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    Quote from Tedious»

    Honestly I avoid PvP-centric servers altogether unless I'm looking to take out some anger. Their communities are garbage and the being pestered to donate at every turn just reeks. I could care less about their EULA compliance, servers that break it will always exist. A better solution is to educate younger players on how to be smart about the communities they join and how to determine whether or not it's really worth it to donate to a specific server.

    And god, Hypixel is just... Odd. I dunno if they've developed some basic form of lag compensation for Minecraft or something, but PvP does not work right there. I can't really tell if the donator kits matter since I can't hit people standing still at point blank range.

    You see my friend, thats your horrible internet. I get no lag whatsoever on that server.
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    The server you are thinking of is the Hypixel Server.

    The IP is mc.hypixel.net.

    I hope I helped and have fun!

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    Creating a Successful Minecraft Map

    -by Known Map Creator, bluecreeper111


    Many Minecraft players in these days ponder whether or not they should create a map or not. They think of the effort and dedication to create one, and usually think negative about it. Which brings many people to the question Q: Is creating Minecraft Maps worth the effort and time? Well not even I can answer this question, because my opinion goes back and forth on whether or not it is. Even though it takes alot of time to create Minecraft maps, I do it anyways. After I faced a deep depression in earlier years Minecraft cheered me up, until I got super bored. But then I entered the "magical" universe of map creation, which brought made Minecraft alot more fun. Therefor my answer is: A: It depends how you look at map creation and others opinions, but overall it brings more entertainment to Minecraft so my answer is: Yes. I believe it brings more fun into Minecraft, but anyways, lets go one.

    Map Creation Negatives / Positives.


    More Entertainment

    Fun Watching Others Play It via Youtube

    Makes You Happy


    ALOT of Time and Effort

    Some Rude Comments

    Can Possibly Make You Stressed

    11 Minecraft Map Creation Tips

    11 - Originality

    Always make your maps original! Recreations of Skyblock and FNAF maps already made isn't original!

    10 - Background Stories

    Whether in parkour maps or adventure maps, background stories are those things that just make the map a whole lot more fun. It can increase the interest in your map, and lead to a suspenseful series if you want to.

    9 - Attractive Construction

    Cool and detailed builds can make your maps look much more professional and put your reputation in a better place. Its not easy to be a good builder very quickly, but practice makes perfect.

    8 - Good Quality

    When I say good quality maps, I don't mean maps with incorrect grammar, inappropriate builds, or is surprisingly short. Remember to put alot of effort into your maps.

    7 - File Hoster

    Don't put your map on a file hoster that requires a survey to be done to start the download, or that has inappropriate ads, or 30 second non premium waits. This will anger those who are downloading it and result in less downloads.

    2 recommended hosters are:

    6 - Adf.ly

    When you use adf.ly, you are telling people you do map creation for money, and also that they have to wait 5 seconds. these decreases your reputation, and is not recommended.

    5 - Advertising

    Minecraftforum.net is one of the best advertising sites out there, and I recommend it. You can also use other sites to post and advertise your maps though. Try to post it on more popular sites just like the Minecraft Forum.

    4 - Cool Title

    Don't make your map title "My Map" when you post it, make it FUNN!!!. Example:: "Lord of the Ladders Parkour!".

    3 - Good Description

    Its important to have an interesting and detailed description to your map.

    2 - Good Materials

    Make your map out of interesting materials, not just dirt and stone. More like quartz and stone brick.

    1 - Keep Creating

    After you create your first map, keep making them! This will increase your reputation and make you well-known!

    Thank you for reading my article, have a great day!

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    ./tp 1 4 7

    Thank you Vikkstar and Lachlan!

    Working on a new version A.T.M

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    Wheres the download link??
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