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    posted a message on TheCrafterz Art | Banners - Thumbnails - Drawings - ALL FREE!!! Limited Slots!!!
    Hey there!
    I make YT banners, thumbnails and a lot of other stuff! In the past I've had 3 other shops selling more things but this shop will have limited slots because in the past I've had trouble keeping up. I've also improved greatly!
    This shop will be temporary and slots will fill up fast!
    The Best Part... EVERYTHING IS FREE!!!!!!
    BE PATIENT! Or I will skip your request!
    Banner Examples
    (2 slots available)

    Thumbnail Examples
    (4 slots available)

    Drawing Example
    (1 slot available)

    Banner Waiting List
    1. vK31RON
    2. dragonknight889
    Thumbnail Waiting List
    1. TheRapidArrow
    1. Enchanted0519
    Request Form
    What you want:
    Channel (for thumbnail&banner):

    Check out my channel for Examples of my work:

    Please Request and +1 the Shop!
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    posted a message on CLOSED
    Hey there!
    I make YT banners, thumbnails and a lot of other stuff! In the past I've had 2 other shops selling more things but this shop will be temporary and probably won't be open that long!
    Please request a banner or thumbnail using this format!

    YT Banner
    Channel Name and Link:
    Theme or Colors:
    Any Extra Details:

    YT Thumbnail
    Channel Name and Link:

    Examples of Banners
    Examples of Thumbnails

    Please Request if you want one!
    And don't forget to 1+ the shop!
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    posted a message on TheCrafterz GFX | HD Minecraft Heads, Minecraft Avatars, Thumbnails, And Renders | Limited Time!

    Hey there! TheCrafterz is back but not for long!
    I used to own a shop a while back and made great avatars and
    profile pics. Now that I have a little more time I will be doing FREE
    Minecraft HD Faces, Thumbnails and Character Renders
    all you have to do is reply with the
    Format below and get yours soon!I'll probably only be doing this shop for a couple
    weeks and with school some might take a little longer, just post down below if you interested. In the future I plan on making lots of other youtube stuff. But if you want a render of your skin or hd head just post the format below and I will get it done ASAP!
    NOTICE: I will not do the request in order, I will get done what I can. Some just take more time to render and edit.
    :Pig: Format for HD Heads:Pig:
    :Frame: Format for Youtube Thumbnails:Frame:
    :GPA: Format for Renders:GPA:
    Describe Background (or if no background say so):
    Any items, mobs, etc:
    :Notch: Format for Avatars/Profile Pictures:Notch:
    Items in hand or no items:
    Examples of HD Heads
    Examples of Youtube Thumbnails
    Examples of Renders
    Examples of Avatars/Profile Pictures
    Enjoy and please reply to the topic if you want one!
    Waiting List:
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    posted a message on Would anyone like to play a map like this
    I like the idea i love open world maps and this one sounds like an awesome idea!
    I could maybe help you but i don't have skype.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2+]Lava Pit Arena PvP Mini Game:Desert [800+ Downloads!]
    Desert EditionThis is a fun Mini Game that me and my friends created. Rules
    • Don't Break Blocks.
    • Play on Easy
    • Enable Command Blocks
    • Don't Cheat
    Each Player starts in a corner. One player counts down. Then everyone has to jump out of there corner and try to knock the other person into the lava. There are 9 bonus chest with lots of goodies that will help you win. Everyone will get 5 lives. This map can be played with 2-4 people,but it's best played with four.
    Me and my friends had a lot of fun making this map.
    Please enjoy!
    TheCrafterz / CraftMaster20 (PlanetMinecraft)
    Tyris / Idea and Creativity
    Aiden / Builder
    Thanks for 400+ downloads!
    Send feedback and please play on youtube!
    If you make a Let's Play on Youtube send me the link in the comments!
    The Lobby
    The Arena
    Next Map Preview!!!
    Bigger Map, More Chest, and Lots of Lava!
    Please request ideas for the Loots in the chest just comment below!
    Coming Soon...
    Lava Pit Arena: SKYS and CAVE
    Please if you could make a Youtube video of this map I'd really appreciate it.
    Download Now!
    Lava Pit Arena:Desert
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