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    The amount of ignorant ­posts in this topic is ridiculous. I owned a Minecraft Classic server for almost a year and a half starting in 2010, it was the best! I owned Minecraft premium too, I played them both, and they were both great. It was called FREEBUILD FLATGRASS, I had a full server everyday and the same players everyday, and I had custom survival ­ like hurricanes, coastal floods, tornadoes, and I would always create fun events like making a huge river in the middle in the map with other players helping. It was a great experience. But then Mojang decided lets change the server list, make the servers that aren't 24/7 stay all the way in the back, I had the server on 8 hrs a day I had specific time schedule, so eventually since it was in the back of the list no one could find it, this was before the server search bar was put in. A few months later I tried again with the server, back of the list of course, nothing =(. I still join one Freebuild server every couple of days and I play premium too. Minecraft Classic is great, all you people saying NO CLOSE IT either probably bought the game this year and don't give a ­ about the players who play it, or you're just very ignorant as I said before. Leave the game up, its not hurting anyone, others play it still, I was thinking about turning my classic server on again the other day but then I ran into this post today. =(
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    posted a message on Seasons, Weather, & Natural Disasters! - The Weather Update
    I would love to see Natural Disasters, my Minecraft Classic Server has them and they actually work. I have Tornadoes, Coastal Floods, tsunamis, all that
    Read how to survive at freebuildflatgrass.weebly.com
    Anyways I think Notch should add this. It would be in the realistic mode and I;m a fan of weather I would love to see it. Espicialy Blizzards. That would be so cool!! You have to have a warm fireplace to keep warm or you freeze, have food. Maybe ice fisihing :biggrin.gif: And Also tornadoes happen in a Severe Thunderstorm. But you should be notified that a Tornado is coming. Like a NOAA radio but you built a radio. And the NPC villages fit perfectly because they can have jobs as a radio station xD Sounds a bit stupid but lol. I hope tornadoes have a funnel and not like the tornado mod
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