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    Woop! It crashes the game.

    Try adding this one...

    [ https://mmomechanicallyinclined.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/privateer1.gif ]

    ... to your game.

    My guess is, it sees the .GIF ending and expects multiple frames to animate, but there is just one static frame. Which is unexpected and crashes everyone within render distance until the block is broken.

    May I suggest adding a server console thing to enable / disable all picture frames? Like, oops someones picture frame crashes every client in the radius of its render distance, let's just execute a command on server console or from ingame [if you're outside the affected range and have time to do so] to basically keep all the settings and links in there, but disable the displaying of pictures so you only see the wooden frames to go and fix stuff.

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    Quote from MoreQsThanAs»

    What I still can't understand though is why the command line batch file didn't do the proper redirects. I'm not going to dwell on it though.

    Seems to me as if the launcher's handling directory variables from the system differently, at least.
    Also, I've noticed some flakey bahavior...

    If the lancher misbehaves, it helps to open taskmanager and check if it's still running in the background, I've had it close when launching Minecraft and nothing happened. I waited, as it does take some time, but nothing accessed the hard drive anymore. Killing the processes of the launcher [there were 2] finally "unlocked" the activity of the Minecraft-Java process and it continued to load properly.

    I think it has to do with the "close when launching" setting. If active, it closes the window, but hangs the process and needs to be terminated manually. If the setting's inactive, the launcher still closes, but doesn't hang in the process and Minecraft loads up fine.

    Just my experiences here, happened at least 3 times.

    All in all, I like the easier way to interface with the launcher. No more .BATs, just the correct shortcut, with a parameter. Communication could have been better though. Many people had quite a lot of frustration thanks to this update.

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    *Addendum to my post above:

    Huh. Would you look at that. It decided to work on me.

    I've reinstalled forge, but probably didn't even have to, questionmark...?

    I edited my existing profiles and selected the now listed forge install as version to be used.

    The "trick" seems to be to use the "--workDir" parameter in the shortcut path. No more .BATs needed, or you could add the parameter in the .BAT when executing the launcher with it, if you feel particularly fancy. For USB installs, for example, to dynamically adapt to possibly changing drive letters.

    The first box with a link,

    The first box with a link, "Ziel" here, "Target" on english systems.

    Using the workDir parameter, point it the the exact location the "old" game files are in, a folder called .minecraft, so in my example it would be something along these lines:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\MinecraftLauncher.exe" --workDir "C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\.minecraft"

    ^ Here's whatever the shortcut already says, mine is this. After that comes the path of the formerly used ".minecraft" folder.

    Starting up the launcher, click the menu button next to the Minecraft logo to reveal the row with further clickable categories.

    In profiles, it should now list all the existing old profiles again, make sure it states the correct version [forge etc] in the corresponding field. Should be listed at the very bottom.

    If it isn't selectable, you most likely gave the wrong folder in the --workDir parameter, or might have to simply re-install the forge version to the correct folder [the same you specified in the --workDir parameter]. If done correctly, it should show up without needing a reinstall, though. I think. Didn't check before, but I only reinstalled one of my versions and all of them were listed when looking into that list after the fact.

    Also, in "settings" there's a clicker to disable Mojang data collection. Just sayin'.



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    I've figured out, as of now, that you don't seem to need to have a batch file start the launcher anymore.

    You basically just have the shortcut to the launcher with an added variable behind, a little something like this:

    And that reads something like this:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\MinecraftLauncher.exe" --workDir "C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\Data"

    You basically add the part starting with "--workDir" and state the folder it's supposed to use instead of AppData.

    Now, I'm still trying to figure this out, because after applying this method it finally picked up on those profiles I had before, but when trying to start it just quit on me. Starting the launcher again, and attempting to hit play, it now pops up a message about some version error stuff. Turns out it kinda decided to delete my pre-existing profiles forge files, and now can't find the file anymore when looking to download it or, whatever.

    If I had to guess here, it attempts to look up that "forge v somethingsomething" for download, but can't find it in the vanilla repository [of course] and thus comes up empty. It deleted it for the same reason, because it found it was x.xx MB in size on my harddrive, when the thing it found online [still "nothing"] came up with being 0.00 MB in size. Thus, my version must have been corrupted and it decided to download it again. And crashed.

    Just a very wild guess here. I'll be trying to reinstall forge now, and launch again - or launch vanilla and see where it decides to put stuff and what else might have changed if that doesn't work out. I'd be pretty stoked about not having to use BAT files to start MC anymore if it takes the launch parameter instead from now on, but ma forge's gotta work, man. You just don't take away a mans forge like that and get away with it.

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    Hey. Any news as of now? Whatcha got...?

    I'd really like my launcher to pick up on my many different profiles I had configured for servers and singleplayer games. None of those profiles show up, and I've got my .minecraft where I think it belongs, in the Program folder. Used to work just fine, but... y'know.

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    Neat! Sooo... how does this work, exactly?

    More importantly... could I, say, prepare and link to a payload that would inject Java code into each client within render distance of the picture, too?

    ... just askin'. ;)

    Because if I were able to do that, I don't think that'd be a good thing.

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