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    *Addendum to my post above:

    Huh. Would you look at that. It decided to work on me.

    I've reinstalled forge, but probably didn't even have to, questionmark...?

    I edited my existing profiles and selected the now listed forge install as version to be used.

    The "trick" seems to be to use the "--workDir" parameter in the shortcut path. No more .BATs needed, or you could add the parameter in the .BAT when executing the launcher with it, if you feel particularly fancy. For USB installs, for example, to dynamically adapt to possibly changing drive letters.

    The first box with a link,

    The first box with a link, "Ziel" here, "Target" on english systems.

    Using the workDir parameter, point it the the exact location the "old" game files are in, a folder called .minecraft, so in my example it would be something along these lines:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\MinecraftLauncher.exe" --workDir "C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\.minecraft"

    ^ Here's whatever the shortcut already says, mine is this. After that comes the path of the formerly used ".minecraft" folder.

    Starting up the launcher, click the menu button next to the Minecraft logo to reveal the row with further clickable categories.

    In profiles, it should now list all the existing old profiles again, make sure it states the correct version [forge etc] in the corresponding field. Should be listed at the very bottom.

    If it isn't selectable, you most likely gave the wrong folder in the --workDir parameter, or might have to simply re-install the forge version to the correct folder [the same you specified in the --workDir parameter]. If done correctly, it should show up without needing a reinstall, though. I think. Didn't check before, but I only reinstalled one of my versions and all of them were listed when looking into that list after the fact.

    Also, in "settings" there's a clicker to disable Mojang data collection. Just sayin'.



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