dedicated Staff - Large Playerbase - Custom Plugins 🔥

    Hello! I am the owner / staff manager of EliteSB and I am looking for people to take up the moderator role on our server. We have a large and growing player base and a discord with over 50 people. We have custom McMMO and a duel system. We are looking for dedicated staff members who are willing to take over an hour of work each day to make EliteSB a better place.

    Things to note: We will not be looking for devs, builders, admins, or co-owners to take up a role on our server. You are applying for Jr.Mod and will from there work your way up to a normal mod. Other ranks will be invite only and cannot be applied for.

    We will not be giving a rank to anyone under the age of 12 and we will not give exceptions. I don't care how mature you are. This is not negotiable.

    You cannot pay for ranks. Yes, I have had someone agree to give me $20 if I gave him admin. That is stupid for both parties. If you want to give me money that's fine, but there will be no rank.

    You will be required to talk in discord. There will be an interview. You will need a mic. "Ohhh, but my mic broke yesterday and I need to buy a new one from Best Buy!" No.

    You will not be opped. If you are looking for a nice server to come grief, this is not the server for you. You will have enough perms to ban a few nonces before we ban you and unban them. That's it.

    We are strict about accepting staff. Not everyone will become a T.Mod. I wouldn't be suprised if we promote nobody here. It all comes down to how dedicated and mature you are.

    You will be forced to normally play the server. You don't like skyblock and are only doing this for the fancy perms? Tough luck. We want dedicated staff members who care about the server.

    You won't be asked to setup the server. We wont give you access and we wont share a google doc with you containing the shop and ask you to dedicate 4 hours to setting up every item as your first assignment. We will setup the server on our own and you will see it the first time during beta testing where your training will begin. You may be asked to come onto the dev server and do things there, but you won't be setting anything up.

    What happens if my application is accepted?

    Once your application is accepted you will be put into 2 different interviews. One with me, and one with someone else I assign. You will be asked questions about your application, about your experience, and other important things we will need to know before we give you the rank. If both interviews go well, we will then discuss and check on everything you have said. We will contact old friends, join old servers, and PM you with more things we have questions about. If we collectively decide that you are fit for the rank it will be given to you on discord and then the server once it's released.

    Why is the server down?

    We are currently working on a reset which at the time leaves us in off-season. Since we will be starting back up in a week or so, we thought now would be a good time to get some staff.

    Do you have a website?

    http://elitesb.net/ - Reccomend checking it out and creating an account if you want a better chance of being accepted ;).

    Application Format: (Made by FlippingKoala)

    First Name:
    Discord Name (ex:ILoveCapitalism#3446):
    Name you'd Prefer to be called (ex:IGN):
    Age that you'll pretend to be even though you have to chat with us on Discord (ex:20):
    How many years of experience, if any:
    Previous Servers that you have been a staff member on (ex:pigcraft.net):
    What are the good qualities of being a staff Member?:
    Why do you want to be a moderator:
    Write a short Paragraph about yourself:
    Anything else you would like to add:

    Good luck applying!


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    posted a message on EliteSB 🏰 PURGE 🏰 PvP, Grief Spawn, Creative Mode, and DESTROY EVERYTHING!!

    EliteSB is resetting so we will be having a purge for today! You will be able to grief everything and PvP in spawn. Hacking will be allowed. Your goal is to crash the server. Have fun purging.

    (Also note that many YouTubers will be recording this event.)

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    posted a message on EliteSB: 🏰 CUSTOM 24/7 SKYBLOCK SERVER 🏰 [Beta Testing]

    We still need players...

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    posted a message on EliteSB: 🏰 CUSTOM 24/7 SKYBLOCK SERVER 🏰 [Beta Testing]

    EliteSB is custom skyblock server that specializing as being unique. On this server, you will find more features than most skyblock servers and also a much better community. We are professional and will always treat you such. We have a large player base and we are always growing. We need your help to make that player base even bigger!

    IP: eliteskyblock.com /or/ play.elitesb.net
    Version: 1.8 - 1.11
    Website / Forums: http://elitesb.net/
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    posted a message on EliteSB BETA TESTING!! // Apply now for EARLY ACCESS and BETA TAG!!

    Thank you for everyone who join beta testing! Still looking for applications...

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    posted a message on EliteSB BETA TESTING!! // Apply now for EARLY ACCESS and BETA TAG!!
    Quote from TylerPhillips_»

    If you were not aware, your picture has a few spelling errors in it.

    "Becuase" should be "Because" and "Releace" should be "Release"

    Thanks for the information
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    posted a message on EliteSB BETA TESTING!! // Apply now for EARLY ACCESS and BETA TAG!!

    Apply NOW by clicking here!

    Join with the IP play.eliteskyblock.com. (Status: WHITELISTED)

    We are currently on an INVITE ONLY system for staff. Please don't ask for staff if you are not an active player. We will contact you if we see you as a good staff member.

    - Want to join our public discord? Connect with https://discord.gg/QVFQkuD.


    Steven (Owner of EliteSB)

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    posted a message on 🏰 Gamecore Server Recruiting // Looking for high quality staff // Fully custom plugins 🏰

    Hello! I am TheDeadZombie from GameCore. I am a Leader rank and I am pleased to announce that we will be accepting staff.
    This will be a massive server with cusomt plugins and amazing builds. Unfortunately we cannot do this alone.
    Right now we mainly need devolpers and builders. Mods also may be accepted if they have a good application.

    Server Information:
    Name: GameCore
    Owner: VinnyGamin
    Type: Factions
    IP Address: (Domain Comming Soon)
    More information will be given upon acceptance!

    If you lie you will be instantly denied!
    -You must be 13 to apply (Underaged can apply but must be very mature)
    -You must be very mature
    -Must have expirence
    -Must speak english as main language
    (DEVS)-Must code Java
    (BUILDERS)-Must have portfolio
    (BUILDERS)-Must have worked on servers / prjects before

    I am not a fan of making staff right lengthly applications, when talking is much faster then writing.
    We have really short applications for that reason. Be preapred, you will be given an interview upon reply.
    Make sure you have read the requirements before applying!

    Discord Name:
    Skype Name:

    Best of luck to everyone applying!
    -TheDeadZombie (Community Manager / Leader)

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