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    This structure will appear after you destroy the Illager Outposts. Inside this structure, there will be a lot of Strays and they guard this structure. By that, an Ender Portal also appears here and A ruined portal too, if you are lucky, a monument could have a map that leads to Iceberg Ruin, and the chest in the ruin could have lots of eyes of Ender (if you are lucky too). And a mini-boss also guards here if you go to the deepest room in this place. Place the ice cross like an iron golem but replace the pumpkin with a skeleton skull. The Strays with iron enchant ax, Iron enchant armor, shield riding a skeleton horse. If you kill it, it will drop the heart of the sea, some diamonds, and a map that leads to another Iceberg Ruin.

    Thanks for reading my suggestion 😃

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