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    posted a message on 1.12.1 Hermicraft Inspired Survival Server

    I'm interested in joining. My favorite Hermitcrafter would be generikb with bdubs.

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    posted a message on Whitelisted SMP Seeking Players and youtubers! (No)

    Minecraft IGN*: TheCombatCA

    Age*: 17

    Timezone/ Location: (-8:00) Pacific Standard Time

    Tell us a little bit about yourself (Outside of Minecraft): I'm a pretty chill guy. I don't bother anyone unless they start bothering me so I mostly just keep to myself. I do still interact with other people if I have a question or need something though.

    What’s your experience with Minecraft?*: I've been playing since the Alpha version.
    If you have skype/Discord?*: Ryuuji#5574

    You should copy-and-paste my Discord name because my name is type using a Japanese keyboard available to Windows.

    Do you have a Youtube Channel?: I do.
    If yes, do you plan on recording on the server?: If we are required to record on the server, I can't join. Don't think it's because I don't want to record on the server though. I borrow my friend's PC to play minecraft so I don't think I'm allowed to record anything. If we aren't required, then no, I don't plan on recording.

    Playtime Per Week (Rough Estimate): About 4~5 hours, maybe more, depending on what I'm doing that day. And I can also play only on Sundays.

    A screenshot of a build you are proud of:

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    posted a message on MinecraftLovers! 1.12 - Survival With A Twist!
    Minecraft username: TheCombatCA
    How long you’ve been playing minecraft: Since Alpha versions.
    Your age (we have no age limit, but most players are over 18): 15 (about to be 16)
    Something about you or why you want to join: I was part of the old server (can try to confirm with other people who were also part of the old server but not sure if they'll remember me), but gradually shifted from Minecraft to other games. I'm looking to try and get back to Minecraft and love it again.
    Name something you've always wanted to build in MC but never have been able to: Many things, but mostly a decent house on the surface as I always integrate my first house underground or on the side of a cliff/mountain.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.9: The Combat Update?

    I saw my name on the topic.

    You called?

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    posted a message on The MrSheepCo Hardcore Adventure (Season 1)


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    posted a message on [WIP] TechnoMagi - Highly advanced technology giving the impression of magic

    One look at the HUD, I instantly want this mod to be done and put in modpacks. Can't wait for this to finish. Good luck!

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    posted a message on Food Plus MOD (More food than you can imagine!) [v3.2rS]--UPD:27/08/2014
    Can you add download links other than Mega? It keeps giving me an error when I try to download it.
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    posted a message on YouTube Group [ChaoCrafters] Taking Applications
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    posted a message on The Mineimaniacs are Recruiting! Vanila/Modded SMP Server | Looking for Players, Streamers, & YTers
    Minecraft Ingame Username: TheCombatCA
    Location: U.S.
    Age: 14
    Youtube Account:
    Twitch Account: I can't stream because of outdated graphics card, but here:
    Previous video work (if applicable):
    Do you have experience with recording (yes/no): Yes
    Do you have experience with editing (yes/no): Yes
    Do you have animation experience (yes/no): No
    Do you have image editing/creation experience (yes/no): Yes
    Favorite Minecraft Youtuber: ChimneySwift
    Other games you currently play: Terraria
    Steam ID (Optional): xdshadowdx
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    posted a message on YouTube Group [ChaoCrafters] Taking Applications
    1 Name or IGN: TheCombatCA

    2 Age: 14

    3 Link to your youtube channel:

    4 Your Favourite video on your channel put a link to it here:

    5 Why do you want to join please write at least 2 sentences: I have been looking for people to record with, to jump-start my channel since I haven't uploaded in a while. I have also been looking for a vanilla server that has the same style as MindCrack, it's one of my favorite series'.

    6 Skype Name: thecombatca (all lowercase)
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    posted a message on Free Avatars/Skins For Minecraft CLOSED DO NOT REQUEST
    Can you make me this skin:

    Hair: kinda long(like this guy:
    Face: emotionless face
    Skin: just like this guy:
    Hat: a sunglass covering his eyes, and a mask covering his mouth(just like this for the sunglasses:
    Clothes: this guy:
    Belts/Tails/Designs: a black belt, put an iron sword in the back of the belt
    Lettering(only up to 2): idk what this is for, so i'll leave it empty(probably don't even need it lol)
    Gloves/Sleeves: black gloves(like this guy:, if you cant see it very well: i could find))
    Pants: black pants with an iron dagger strapped on his right leg
    Shoes: black shoes


    SO sorry if this is too much, but you don't have to make it if it's too hard for you.
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    posted a message on Vanilla Minecraft Server [latest game version] [Small Community] [Whitelisted] [Mindcrack-like]
    NAME: Jackson

    IGN: TheCombatCA

    AGE: 14


    SUB COUNT: 38

    SKYPE: xdshadowdx

    TIME ZONE: (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

    WHY WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN OUR SMP SERVER: I really like the Mindcrack series and I have been looking for a vanilla server that I can enjoy.

    YOUR SKILLS IN MINECRAFT: I'd say a 9.3/10

    HOW OFTEN WILL YOU PLAY: As long as I can, but I live in a big family, so I might log-off suddenly sometimes because the family is calling me.

    HOW LONG YOU HAVE BEEN PLAYING: If it's minecraft, then I have been playing for about~ 5 years

    EXTRA INFORMATION: When I am tired, I get upset really easily, so don't provoke me when I am. I will also tell you if I am tired.
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    posted a message on MY DOWN TIME :: NEW VANILLA SERVER :: [Youtube][Dedicated][Whitelisted]
    are you guys still accepting applications for the server? if so, i'll edit this post with a video applicion when i get a reply.
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    posted a message on Modding FAQ! [1.7.2] [forge]
    Quote from Fire8TheBlade

    what i mean is call the new BiomeGenExample in your init method, not in the field, because its saying your block is null, which means you need to init your blocks before your biome.

    exactly how do I do that? i'm kinda slow at learning, so pls forgive me.
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    posted a message on MinecraftLovers! 1.12 - Survival With A Twist!
    Username: TheCombatCA
    How long you have played Minecraft: Since Alpha, the one before Beta
    Age: 13
    Why we should accept you: I was part of the old MCLovers server, and the PS3 that my friend has is now gone, and I can play on my PC again! yey! :)
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