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    Hey, this is TheBlackBeltPanda! I'm a YouTuber with ~83,000 subscribers (Channel) and I mainly upload Minecraft building tutorials. One of my more popular series is Skyblock, which I'll be starting up again soon on the PandaCraft server with Kissi. =)

    I've put a lot of work into writing the custom plugins we run on PandaCraft that allow players to use things like crooks, sieves, auto-miners, etc. I'm always looking for new ideas and I generally get a lot of inspiration from popular mods. I'm doing my best to make PandaCraft a server that offers much more than vanilla Minecraft without ever requiring the players to install mods! =D

    More servers are currently being worked on and will be added soon. Looking forward to seeing you on PandaCraft! =)

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    posted a message on Proximity - v1.1 [1.7.2]
    Quote from Graphoniac

    Panda-- Zed's out for the next day, might not get to this, but we talk regularly, and I can assure you that it absolutely is ok if you record on his map! Send one of us the link when you get something up, we'd love to see it! <3

    Great, I'll see if I can't put a couple teams together. =D
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    Any way to get this to work with 12w38a?
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    posted a message on Does minecraft give u a virus
    K. Let me put this to rest for you. FYI - I am a certified computer technician.

    Minecraft will NEVER give you a virus if:
    You download it from minecraft.net
    You do not install unsafe mods

    A virus will not "Break" your computer. It may render certain software inoperable (including your Operating System), at which point said software can be RE-INSTALLED. You do NOT have to buy a new computer.

    Any virus you received was NOT from Minecraft, but could have been from any of these sources:
    Infected ads
    Any thing else you downloaded
    Browsing the internet in an unsafe way (no antivirus, using internet explorer, visiting websites you shouldn't, etc.)

    The fact that your antivirus went off could mean any of these:
    It is too sensitive
    It mistook Minecraft for something else
    You downloaded a virus previously that did not activate until you downloaded/installed Minecraft
    It is not a real antivirus and is, in fact, a virus posing as an antivirus (this is very common)

    I hope this helped. If you still want to argue the point, you will probably be labelled as a troll and treated as such.
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    posted a message on Does minecraft give u a virus
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    posted a message on Remember Those Who Died At 9/11 (Even Though the Anniversary is Over)
    R.I.P. Bill Davison, Step-father and first responder.

    Don't forget that three buildings fell that day.
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    posted a message on U.S.A!!!
    Quote from zanman546

    No,I am agains illegal immigrants coming from mexico.

    That was kinda random and off-topic :mellow.gif:
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    posted a message on If you have a negative opinion about 9/11
    My step-grandfather was one of the first responders in 9/11. He died a few years later due to complications from being exposed to the dust and debris at the WTC site, after being told the air was safe to breathe. The government refused to compensate his medical bills in any way and step-mother's family was left with the debts.

    His name was Bill and he was a great man. He was very kind, always worked hard, and helped anyone whenever he could. He did not deserve what happened to him. He too was a victim of 9/11 and a victim of our government.

    I believe the best way to show respect to those who died during/because of 9/11 is to demand answers from our government. There are still so many questions that have gone unanswered and ignored.

    You can call me a conspiracy theorist if you'd like, but I have experienced first-hand how evil and uncaring our government really is.

    R.I.P. Bill Davison.
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    posted a message on Looking for a Mod Please Help
    Quote from CTSVapors

    I'm currently looking through the modding forums, and can't find a mod that will stop creepers from destroying land when they explode. If anyone can find one please post a reply.

    Here ya go:
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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: New Mob...Revealed?
    I believe Notch stated their official name is "Endermen" in subtle reference to the mythical "Slender Man".
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