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    Going along with special mobs such as wither skeletons and cave spiders, I propose glowworms, a special silverfish mob. Its design is simply a colorful silverfish without the spiny protrusions.

    Found in deep caves, glowworms spawn rarely in groups of 8-16 of the same color. They cling to any side of a block and give off a colorful glow, not a light source.

    Like silverfish, glowworms are hostile mobs. However, a glowworm will not attack the player unless the block the glowworm is clinging to is destroyed. Damaging a glowworm causes all glowworms within 16 blocks to become hostile.

    They have hearts, do damage, and do not drop anything.

    There's not much else to say about them... : P

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    The Seeker
    Is a redstone device with the function of tracking mobs within its vision. It has a GUI screen in which items for it to "track" are held. Specific quantities can be specified by placing multiple of the item inside the block. The seeker will give off a redstone signal if there is at least the contents of its GUI visible in front of it. For example, if two emeralds and one sheep egg are inside a seeker, the seeker will only give off a redstone signal if it sees at least two emeralds and one sheep (mob or egg). Players in general would be tracked with mob heads; a Player Head would count as any player, whereas a specific Player Head would only count that player. To determine what percent of the seeker's contents are visible, placing a comparator aside the seeker will emit a signal within 0-15 blocks strong (0 being 100% false, 15 being 100% true).

    A seeker
    How to craft a seeker:
    A seeker can be made with 7 cobblestone, 1 redstone dust, and 1 eye of ender.

    The GUI screen:
    A seeker's GUI screen is identical to a hopper's aside from the label on the top and its function. If a player is making a device in which it tracks all 6 spiders and 2 skeletons in the room to detect when the player has killed them all in order for the door to the next room to open up, they would place a seeker (visible) in the wall, place 6 spider eggs inside, and 2 skeleton eggs inside. The seeker would then be adjacent to a comparator which is followed by a repeater. At the end of the repeater, a NOT gate would continue the signal and be wired to the door. Therefore, when the contents are 100% false (no spiders or skeletons), the signal will not be inverted, thus opening the door to the next room. If the device were to be part of the player's adventure map, then players wouldn't be able to remove the contents of the seeker because you cannot be in adventure mode to open one.

    I don't think I missed anything, but if something seems left untold, please let me take note!
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    No server run properly and safely (only friends, no friends of friends, etc.) that I have been on has been griefed. And, by definition, griefing cannot be "fixed" as the definition of griefing varies player to player. On one server, it may be breaking someone else's blocks. On another server, it maybe be breaking the preset map and redstone, but not other player's blocks. On another server, it could be breaking the admins' blocks. On OTHER servers, it may be placing+destroying blocks in certain areas. Etc, etc.

    It's a sandbox game. If there were (theoretically) no jerks wanting to grief, then a game without griefing protection wouldn't need it. Then again, since jerks do exist, if you can't prevent them from getting on your server (aside from the fact that I have no idea how that works), then for your selective case you have many choices as to protecting the server, such as plugins, command blocks, heavier control, less operators, banning, etc.

    [Below are replies to the first post: ]

    1. Xrays should not be a problem since there is an option for servers to force a specific texture pack. If a server doesn't want to prevent X-ray, then it's their right and choice.
    2. Contact the server admin. If they don't have any form of griefing protection on the server or they do not run it very safely and you cannot get them to budge, then why are you playing on that server?
    3. That's not griefing...it's plain dishonesty. Why are you expecting to have fun in such a competition if you know you'll have to cheat to win, anyway?

    Lastly, no one is entitled to having a good server. If you run your own and someone comes along claiming they are entitled to having your server changed to their liking that you do not agree with, then would you listen to them? Most likely not. If you cannot run a server yourself, then (unfortunately) the problem is not other servers.

    I can't say I support.
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    posted a message on Aeroplanes
    Quote from endercreeper444

    i thing its good idea because there is no way to fly in Survival mode

    Maybe there is a reason for that? Ever played the game for at least a week??
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    posted a message on Setting-Zones for better map atmosphere
    Gamerule beacons, maybe? ;)

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    Quote from LightningSFX

    First of all, it doesn't HAVE to be pixelated...well, I use a texture pack that makes stuff not as pixelated, so I'm not really much of one to talk.

    And second if you could be anything, it would be a different game-something called Mobcraft or a name like that.

    He's just curious as to why you picked a creeper as the playable mob.

    Oh, and texture packs are irrelevant to the actual game, so a graphic for the actual game would have to have consistent resolutions, similar style, and most importantly, original...

    Lastly, use the search bar. This has been suggested far more times than you might have thought, and some in more depth and detail than this one. :\

    EDIT: Oh, and btw, aside from the mobs, this "gamemode" you speak of is a separate game from Minecraft in itself. The difference between gamemodes is only through player->world interactions. This 'gamemode 3' suggests player<->world interactions and even shutting out most of the game, adding a shop, and reworking the game into a TF2 variation. This is not a gamemode by literal definition...Minecraft doesn't need spin-offs as gamemodes.
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    posted a message on Desert Arthropod
    I'd like to see an antlion larva, simply known as an antlion. Picture reference:

    They would dig 2-3 block deep holes in sand and be able to slowly climb walls like spiders. Since there are many pocket-holes in the sand already, players who happen to fall into holes would occasionally encounter one of these guys waiting for them at the bottom of their tunnel. Unfortunately, these dangerous pests would be unable to move across the ground.

    As a drop, I'm not sure.

    I hope you appreciate my take on this idea. +1
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    Cave Paintings

    On sides of random stone blocks adjacent to air, cave paintings would spawn naturally and quite uncommonly. When one is destroyed, the block would just drop stone. All cave paintings are for aesthetic purposes, such as ambiance. Spelunkers would occasionally find the mysterious cave paintings in caves, hopefully adding a "unknown" atmosphere.

    Cave paintings would depict mobs such as sheep, creepers, and even wither jockeys. Here are some example sprites:

    (from left to right) A pair of sheep, a creeper, a villager by a rose, and a wither jockey

    Here are some mock-ups of cave paintings in-game:

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    posted a message on ▶Grievers! [New Monster]
    I noticed in recent updates (and some later Notch updates) monsters are being given special forms (i.e., spider - cave spider, zombie - zombie villager, skeleton - wither skeleton). So far the only monsters with special forms have been three of the first four monsters; the only original monster without a special form is the creeper! This is simply why I feel it would be appropriate to create a special form of a creeper.

    But of course, nobody wants to ruin the aesthetics of the iconic creeper with a messy special form...what if the special form of a creeper is a creeper?

    Oh my that's too spooky

    Is that...a ghost of a creeper? Yes, but not exactly...


    The griever is a creeper, so it has the same max health and AI of a creeper; except a griever will occasionally stare at you (and passive mobs) for long periods of time, and they are not hostile towards any mob. Instead,

    When a griever is attacked, the attacking player's screen becomes an overlay as if you are wearing a pumpkin, except the openings are a creeper's face. The player then begins to hiss and flash for twice as long as a creeper does when it is about to explode. At the point when a creeper would explode after the animation, the player explodes...

    Why is this?

    Don't worry, the above text is not describing a creeper transformation. You can hold down your torches and pitchforks...unless you truly feel they are necessary...*cough*...

    Then what is it?

    A griever is a creeper who died after exploding unwillingly as a defense mechanism, left to grieve its own death, wandering the world. When a player attacks one, it stands still and stares at the player. The griever then makes the attacker experience its own horrible death to make them understand.That is why the attacking player will explode...unless they can kill the griever in time - then the player will no longer explode and can collect the griever's drops!

    What do grievers drop?

    Grievers' drops are simple. They drop natural and basic processed material blocks, sometimes furniture and common utility items too (such as chests, workbenches, furnaces) or wood, cobblestone, etc. These are the mementos of their past life - they are also the blocks that the creeper's explosion had obliterated and did not drop a collectible form. But since grievers in-game do not spawn from creepers that actually explode, the drops are random and are not getting back materials that were once placed.

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    posted a message on ▶Turkeys!
    Thanksgiving Day may have been a day in the past, but the consideration of turkeys in Minecraft starts today.

    Native to the forest biome, this peculiar creature is an uncommon sight. It seems to act similar to a chicken, aside from the turkey being twice the size of one. Its resemblance to a villager is probably because villagers had once hunted the turkeys for their feathers long ago, and they share a common past. The moment a turkey hears an arrow fired in its area, it runs amok as if it was damaged. - Thanks JL15!



    Turkey Feather (0-1)
    Can be sold in 3 to farmer villagers for 7 emeralds.

    Raw Turkey (0-1)
    Restores and 1.2 saturation points upon consumption.

    Cooked Turkey (0-1): If killed by fire
    Restores and 9.6 saturation points upon consumption.


    Now imagine a turkey beside your woodland home, wandering around as it makes "gobble gobble" sounds, slowly driving you more insane than you would be if you left Minecraft running in the background while you were standing next a large herd of cows mooing on 100% sound volume until you perish. It is a must!

    Gobble Gobble

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