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    The Modding Trials is an event hosted by The Modding Trials Team, our goal is to have a new event to get people into modding and support the modding community a bit more, it is by form, a modjam reboot. We will also have a server where all the contestants build a booth to showcase the mod they have made. The Minecraft community then get access to the server and can then choose which mod they think is the best out.

    Each mod will be on 1.10.2, will all start and finish at the same time, same libraries that are previously approved by the team, no external libraries may be added to the development environment unless approved by the team, same forge version, same java version. After the 4 days, once the time is up, there will be a 2 day break between the finishing time and voting start, to allow us to solve issues with server and for the modders to build booths, Then voting begins and will go on for a week and at the end of voting we will announce the winners.

    Now, there is something different than the last post we made. We can now say that the Winner will have the opportunity to be interviewed by the Meet Your Maker’s team.

    There will be a stream and Q&A with some of the contestants and staff before coding begins and an opening ceremony accompanied by the Meet Your Maker team.

    Entries close on August 2nd at 12pm UCT+1 and the coding starts August 5th at 12pm UCT+1

    Official Timeline:

    • July 19th (19/7/16) - Entries Open
    • August 2nd (2/8/16) - Entries Close
    • August 5th (5/8/16); - Stream & Opening Ceremony (~11am UTC+1) & Coding Starts (12pm UTC+1)
    • August 8th (8/8/16) - Coding Ends (12pm UTC+1)
    • August 9th - 10th (9/8/16 - 10/8/16) - Server and Booth Preparation
    • August 11th (11/8/16) - Voting Starts
    • August 17th (17/8/16) - Voting Ends
    • August 19th (19/8/16) - Winner is Announced


    • All code must be written within the time frame of 4 days
    • You cannot start coding before the given time.
    • All mods must be open source on Github or other Source Control
    • You must commit at least once a day to a public code repository.
    • Streaming the creation of the mod is encouraged although not required
    • You may use assets in the public domain, such as textures, sounds, or models.
    • You cannot use external code unless stated an approved library
    • If you break any of these rules you will get terminated from the competition

    Rules and the entry form are here


    You can also apply for a library to be approved here


    More information will be coming out as the time goes by.

    Any questions about this project can be left in the comments and will be answered to the best of our abilities.

    Any thing said in this post can still change in the future should an issue arrise

    Thanks to the Forge Trials Team,

    • TheCodedOne
    • Prospector
    • Rushmead
    • Darkhax
    • P455w0rd

    And a special thanks to our sponsors,

    - OOClan
    - /r/FeedTheBeast
    - Meet Your Maker
    - Creeperhost
    - The TESLA Api

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    Quote from Ruukas»

    For the food tab I am wondering if I should sort alphabetically or based on how much hunger the food saturates.

    Personally i think food stats is a better way to sort that.
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    Nice idea, would love to see this done on a large scale which changed every creative tab, even the ones other mods add.

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    Looking good! Great job so far with all of it.

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    These look great, can see some potential for this mod.

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    Quote from RightfulFallen»

    Love this idea. I really wanted the old FTB Beta Pack vibe, and when this is finished, I think that it'll be great.

    Thanks! That's exactly the type of feeling I'm going for with this mod, i loved the old modpacks for FTB and Technic the new ones are easy now with all these new mods.
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    Tech Reimagined
    Yes, Another tech mod.

    This mod is still in development I'm currently looking for artists who would like to help out in this project. If you're interested you can contact me via Private Message or Twitter

    Tech Reimagined is your average tech mod. Adds machines, ores, all that good stuff, Something I've never seen a tech mod do, or at least a tech mod do well is, have a level of difficulty, eventually, in pretty much every tech mod out there at the moment, you get far enough into it. there's no challenge anymore.

    I'm a player, I play with mods way to much and I get bored after finishing everything, Tech Reimagined is designed with that in mind, I wanted to be able to play with a tech mod that didn't get boring after you finish everything, that's my goal for Tech Reimagined, Once you craft and make everything in the game, make more stuff.

    Planned Features
    Complete compatibility with other mods
    Machine levels
    New Dimensions
    3D Models
    Many more cool things!




    Dimensional Deposit



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