About Me

¬°Hello! I am a venezuelan map maker. As for 2014, I started (and released) most of my projects.

My portfolio consists of the next maps:

*Mini maps:

- Ashes Of A Tragedy

- Entrenchered

- Essence Of Colours

- Valkyria Skylands

- Naturalia

- Inert Islands

- Inert Empire (WIP)

*Hardcore Maps:

- RageCastle

- Decay

- Vermillion

*Full Maps:

- Inert Islands

- Inert Empire (In development)

Actually, I am making my second full map called Inert Empire, which is a WIP that is updating slowly.

This is my completed CTM list that I update every time I finish a map:

And Inert Empire's grid:

Profile Information

Minecraft TheCarlushow

Contact Methods

Skype carloscu27