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    Thanks for the update! There's not that many Minecraft mod devs, or even just devs in general, that update your community as much as you guys do. Can't wait for a release!

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    I get where you're coming from, but the way I see it, Minecraft has been developed in a specific way that makes a sequel redundant. I don't know of any new mechanics that would be needed to be added, most of the extra mechanics have been left to the modding community to make. While the Sims is a sandbox game like Minecraft, it is not as nearly open ended developmentally and gameplay wise. I see Minecraft less as a game and more of a platform for creators to work on, if that makes any sense.

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    How far along is the M4 port percentage wise? Sorry for bugging you guys so often, it's just I really love your mod :D . There doesn't seem to be that many great all-around mods, especially ones with good ores. Most ore mods seem to add one or two poorly textured "le ePiC R aN d um XD XD" ores that are way too overpowered, so it's a good thing that not only are Minestrapp's ores are balanced but also better looking than the majority of other mods.

    On a side note, if you are stuck on such a bad roadblock, would it be better to just release an unfinished port (A Ministrappolation?) It's better to have something than nothing, especially if this mod ends up discontinued.

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    Quote from Delocuro»

    We're definitely releasing a 1.10 build of M5 first - that's the version we're working on presently. Depending on how many more snapshots Mojang releases before officially releasing 1.11, we might even get an alpha build out before 1.11 comes out. After that, we'll plan on trying to update to each proceeding version as we go - so far it doesn't look like 1.11 has any major internal code structure changes like 1.9 did, so *hopefully* we won't take over 6 months to update when that comes out. :P

    As for removed features, we're not totally sure yet - I've been kind of playing it by ear as I re-add all the features from M4. One thing we for sure won't be re-adding is Uranium and Plutonium - instead, they're both being combined into one fantasy element called Irradium. Both items seemed to be lacking in uses in M4, so condensing them into one is intended to help make them a bit more useful as a crafting ingredient.
    That's essentially the basic criteria we'll be using to determine what content doesn't make it back into the mod - if the feature seemed extraneous and lacked very many uses, we'll likely consider cutting it or merging its functionality with another feature. If anyone has obscure features they'd for sure like to see in M5 though, please let us know - sometimes fan-favorite features have surprised us in the past!

    Thank you for responding so quickly, and thoroughly! I didn't have a clue that M5 would be ready that quickly. I though I would give you what I think should be added/removed in M5,but take it with a grain of salt, it's just my personal opinion.

    What should be kept (according to me)

    =M4's textures.They look very smooth and vanilla like, It would be quite a change for you to remove them!
    =Crops and food items
    =Many of the ores
    =The second "tiered" rock layer
    =The storage options
    =Carpenter's table and stone cutter
    =Health leveling. However how I think it would work is that your health increases by half a heart by a set amount of xp levels (Like 5) and stops at 20HP. But they can be further increased to 40HP later in the game.
    =3D textured blocks :D
    =Pretty much, a great deal of M4 I think is good as it is and should be kept.

    What should be added (according to me)

    +This is an idea I've had for a while, but can't find a mod for. Mob variants, specifically in livestock, so as sheep, villagers, Husks and Strays have different variants, so do pigs, chickens, cows,etc. Ex. some pigs could have black spots, some chickens would be brown or mahogany, etc.
    +Villager cultures. Similar to the mod Diversity, new villages with different villagers spawn in specific biomes. Ex. an inuit villages can spawn in taiga or other snowy areas. They would also have specific trade items depending on their culture, so the medival style, plain villages of MInecraft ask for gold, but a inuit village may ask for food for armor.
    +A few more mid tier and low tier ores, maybe even an end exclusive ore.
    +More illigers. Right now they just are a boss mobs, but what if lower leveled illagers spawned rarely, randomly? What if they attempt to attack villages? This would give a good reason to help protect or build onto a village. I also think it would be neat to trade with these illagers, but only if the player has a low village popularity rating, otherwise they would attack you. Boss illagers cannot be traded with and attack players regardless of their village popularity.

    What should be removed (according to me)
    -Redwood forest. They just spawn too much and all they really add is a new tree. Maybe not completely remove it but make them harder to find.

    -That's, pretty much it.

    Again, just take my opinions with a grain of salt, but thank you for you consideration anyways!
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    Quote from sweetpea82x»

    Sorry if this in the wrong section. I'm just so bored/burned out with vanilla MC at the moment. I'm new to mods (outside forge/minimaps/optifine) I need something fresh and fun. After watching a few streams of modded MC, it caught my interest that I might like this. I love combat and I love farming/resource gathering. Even hard/hardcore mode is too easy and I would love a challenge again. I love incentive to survive. I also like medieval-like stuff & planes/helicopters & villagers if that helps lol. I don't care what version. Thank you in advance.

    I'm also looking for a lighting mod, to make things brighter / easier to see. (For this 1.10+)

    Here's a list of some mods to check out.

    Pam's Harvest Craft - Adds hundreads of new crops and food items.
    Flan's Mods - A base mod that has nothing in it. However, you can download content packs with guns, planes, cars and mechs to use in-game.
    Diversity - Adds new kinds villages, villagers, temples and caves in game. A good overall vanilla enhancing mod.
    Nevermine 2 - Adds in HUNDREDS of new mobs, items, bosses, mechanics, swords, minerals, guns, and a lot more.
    Fossils and Archaeology Reborn - Adds Dino DNA (which you can create Dinosaurs out of) and cool prehistoric ruins and items.
    Not Enough Items - A pretty essential mod that adds a catalog of items to view, which show in-game crafting recipes and items you can't normally get in-game like spawners.
    Minestrappolation 4 - Adds in a ton of vanilla themed content, like new ores, foods, biome specific rocks and more.
    More Bows 2 - Does exactly what the title says - adds more bows!
    Millenaire - An old, but great mod that adds lots of new villages and cultures from around the medieval age.
    Minecraft Comes Alive - Replaces the old villagers with interactive AI villagers, kinda like the sims.
    Infernal Mobs - Some mobs will spawn with cool OP boss-like effects that drop cool loot.
    Dynamic lights - holding glowing items in your hotbar (like torches) will light the area around you.
    Primitive mobs - Adds cool vanilla-ish mobs into the game like treasure slimes, warrior skeletons and new creeper types.

    For a lighting mod you can install a shaderpack.
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    Why not add Forestry or Chisel 3?

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