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    I don't get it. Are the textures for 1.13 finished or not? What textures are still missing? Where can I get my hand on the current version of the texture pack?

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    When water is heated enough, it turns into steam which rises upwards. That's where the bubbles in boiling water come from.
    I don't know what soulsand is or does and why it should suck air under water, but as it comes from hell (the nether, whatever) it could make some sense.

    Cold water is actually heavier than warm water, but for some reason, ice is much lighter, so it swims.

    Edit: I just tweeted to jeb asking why magma blocks have the downward direction.

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    Let me share some thoughts here.

    Villagers, Illagers, and Witches look similar enough that they can be considered different factions of the same species. The Illagers who live in the woodland mansion are officially called "Villager Outcasts", yet they have a different skin tone and speak a different language and are extremely hostile towards Villagers and seem to be far better suited and much more powerful.
    Golems are hostile towards Witches, while Witches and Villagers ignore each other. Same with Skeletons. They ignore Villagers and vice versa, but the Skeletons and Golems fight.
    If we take Golems as a magically created creature designed to do the fighting for their Villager Masters, then the Villagers can be seen as hostile, but not towards the player but against anything that could possibly harm them except for creepers.

    Witches throw potions and drink them to heal, but brewing those potions requires nether warts. So they either have access to the nether or are supplied with potion ingredients by someone who has. The only nether portals in the game are the Player built ones and the only known mob that can travel between worlds without needing a portal is the Enderman. So are the Endermen gathering warts and blaze rods in the Nether in order to sell them to Witches?

    There are no Non-Zombie-Pigmen, but a bunch of Zombie-Pigmen in the nether. There are "regular"-Zombies and there are Villager Zombies.
    Why are there so many "green Steve" looking zombies and so little villager zombies, while there is only one Non-Zombie-Steve: The Player.
    The Fact that there are so many human zombies compared to villager zombies tells us that there were once way more members of the human species than of the Testificate species, but then something happened that changed that. Testificates can be cured fromZombieism (is that even a word?) but Humans cannot.

    What could have (but not necessarily did) happened in the Backstory is that Humans experimented with Genetics and created both Pigmen and Testificates. They taught the Testificates a lot and intended them to be scholars while they wanted the Pigmen to be warriors. The Testificates discovered that Magic is real, rebelled against the humans and destroyed most of the human technology.
    Opening a Portal to a parallel Dimension called humans referred to as hell but was renamed into the nether by the Testificates enabled them much more powerful magic and they built giant fortresses to breed the creatures they drained the magic from. The Humans Sent the Pigmen into the Nether, backing them with human archers and swordfighters, but that army was met with a magical curse that was intended to wipe out humanity and their Pigmen Slaves. The entire Army of the Pigmen was zombified and all their weapons turned into gold.

    The Humans managed to storm the fortresses but were zombified too.
    The Archers, during the zombification, while still somewhat sentient, escaped back to the overworld and started attacking humans as archer-zombies. They rotted over time until only the bones were left and they lost the ability to spread the curse. That is how Skeletons became a thing and why they all have bows. Before they rotted down to skeletons, they spread the zombieism to civilians who proceeded to infect more.
    The swordsmen-zombies in the nether drove the Testificates back to the Overworld, out of the Nether for good, and they closed the portal. Afterwards, the Swordsmen-zombies encountered something called "Wither" and the Zombie-Curse mixed with it, turning all swordsmen zombies into wither-zombies that rotted down to wither skeletons who proceeded to give rise to the Wither boss.

    The Testificates, under attack by the Zombie Plague they created and still at war with the Humans, decided to create Iron Golems to deal with the zombies and Creepers, plant creatures that release their spores when exploding, to deal with the humans. Also, they trained one of their breeds in hand to hand combat and powerful battle magic.
    The remaining humans built the underground strongholds to protect themselves from the creepers, and the zombies and experimented on opening a portal to yet another unexplored dimension to flee from the war.
    In that Dimension, However, a giant black Dragon, the last of her kind, had just recently used her mind-control powers to enslave the native population. When Humans entered, and the Dragon realized that they were immune to her powers and killed them all, rendering the Dragon the "End" of Mankind, giving the Dimension and most of its inhabitants its name. The End.
    When the Testificate armies entered the strongholds, they realized what the humans had done and closed the portals by removing the eyes of Ender, as they were called later on, and taking them with them.

    With the war over, the Testificates decided to build their own society from scratch, but couldn't agree on what to build and how to build it. That resulted in a split of the previously unified Testificates into Villagers, the common breed of the Testificates, that kept the control over the Iron Golems and built the Villages, the Illagers, the warrior breed of the Testificates, kept the control over Creepers and somehow tamed the Zombies and Skeletons, and their Hate for the Villagers after the split caused them to make all recently infected zombies to hunt Villagers on purpose, instead of mistaking them for Humans every now and then. They built the Woodland mansions. And then there are Witches as the newest faction that does something in between those two opposing factions.

    Steve is the last surviving Human, that only survived because he was left behind and forgotten.
    The Villagers treat him friendly but with suspicion, as the war is over, and as he is the only human left, he can't reproduce, and therefore the Humans are done for, no matter what he does. The other Testificates, the Witches, and Illagers, treat him as if he was a human Warrior that came to destroy them.

    When Steve slays the Ender Dragon, he frees the enslaved Endermen, avenges his people and then the gods talk to him and tell him that he deseves the ascension to godhood, and as Steve becomes a god, Humanity ends.

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    Skeletons, as I said, don't attack Villagers.
    Thatssomething to consider. They attack Golems and Golems attack Skeletons, but they don't attack Villagers.

    Before I noticed that, I thought Skeletons are just zombies, but at a later stage of corpse decay.

    Also notice that Zombies seem to have a green version of the steve skin with black eyes.

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    Okay, the title might be a bit long and random, but I couldn't think of a better name off the top of my head.

    It started with some random thought: Where do Witches get their potion ingredient from? The potions they throw or drink require nether warts to brew. Swap huts have brewing stands inside them.
    The only nether portals in the game are the ones built by players and the only ones that are known to travel between worlds without portals are Endermen.
    So could it be that Endermen are supplying Witches with potion ingredients? Or can witches use some sort of substitute for nether warts players have no access to?

    This lead to me thinking about how the different Mobs interact with each other. I created a new superflat world and spawned a bunch of mobs inside a box of bedrock and watched how they reacted to each other.
    I haven't tried every mob in the game yet, nor all possible combinations, but so far, I have noticed some things about the Villagers and their relationships with other creatures.

    There are very few mobs that actively attack Villagers. All Zombie-types except zombie pigmen, all Illagers and as far as I've tested, that's it.
    Witches and Villagers ignore each other, Skeletons and Villagers ignore each other, Spiders and Villagers ignore each other (it was nighttime. I double-checked that), Creepers and Villagers ignore each other, Endermen and Villagers ignore each other as well.
    I have yet to test any nether creatures other than zombie pigmen.
    But then it get's interesting.
    The Iron Golem fights Witches, Skeletons, Endermen... The only mob that is able to attack or defend itself I have spawned next to the golem that didn't get attacked by it was the creeper.

    The Golem, that was supposedly created by the Villagers for their protection, attacks mobs that were never a threat to their masters in the first place.
    Mojang said that the Illagers are Villager Outcasts, and if a Villager is hit by lightning it turns into a Witch. I, therefore, suspect Witches, Illagers, and Villagers to be separate factions of the same species, which I will call the Testificates until I have a better name for them.
    So Villagers, Witches, and Illagers are all different groups of Testificates.
    Illagers and Villagers hate each other and the Villagers hate the Witches, while the Witches just want to live their own lives and don't want to hurt either of the other two.

    I'm still confused that skeletons only fight the Golem and never the Villagers while Zombies target the Villagers.
    Could there be a hidden Backstory that explains it all?

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    posted a message on Dinnerbone's Twitter Post.

    I don't know.
    I think it would break the Fantasy/Postapocalyptic feel

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    It doesn't make Minecraft unplayable. After all, we currently have no way of removing the air pockets at all.
    The update aquatic tries to make the underwater building less restrictive by allowing us to place transparent blocks other than glass blocks without the air pockets. That in itself is great.
    And while water buckets are not exactly expansive, I still expect it to be a pain in the butt haveing to waterbucket every block I place underwater that isn't a full block, just to get rit of the air pockets.
    To the point where I seriously think about if not being able to get rid of them at all is better than being able to, but only in a lenghy, tedious proccess, when it could have been compleatly different.
    When building an underwater base, I would prefer worrying about how to breathe there over worrying about how to get rid of the air where it is not needed. But yeah, maybe it IS just me and me alone...

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    Have fun placing a water bucket on each and every post. :P

    Maybe someone will. I know I'll hate it.
    I mean, if they just told us there will be a way to remove the air pockets, I would not really complain. I would maybe post something about "Why not the other way around? Like remove the air pockets by default and make it possible to create air pockets with a bucket?", but that would be it.
    After them promising us just that and then going from "Water will just flow through blocks that it makes sense that it flows through" to "You will be able to remove air pockets with a bucket if you want."

    I expected changes like doors stopping water when closed but let it through when open or the other way around, depending on where the water block is. Maybe for Lava too.
    But then came the comments where everyone yelled "MY FARMS WILL BREAK!!! MY FARMS WILL BREAK!!! MY FARMS WILL BREAK!!! MY FARMS WILL BREAK!!!" and the entire thing turned into... well... that. Nothing.
    Now I am trying to decide if just keeping the air pockets and not having any way of removing them from the builds is better than the bucket thing.

    What could work as a compromise would be that placing a fence, a trap door or a ladder or any other such block doesn't remove the water if it is placed in water, neither flowing nor source, but if it already is placed outside of water, it will only let water through if water is placed directly on it. If water is placed next to it when it was "dry" before, it will not fill with water.
    Items that swim in water will still let the items through, the door thing would still work, my creeper-farm-idea would still be doable and the other farms would still work as before. Win-Win.
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    posted a message on "Update Aquatic" (Now 1.13): All Information We Have So Far
    Quote from ZaffreAqua»

    This is far from a bad way of handling it.

    I think he called the fill transparent blocks with buckets bad and suggested a better alternative.
    And I agree, this alternative would be much better.
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    I was excited about the water changes. I WANTED it to work like in the reveal.

    Currently, we have to deal with the air pockets, no two ways about it. At the reveal it looked like we were challenged to find new ways of creating air bubbles in order to breathe in our underwater bases. Now it's all the same exept we have to go through the effort to get rid of air bubbles with buckets.
    This is even less realistic or immersive or any positive adjective I can think of right now than the current way.
    The only People that will be happy about that are builders who are too lazy to redisign their elevators, farms and redstone builds.

    If this is really how it is going, I will not touch 1.14 until there is a mod that fixes that!

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    Quote from maxanier»

    Ok, looks like we are getting somewhere.

    Only thing I am still not sure about is the block structure.

    Firstly a few general notes:

    • Preferably, only one block/multiblock structure. Completely separate blocks don't work well due to the chunk separation and because we don't want to keep references to the other blocks in memory. Not sure about the banners. Maybe we can get them to work rather independently
    • We don't want unbreakable blocks. (Players might decide to build something else in that place)

    So I would suggest that normal villages do not have any block inside. Instead you would have to craft and place the structure yourself if you want to control that village.

    This can still be broken (required for the opposite faction to take over), but in order to break it the opposite faction would have to go to the procedure TheBeastCH suggested.

    The block/structure should have a way to fuel it (and also show it's current level). It also needs to indicate the current progress of a take over.

    It could be a faction specific structure (look different, code itself would be mostly the same).

    Also we have to think about how to avoid (the most obvious) exploits:

    • Make sure every one can find the structure (e.g. beacon beam)
    • Try to prevent players from just enclosing it with obsidian (e.g. destroying any blocks above and removing buffs if any other block right next to it)
    • Anything else?

    About the design: For vampires I could e.g. imagine a two block high totem style structure surrounded by 4 blood tanks.

    Maybe we could also require the player trying to control a village to be a certain level

    I like how you put it here.
    Let me add a few Ideas.

    The Procedure I suggested would work differently for a breakable block. Let me suggest this.
    A Village can only have one Totem. Placing a second Totem will not work, no matter the Faction, unless it's in Creative. Totems can be filled with Blood or Garlic in the crafting grid or like a blood tank. Empty Totems do not provide any sort of buff, have a shorter cooldown and spawns fewer defending NPCs. Punching a Totem of your faction does nothing. Punching a Totem of the opposite faction triggers the cooldown mode, where it blinks like ignited TNT.
    Cooldown more goes for a set amount of time and after the cooldown time is over, the Totem instantly brakes, allowing a different Totem to be placed. Punching a Totem of your faction in cooldown resets it, so it is no longer on cooldown and in order to break it, the enemy must punch it again and start the cooldown all over. During Cooldown, the Totem constantly spawns NPCs of its own faction outside the village and attracts them. If one of them reaches the Totem, he stops the cooldown.

    You cannot stop players from using exploits. If the Totem destroys blocks, it will be used as a means of destroying blocks he otherwise couldn't but will be unable to use it inside his own (non-village) base or custom underground/cave village. If the Totem does not give any buffs if a block is right next to it, the 5 blocks high obsidian wall will have a gap between totem and obsidian. Beacon beams can be obscured by placing a beacon on top of it.
    But for those two things you mentioned, let me add some suggestions.

    I like the beacon beams.
    How about dark red for vampires and gold for Hunters?
    It would make it obvious from far away who controls the village.
    It would make it difficult to hide them for sure.
    About the obsidian box, I don't think there should be something to stop them from building one, but they would have to leave a gap open so they could enter fuel inside, and the same gap could be used to punch and therefore break it. If they don't the Totem runs out of fuel, and this could have concequences. For exemple attempting to place down a Totem with fuel inside would still not place the totem down but trigger the cooldown for the empty totem, and that would force them to destroy their own obsidian box in order to reset the Totem.
    With a nether portal, 2 buckets and an infinite water source, they could create a obsidian box around a Village.
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    Quote from maxanier»

    Regarding the villages, a few things I have not fully understood yet or which need more discussion:

      • If the village is controlled which effects happen
      • (special) NPCs of the corresponding Faction spawn inside the village as if they were part of it, more NPCs from the corresponding faction spawn in the area near the village. Fewer NPCs of the opposite faction spawn. Raids of the opposite faction happens in an attempt to take/retake the village. (Even if they are unable to do that without a player because of deactivated mob conquest)
        • ?

        • To the player and creatures (of the same faction)
        • They get a light buff to their health and damage when nearby. An optional block can be placed and fueled that grants additional buffs for that area.

        • To villagers?
          • Become vampires as well? (Can't be bitten anymore, but why would they live under vampire control if they are not ones themselves) Only a small portion of them. Villages how they are in world gen would have 1 - 3 vampire villagers. Larger villages would have more. I am thinking about 1 vampire villager every 5 normal villagers by default, but that may vary.

          • Under vampire control
          • Normal ones would have more blood, replenish it faster and get less angry.
            Vampire ones would have special trades.
            The special block I mentioned above could add additional buffs and make the forementioned buffs more noticeable.

          • Under hunter control
            • a few could become angry villagers
            • I agree.
            • cure vampire villagers
            • My initial idea was killing and replaceing them, but that is even better.
              Also, the Villagers under hunter control would give Vampires the gerlic effect when they get bitten and they are immune to being turned.

        • General
          • Spawn creatures of the controlling faction (up to a certain threshold depending on village size)
          • Yes

      • How to take control?
        • Use some block or block structure
        • Should be rather easy
        • It is as easy as opening a wood door if the village is neutral.

        • If neutral
        • Walk to the totem/flag block
          Punch/rightclick it, it changes its stat and its apearence.
          Wait until the cooldown is over (15 - 30 seconds. not more, maybe less)
          The Village is under the control of your faction.

        • If opposite faction
          • Destroy block of course
          • Actually:
            Punch/rightclick it, it changes its stat and its apearence.

            Wait until the cooldown is over (This time several minutes)
          • Kill a certain amount of creatures?
          • During the cooldown, all enemy NPCs will charge towards the totem/flag block and try to undo what you did before the cooldown runs out. New ones spawn nearby to replace dead ones until the cooldown is run out and the village is conquered. After the cooldown is over, the village will be under your faction control as soon as all enemies (who still try to take the village back) inside the village borders are dead.
          • Something else?
          • As explained.
          • Should be rather difficult
          • Several minutes of hindering a continuing stream of hostile mobs to reach a specific Block sounds difficult to me.

          • What do you have to do to free it?
          • When you say "free", I understand hunters takeing it from vampires. Do you mean something else?

    • Are there still villagers you can suck blood from (except in neutral villages)
    • Yes, just not in hunter villages.

    I have started collection a some suggestions here, let me know if I put something in there you disagree with. I quickly loose track on these forums, too many suggestions ^^

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    Quote from Picho»

    Thanks for the reply, nice to see what others think. I really Enjoyed the Witchery Vampirism side and found it well balanced and well made. I liked the idea of running under the sun and lose blood than get nauseous and take damage, maybe this could be implemented into an optiontional passive skill in the future?

    I think there is a skill that lets you take less damage from the sun. Not sure how it works, as I never used it.
    Quote from WereWolf_Jake»

    Are vampire Players able to bite and turn normal players into Vampires?

    Yes, they are. I don't know if PVP must be turned on for it to work, but I don't think it makes sense.
    After all, Turning another Player can also be something that player asked for... But who knows. I didn't check.
    While you are a Vampire, stand behind the other player while you bite.
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    Quote from Picho»

    I really like the idea of a vampire clan/hunter HQ kind of gameplay. In the Witchery old mod I enjoyed having vampire members who would fill an altar at night with blood when they come back from hunting. Maybe have specific requirements to run a clan like having to place down a coffin for each vampire clan member, covered from the sun, etc. These members could level up on their own to a certain level of power like a very basic ranking system for them ranks 1-5 vampire. Maybe to have a vampire clan we need to defeat a vampire world boss that then grants the status of vampire lord that enables you to then make a clan as well as a special skill like "Clan Force: all clans members come to your defence and attack with you (this would be good for the taking over a village ideas above).

    I like the Idea of a Clan. I suggested something like that myself several times.
    However, as I am not really good at Minecraft combat and never defeated a boss, I think owning a special Block and having at least level 5 would be enough. The Block could be found in special dungeons like Vampire-Baron-Castles. It would make sense lore wise and vampire barons are foes I can handle.

    There are still several ways of how a clan would actually work and what its NPC members would do.
    Examples are:
    - Gather blood and putting it in blood tanks if there is one.
    - Trade with the Vampire Player.
    - Follow the Vampire Player if asked for it and fighting alongside him similar to tamed wolves. *
    - Defend the Lair and Land while he is away or helping him doing so while he is there.
    - Go mining or do similar repetitive chores for the Player. *

    The Ideas marked with * are for if the relationship between Player and NPCs is a Master-Servant one only. The Others work for when the clan members are equals as well.
    Examples of how the clan could be formed, once the Player meets the requirements:
    - Vampires freely join after a certain amount of time after the Player put down a certain Block or multiblock structure. (Clan Members are not Servant and Master)
    - Vampire Minions follow the orders of the Player after their Baron is defeated instead of dying with him. (Clan Members are master and Servant)
    - Every Vampire turned by the Player automatically joins, unless he is a Player too. (Clan Members could be Master and Servant or not)
    - The Player has a method of forcefully subduing a vampire NPC and thereby adding him to the clan. (Clan members are Master and Servant)
    - The Player can Buy Minions from Vampire Barons. (Clan Members are Master and Servant)
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    posted a message on Vampirism - Become a vampire!
    Quote from maxanier»

    My suggestion was more a 4 state system (hunter controlled, hunter controlled and protected by a player, vampire controlled, vampire controlled protected by a player) with the non protected villages being easy to take over, so even if they are hunter by default (or most of them) it wouldn't have that much of an impact.
    But after thinking about it a little longer, TheBeastCH's three states are probably more reasonable. Or should there still be a protected state for each faction? (might get even more complex)
    I don't really think that every state should have an additional "Player protected" state. And if so, normal players who are neither hunters nor vampires should be able to protect Villages too, making that a 6 states systhem, and to me, that sounds too complicated.

    As Picho suggested I think it would be cool if a small percentage already controlled by a faction on world gen (maybe also affect the buildings).
    I agree
    Config options for all these kind of things are of course mandatory, but maybe we can find an additional way to configure some things as I don't think many players dig around in the config. Maybe it is possible to integrate one or two options in the world creation menu. Players could e.g. choose the default village status there. Maybe it is also possible to dynamically calculate the probability for newly explored villages based on the players that are currently online (increased chance of hostile factions).
    If this is possible, great. But I imagine it would come into conflict potential.

    About the raids: Personally I hold the vanilla raids cheap. The Zombies just knock against the door during night (at least on normal difficulty) and that's it. I never see anything interesting happening (even though some villagers might die out of sight)
    Main issue is balancing the attacks since you don't really want the raids to kill all your villagers.

    With only three states there won't be the requirement of renewing the control, but we could still add some way to temporarily (but long lasting) boost the village's strength and friendliness). I would suggest that it would work with blocks that could be filled and refilled with either blood or garlic. The buff would scale according to how many villagers there are. Having no villagers at all in the area would generate no effect. If the Village is not under control of the right faction would neither. If the village is under the right faction control, the buff would be increasingly stronger the more villagers are inside the village. For Vampires, it would make their blood replenish faster, increase the maximum amount of blood and reduce the rate at wich they become angry. Also it could affect the trades for villagers that are vampires as well. (If the villagers are vampires themselves, they use blood bottles as currency rather than emeralds and trade with vampire related items. Also, I don't think vampire players should be able to trade with normal villagers unless they use disguise. That is regardless of the buff or control over a village. Thats why I put it in brackets)
    For Hunters, it makes Villagers be immune to bites (vampires recieve the garlic effect) and cannor be turned, as well as they offer better trades and additional hunter-related trades.

    I will have to investigate how well the background simulations can work as we don't want to forcefully keep any villages, chunks or entities loaded, but still want to effect them without the player noticing (preferably not even when tp-ing there).
    I agree.

    We also need to think how to exactly take over/ free a village.
    Picho had an Idea about flags or totems I quite liked. In his suggestion, the villages are taken over by placing them, but having multiple totems like that placed in one village could have negative concequences I cannot forsee
    What about it is one very tall object that spawns in every village, can be easily spotted, has 3 states, changes its stat when punced depending on who it punches it, and after a cooldown, the stat of the vilage changes too. (Raids should go after the Block, NPC Vampires and NPC Hunters abbility to use it, however, is deactivated by default and can be activated individually)
    - If a Vampire NPC or a Vampire Player punches it, it changes to vampire and makes the village change to vampire.
    - If a Hunter Player or a Hunter NPC punches it, it changes to hunter and makes the village change to hunter.
    - if a normal Player (Neither a Vampire nor a Hunter) punches it, it changes to neutral and makes the village change to neutral.

    A few general notes last:
    - Even though it goes into the direction of a strategy game it will be far from the accuracy, level of detailed and actual gameplay depth of a real one. Which is a good and a bad thing
    True, but I still think that if someone wants to play like this was a strategy game, they should be able to.
    - We don't want to affect players not actively playing this mod too much. (People tend to create huge modpacks for unknown reasons)
    - Keep gameplay-wise mod compatibility (without the need of any integrations). E.g. mods adding important villagers or buildings.

    Also I would like to try to use as many (new) blocks/items for this. a) To make the mechanics more "visible" B) Vampirism has relatively few added blocks (for it's size)

    Thank you for your feedback. Please excuse my lazy formatting etc.

    Quote from Picho»

    Like I always say thank you so much for this Mod, it makes Minecraft 1000x better for me.Before playing this amazing Vampirism Mod I was using the now outdated Witchery Mod: Vampirism (https://sites.google.com/site/witcherymod/vampirism) and I really liked how it worked. I would like to break it down and gather some ideas from it as it really fulfilled my need for a vampire role in the hopes to offer suggestions and ideas to the creator. I will avoid anything we have already implemented that I enjoy.


    Seems we wanted more blocks: Vampires have an aversion to garlic, a common defense against vampires is to create garlands of garlic bulbs and hang them around ones home. Vampires shy away from garlic, and cannot touch the garlands. So in this case these are blocks that repel vampires and can not be broken or removed by such offering protection to homes and buildings. You can see further information on that website with also a crafting for garlands.
    I support that idea.

    I like the idea of losing all your blood first before the sun starts to take away your actual health. Think of this as your regenerative powers need blood to work so it burns through it before you start to actually die down. Also the sun border around the screen is a very awesome idea but being too solid breaks away from the immersion so I would like to see it more faded and thin around the screen border, so you know its there but its not breaking away the immersion.

    I never found that yellow border unimmersive, but making it more transparent and rather white than yellow would actually improve it. Having the blood go down would mean the vampire starves before he recieves sun damage.


    Upon becoming a vampire, a player will acquire the following abilities:

    -Immunity to poison and disease
    Agreed, unless its garlic or anything vampire specific. Like blood being incompatible. Splash potion of poison should do nothing, but holy water still should.

    -Sense Blood (looking at a victim will show how much blood they have available) The fangs that come up when facing a victim currently can have a meter implemented into them so they reflect this information. Example: Each fang would be 1/4 of the victims blood pool.
    Depending on how much blood a mob has, the bar would go down much slower, but other than that, I like the Idea and I think it would improve this mod.

    -Immunity to most of forms of death except by fire
    That would break a lot of gameplay. Therefore no support.

    -Hunger regen from Blood Pool (if the hunger bar ever empties and there is no blood to fill it, the vampire will receive massive weakness and slowness debuffs)
    The hunger bar is already replaced by a blood bar that fills when drinking blood and empties over time with the same consequence as haveing an empty hunger bar. I fail to see how this would work or how it would improove this mod.

    -Eating normal food instantly causes extreme hunger
    Does eating normal food even do anything as of the current version? I never tried.

    -Fire resistance does not work
    Trlaslation: no more going to the nether outside of peaceful mode.

    -As a vampire player raises in level their abilities increase, each level increases the amount of blood they can store in their Blood Pool and the amount of damage they can do.
    Are you suggesting a longer thirst bar as the vampire levels up? Damage and moovement boost, I support, but what would a longer thirst bar be good for?
    ... Well now that I think about it, a longer thrist bar would reduce the risk of starving for high level vampires, and it would increase the amount of blood needed to be fully saturated.

    I really liked how this mod worked and it seemed well balanced. I like the ability to make it rain in order to obscure the sun, or maybe even cause an eclipse at the cost of great blood. The Vampire power to make it rain was in a previous version of the mod. It required a high level and was removed for reasons unknown to me. I would like it to come back, but the fact that it was removed means that there is a reason why its not there and should not be there. Even if I don't know it.

    I would also like to be able to drink directly from the blood tank/reserves. Instead of putting into bottle then drink from bottle. Maybe by pressing the drink "V" on the blood reserves would allow you to drink from them. This way if we want to se up a blood bank in our homes we don't need to move liquids around too much.
    Good Idea. Support.

    Currently the skill tree seems a bit chunky, I would like to see in the future more and smaller skills and some special skills that require a quest to acquire. The same way Witchery makes you level up by special tasks.
    I like the skill tree the way it is. And adding special quests for additional skills sounds very complicating. It could potentially break multiplayer PVP.

    I really think this old mod can offer great ideas. Thank you so much for reading my suggestions cant wait to see where the nurture takes us! :)
    Don't take me wrong, I know about Witchery and I played with it before. I love the lore and the ideas, but I could never really get into the gameplay. I don't want to see Vampirism become a recreation of the vampires part of Witchery but to stay its own mod. I am quite sure Witchery still exists and was updated to 1.12.

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