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    posted a message on Sound Filters - A Client-Side Mod (adds reverb to caves, and a few other things)

    Having trouble getting this to behave 'realistically'.

    For example, I don't want to hear zombies grunting through 4 blocks of stone while underground. Or having a jukebox in a house in a village completely drowns out everything else. Can the mod be used to block nearly ALL sound behind a wall? If you think about it in real life, you can't hear much behind a wall unless it's relatively loud.

    Thanks in advance.

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    posted a message on SuperMiner - Making mining easier...

    Does the "Lumbinator" not work with enchanted axes?

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    posted a message on Server Map Maker Needed

    Have you ever used Minecraft Comes Alive or Better Questing..?

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    posted a message on Server Map Maker Needed

    [First edit]

    Hey, all

    So this is gonna be a big one. I'm not gonna lie.

    My best friend and I have been playing Minecraft for some time now on a server I run from my computer.

    Recently I discovered Minecraft Comes Alive, a villager mod for Minecraft 1.9, and a questing mod Better Questing, again for Minecraft 1.9.

    Our goal is to make a game we can play for a long time, that has more farmable crops that we can sell, quests, and villagers to interact with and buy building / farming materials from. Have you played Stardew Valley?

    If anyone could help me with creating this map for TWO people, I would greatly appreciate it. If anyone has any suggestions as to other places I can go for help, I'd love to hear them. I SUCK at mod configuration and I don't want to tarnish the server by making the whole thing myself (quests, villagers, etc.). I'd be willing to send a few bucks through PayPal if it helps.

    Thank you in advance!

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    posted a message on Looking for help... [Cauldron 1.7.10] [WIP]
    Quote from winwil»

    I can help u


    Thanks for the offer! What do you think you could assist with? I wouldn't want to burden you with installing Mo' Creatures and Biomes O' Plenty just so that you could help me. Are you familiar enough with the configs to be able to work on them outside of Minecraft...?

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    posted a message on Looking for help... [Cauldron 1.7.10] [WIP]

    Hello, all.

    So I've been trying for a couple YEARS to make a fun server for me and my friend to play on (yes, just two people). The bugger of the issue is that I SUCK at configurations, permissions, etc., and also work full time and play other games.

    If someone would like to help me out, I would greatly appreciate it! I will gladly reimburse you somehow for your time! :D

    Here's the MAIN THING I'm trying to get help with:

      • Mo' Creatures spawn configurations
        • with just two people, creature density and rarity needs to be greatly adjusted - both for vanilla and Mo' Creature mobs. Mobs would be configured to try and match REAL spawn conditions (i.e. squids ONLY in the oceans, pigs in swamps, snakes in jungles, horses in fields, foxes in the oak forests). I would like to also configure this so that it works with BIOMES O' PLENTY.

    Thanks in advance! Happy mining!

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    posted a message on Sound Filters - A Client-Side Mod (adds reverb to caves, and a few other things)

    Sounds great! Looking forward to that change if you implement it.

    By the way, I'm not quite sure what you mean in your config file by "metadata".

    Such as wool-14-2.0 or what have you... what's that mean? I'm trying to make it so that water muffles almost all sound when underneath but one layer of it.

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    posted a message on Sound Filters - A Client-Side Mod (adds reverb to caves, and a few other things)

    Is there any way we can control the values of how much the volume is decreased?

    For example...I don't want to hear any zombies gurgling through cave walls, and would like the effects to be a tad more intense through stone walls in homes.

    Also, the jukebox distance is a bit high, in my opinion. I put a jukebox in a hole, buried it, covered it with one layer of water, and I can still hear it some 80+ blocks away.

    Just trying to shoot for immersion here...not complain. :)

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    posted a message on [1.5.0][SSP/SMP] BetterSound Mod (BSM) [Alpha-v0.0.16]

    Please revive this mod! It's one of the best immersion mods of all time!

    Why is it? When searching caves, raising a farm, etc., nothing can be heard through rock walls or dense materials... AWESOME! It adds immersion to searching caves because you shouldn't be able to hear zombies moaning through solid rock!

    So I ask again - please revive this mod!

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    posted a message on Where does this lead...?
    Heya, peoples

    So I came up with this "hanging gardens" walkway idea. Now I'm trying to think: where does this lead? Where could you envision this? What is this place a part of? I need "earthy" build ideas! :)

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    posted a message on I have a problem on my server with stealing.
    I don't know of any mods that track who takes what, and when.

    When it comes to locked and protected chest mods, this usually means the player needs to do it manually (like creating a sign above it). However, if you're running a vanilla server, this will mean the player will HAVE to install the mod on their client, and you will have to install it onto the server.
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    posted a message on Config Files Needed
    Heya, folks.

    So I'm no good at configs... I'm terrible at balancing things!

    I'm in need of a BALANCED set of config files for Dr. Zharks Mo' Creatures / Custom Spawning...

    I run a private server for my friend and I, and we're having a TERRIBLE time with creatures.

    What I'm searching for is this:
    - Mobs spawn in appropriate biomes (pigs in swamps, sheep in highlands, horses in plains, bears in forests and tundra, snakes in the jungle, etc.)
    - Controlled spawn rates and limits (just a handful of mobs per chunk! [5-6 sheep, 1-2 horses, 8-10 skeletons, etc.]) LOW numbers for "realism". Having a swarm of pigs to harvest just ain't challenging enough.

    Anyone use configs like these? I wish there was a GUI for editing these files!!!!
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    posted a message on Best Map Making Tools (Jan. 2014)
    Any ideas?
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    posted a message on Best Map Making Tools (Jan. 2014)

    I've done some research but am just curious.

    What current map making tools available for earlier versions of Minecraft are best for map making "in-game"? Something I could make a map for 1.7 for after conversion? Suggestions for making landscapes and buildings?

    All I've come up with are MCEdit and WorldPainter, both 3rd party tools.

    Thanks peoples. :)
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    posted a message on The Most "Realistic" Survival Server (Update 1)
    Hello, Minecrafters!

    CoryGuy here, an amateur player.

    So I've made attempts in the past to find and create my own server that has mods that make it as "real" as possible. I would like to do this again now, and keep an eye on mods suggested by the community, as well as taking any suggestions for things you'd think will help my cause.

    The server would be a place where one really has to work for their success, where their rewards would be something they could keep safe and not lose when they die. Quests, adventures, boss battles, skirmishes, invasions, jobs, hunting and gathering, farming, skill systems, specialties and more.

    There would be no grand, fantastical structures here - such as buildings shaped like dragons. One would see, rather, things we've seen in medieval times. Lands would be mainly green, where trees wouldn't stand just a mere 7-8 blocks high. Trees would be a more 'realistic' height. Animal and mob spawn rate would also be adjusted greatly: wolves would be more rare, and nearly all passive creatures would be eliminated. No more pigs, sheep, cows, or horses. These would be reserved for a 'farmer' class, who could make an income by selling spawn eggs or live animals to other players. Harvesting trees and such outside your property within the kingdom could also warrant punishment from sentries.

    Towns would fall under the rule of a leader chosen by the people or a higher ranking authority on the server (such as the "king"). Players would not have the power to create towns anywhere in the world. Towns would be protected by high level sentries, armed with enchanted gear. Houses would be build within the town by "builders" who chose the role and were given build permissions by their leader. Houses can be occupied by those who can first afford the deed, and later the taxes of the property. Classes of citizenship in the town would also come into effect, with those of higher wealth and power being nearer the "hall" or "capital". Divisions would be

    Lower class - players would live near the outskirts, where protection would be decreased. Chests, doors, gates, etc. are prone to lockpicking. Sentry NPC patrols decreased. Players are able to kill intruders if spotted on their property, but not on the streets. Dirt and gravel roads common.
    Middle class - lockpicking still possible. Sentry NPC patrols normal. Players can assume the role as a sentry and open doors and gates to pursue intruders. Abuse of power can be reported. Cobblestone roads common.
    Upper class - players would live nearest the capital in finest homes. Lockpicking possible. Elite player sentries increased. Intruders automatically alert sentries when entering private space.
    Towns would supply goods based on the what the trades of players allow. Shopkeepers pay taxes for property.

    The Rival Kingdoms:
    A capitals would contain the "King" and the most powerful players on the server, as well as the most grand building and structures. Neighboring towns and communities would be linked via fast travel options regulated by player operated "taxis". Certain areas throughout the kingdom would allow things other areas couldn't such as fishing ports, fertile farmland, quarries, etc.

    Players can choose to be farmers, fisherman, lumberman, enchanters, smiths, tailors, bookkeepers, sentries, builders, stableman, alchemists, redstone mechanists, diplomats, postmen, caravaners, taxis, healers....and more (via permission systems).

    Level up your stats! Increase block rates as a skilled swordsman, forge durable weapons as an expert smith, move quickly by building endurance as a rogue, and more. Trades also can be leveled up - be more proficient at gathering wool as a farmer, for example.

    Band together as friends and take down elite mobs, hunt down thieves and criminals for bounty, or defend the lands from invading creatures.

    Seasons / Cycles:
    Feel the harshness of winter as it drains your health if not properly clothed in tunics or armor. Catch slowness and hunger poisoning if stuck in a cold rainstorm. Texture pack support for changing seasons. Increased day/night cycles.

    Balanced Stat System:
    Eat every couple hours, regain health after resting in a shelter or rejuvenated by a healer, get thirsty and tired while sprinting across open fields. Endurance while fighting, working, etc.. Be required to sleep to keep yourself moving. Get injured or bleed after falling, being attacked, etc.

    Sleep System - be able to rest in your bed at any time, day or night, to recover your stats and rid yourself of sickness more quickly. Also allow log-out while in bed.

    Challenge rivals to a formal dual, or ambush your foe in the wilderness. Traveling on roads will keep you safe from attack.

    Find quests posted in taverns by keepers, or accept bounties posted by other players at the guardhouse.

    Community Events:
    Test your skills in the arena events, where spectators can watch you dual and fight for your prize. Race other players in parkour. Navigate mazes at your own risk, and more.

    ..........more ideas to come, but this is about it for now. Thoughts? Suggestions? Please list any mods that are still being updated, be it Bukkit or MC Server! :)
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