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    Name: Josh
    Age: 14
    Bio: My In game name is WeAreAnonymilk. Been playing minecraft for roughly 2 years. I can play in this server for a good portion of my day (around 2-5 hours) and I enjoy crackers.
    Roleplay Experience: Been looking for a roleplay server after the fall of my favorite one, Dragonsreach. On there I played 2 dedicated characters and I hope to find a better staff on this server.
    Player Management Experience: Little.
    Staff Experience: I've been moderator and admin on a small minecraft server for a long time. Unfortunately the server was abandoned a while back and again I was left with no where to go.
    Towny Experience: On this server I was moderator on that i mentioned above, the server had a towny system in which I ran over 3 successful and famous cities in the server's history.

    IC INFO:
    House Choice: Redwynne
    Character Name: Yureno Redwynne
    Age: 18
    Lore of your Character:

    Yureno earned his name after his grandfather who was considered a powerful and honorable soldier in the Redwynne army. Despite this, he does not share the same characteristics of his grandfather, or even, anyone in his family.

    Yureno tends to let his mind wander to other worlds, not caring for common worries of the world such as war. Nobody who is... or.. was close to Yureno seems to know why he does not worry. Some believe it was a secret lover or a crush... Some believe he has seen visions of the future thus he does not worry about his own fate... Some believe he was a genius philosopher and one day he would explode with his knowledge to the entire world... None of those things have happened nor have been discovered by the public. Yet Yureno knows himself more than anyone.

    Nobody knows this about him, but Yureno constantly sees harrowing visions of the end of the universe. How the stars will align and collapse, exploding onto the world. The gods only cower in fear as the universe comes to an end. He does not see the future in detail, only this one event. In this vision that comes to him at random intervals, he constantly sees the fire consuming the world. Yet there is one thing that concerns Yureno... There's someone standing in those flames... Unscathed... Who is it?

    How your character came to power: He still has low power. The vision came to him and has haunted him since a young age.
    Physical Description: Smaller than a typical Redwynne, not muscular but enough strength to fight or hold his own. Fair skin. Almost white blonde hair with purple eyes.
    Link or Picture of minecraft skin: http://i.imgur.com/5gH7WnN.png
    3 Roleplay traits to affect your character: Mysterious, Wise, Quiet
    1 Vice that will hinder your character: Cowardice
    Goals for your Royal House: Convince someone in high power that these visions happen, find out who it is, and if their purpose if good or bad.
    Roleplay Focus: Find out what the visions mean.

    Any Last Bits we should know: nobody knows about these visions from the lore yet, so keep that in mind.
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    Hello. I have crafted a (not really) compact, wireless system to spawn mobs at a customizable rate within a customizable amount of time. This can be really useful for mapmakers who are creating a dungeon of some sort and do not want to deal with a lot of command blocks. Did I also mention it's completely reusable?

    Here's the whole system:
    Yeah. It may look a bit confusing, but trust me once you have it set up you will get it.

    So the red command block can come from/be any source that sends a single pulse such as a button. (look up dual pulse generators if you absolutely need a lever.) The red outlined command block sets a redstone block where the red outline is. This powers two things: the blue outlined command block which sets another redstone block where the blue arrow points to activate the first clock, and powers the redstone line next to it, triggering off the torches and starting the second clock. I'll get to the clocks.

    The contraption in the green outline is the first clock, which controls the rate at which mobs spawn into the world. For tutorial on how to make the clock, Etho is the inventor and made the The clock in turn powers the orange outlined command block which spawns your mob of choice. The joy of using this specific hopper clock is that it allows for easy customization of the rate the mobs spawn. ​By putting more blocks into the hoppers, they can spawn at a slow rate. By putting less blocks into the hoppers, they can spawn at a very fast rate. Now on to the second clock.

    The green outlined contraption is the second clock you powered with the original, red block. The purple removes both the original red redstone block and the secondary blue command block. Well, what does this timer do? It times the original timer (ha) that controls the rate at which the mobs of your choice spawn. When you put more blocks into the hoppers, the mobs will spawn at your fixed rate for longer, but if you put less in they will spawn at your fixed rate for a shorter amount of time. Again, easy customization!

    So hopefully you understood the whole post, I can't do a video since I have no money for a recording software. Happy map making!
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    Oh my god, I came back to this forum after about 2 years and this thread is still active...
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    posted a message on ~| The Lands of Etrar |~ Serious Roleplay ~ Fantasy/Medieval ~ New ~ Economy ~ Looking for Lore Writers and Builders ~
    Out of Character Information (OOC)
    Minecraft Username: WeAreAnonymilk
    Age: 14
    Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
    Experience in role-playing: I went on a very strict RP server, playing and enjoying it for 6 months, playing 2 different characters before it got shut down due to admin abuse.
    Have you ever been banned: Nope.

    In-Character Information (IC)
    Full Name: His real name is unknown, but everybody calls him Anti-Mage. "Anti" for short.
    Character Age: 18
    Anti joined a small monastery as a young acolyte, as an orphan at the age of 8. He was catered and cared for by the monks who had lived high atop on a mountain surrounded by a vast valley for 5 years. Then the war started.

    These demons started pouring out of the valley, claiming they must 'purge the ancients' of the mountain to claim it as there own. The monks could only watch in horror as there monks and soldiers were murdered by evil demons. Anti had not been sent into battle yet, and the monks never intended to send him. They only intended him to learn all their knowledge if they were to pass because of these ancient demons. They taught him ancient techniques, such as draining mana with each attack on a foe, or teleporting away a short distance.

    The demons kept coming up the mountains, eventually reaching the monks. Anti watched in horror as the monks who he had served biscuits and tea to were gruesomely murdered on the silk cushions they sat on, only for them to rise again to join the ranks of the demons. Anti had nothing left but to run away, a rogue. As he left the valley, his home, his sanctuary, he acclaimed the one phrase:

    "I shall end magic!"

    Personality: Anti is very quiet. He does not speak unless he needs to. When he does speak, he is very logical and aggressive.
    Appearance: [Picture/Skin is also accepted]

    Skills: Blinking short distances away to either get into combat or out of it, and draining mana as he attacks.
    Extra notes/details: Anti-Mage likes people, just not talking to them.
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    It's an awesome face... That's a king! Haha! So original!
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    posted a message on Welcome to PvPing in Minecraft, you (probably) suck.
    Oh boy. This is going to be a long thread (hopefully) and I hope you have the attention span to read it all before you post a comment. If you post a comment that is answered, I will be a little mad that you did not have the attention span to at least read the post. Please, read it and THEN post a comment, me and a lot of other people appreciate it.

    Anyways, PvPing in Minecraft is a great thing. There are tons of dedicated servers for PvP...Minigames... But unfortunately, Minecraft does not put a high skill leeway for PvP. This means there are really no best PvPers. A lot of famous Youtubers may look like they know how to fight based on some Survival Games gameplay you may or may not have seen, but Survival Games is NOT a good way to test your pvp/survival skills in a fast pace. I will explain that later.

    I will say this now, and you MAY be mad about it, but please, no hate :-(. Any sever PvP server that does not have a form of instant heal probably sucks.THERE I SAID IT WOO been waiting to say that. And what I mean by insta-heal is the OLD FORM OF HEALING HEARTS, BEFORE 1.8 which was instant eating your food to get back a certain amount of hearts, incase you came before 1.7, the glory days. These kinds of servers are often referred to as 'Soup Servers', because instead of using Soup to regenerate hunger, it uses it to instantly regenerate 3.5 hearts using a special plugin. Since I really shouldn't, I can't name any here, but if you google some KitPvP servers I bet you're bound to find a TON of soup servers.

    Of course there is exceptions to any server that doesn't have instant health sucks. Minigames which allow constant respawn, for example, Sethbling's Smash Minigame, due to the fact is does not rely solely on health, but rather keeping a constant attention so that you don't get knocked off.

    Now, you're probably mad. "What do you know about PvP?!?" Don't worry, you can be an expert too! Just takes time and practice.


    Indeed, soup, as I mentioned above, is a critical part of 'true pvp'. There are select few servers where you can get to know soup. You can easily google 'KitPvP' server and find a bunch, as I said.

    Soup servers use a plugin that allows you to instantly eat the soup, leaving you with just a bowl in your hotbar, but restoring 3.5 hearts. This leads to insane fights that last a long time and doesn't depend on who has the bigger team, or the better armor, or who gets the first hit. Rather, who can handle soup the best. These fights are extremely fun and result in many different techniques to be invented. For example... Hotkeying, strafing, blockhitting, but that is explained in the next section.

    Soup servers are also easy to practice on and get used to. Once you get going, you get going, that's for sure! And once you practice, you can put your skills to the test in The MCPVP Hunger Games! These servers feature tons of kits, soup, and many different ways to win. They differ from the Survival Games verrryyyy much, and is arguable which one is better, but that's not for here.

    TL;DR Soups make PvP a very fun and enjoyable part of Minecraft, rather than just hitting each other.


    Oh boy. There are SOO many PvP techniques. There are also many more being invented constantly by true pros. Some of these techniques include hotkeying, stafeing, blockhitting, quickdropping, MLG water... and so many more. I will go over all of these and how to properly use each one so you can defeat your foes.

    This is probably the most basic Soup Server techniques. An easy way to tell someone on a soup server is bad at PvP is if they back up for a long period of time and scroll to the soups. That is NOT how you use soup properly.

    Here's the basics of it:

    You put your middle finger on the W key. Your pointer finger goes on the "3" key, while at the same time your ring finger goes on "1". Here's a diagram:

    Now that you have that set up, practice going back and forth between 1 and 3 beginning with 3. You can type it out if you like. It would look like this:
    What does this do? If you have your sword in your 1 slot, than what it does is quickly switch back and forth between your soup and your sword. And if you're block-hitting, which causes you to right click, you'll drink your soup, neglecting damage! So you can dish out damage and recover it when you need it!

    Now, if you have a full hotbar of soup, you'll have it in 2 as well. For the 2 key, you need to take your middle finger off W for 1 second in order to get 2. Practice is, while you always return to W.

    For all the other numbers, 4,5,6,7,8... You need to stretch your pointer finger out to reach the other numbers. If you have small fingers and you cannot reach some of the bigger numbers, such as 8 and 9, which I can't, use your thumb by taking it off the spacebar. Practice it now. Hit a number and then return to 1.
    Perfect! You can always look up a tutorial on how to Hotkey in Minecraft as well.

    Strafing is probably one of the hardest techniques to do. It requires you to basically go side to side while fighting in order to hit your opponent, making it so they cannot hit you. You can easily do this by spamming W causing you to studder sprint. This is also called a 'combo' Here's another great video explaining it better:

    Quickdropping is probably the hardest to learn at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will be hard to stop. Basically it allows you to drop your soup as soon as you eat it thus making it easier to get more soup into your hotbar, aka, refilling. How you do this is before you press 1 on your basic hotkeying, you press Q and THEN 1. That drops the bowl and allows for easier access to stuff in your inventory.

    MLG Water:
    This requires a water bucket, but basically if you're about to die from a high height, use a water bucket, and try to place it down really fast before you land and die. 80% of the time this works with practice, and is quite fun once you get it down.

    Important PvP Mistakes Many People Forget

    Noobs, common players, and even pros make common mistakes. Here's some that you should know:

    Do not back up when you're fighting. ANYONE
    inthelittlewood might tell you if you back up then you won't get hit.. Sure that's correct for AI zombies in MineZ, but everything else? No. When you back up you let your foe push the momentum against you, thus letting you have a decrease range (in a sense). If anything you want to SPRINT and PUSH the person you're fighting forward. This allows for them to be knocked high into the air, causing them to panic, minimal fall damage, and easy combos.

    Blockhitting should only be used in certain situations.
    Blockhitting is great. You can reduce damage coming at you while at the same time dishing damage. But you don't want to use it all the times. If you're in a closed area or a cave system that doesn't allow for a lot of movement, that is the perfect time to blockhit. If you're out on the plains you need to go for combos and strafing.
    When you're chasing someone, DON'T BLOCKHIT. It just breaks your sprint and makes your job a LOT harder to do.

    This is a normal minecraft/pvp trick, but more or less a normal minecraft trick. Anyways, you always wanna have good saturation before a fight. What is saturation? It's basically your hidden hunger bar that depletes before your normal one. Some food items fill it up more than other. For example, Steak commonly gives you the highest saturation, allowing you to sprint longer, which in turn allows for more combos. Some things with BAD saturation, Golden Apples... Soup... all of these do not fill your saturation bar and will make you hungry in the middle of a fight, getting rid of your natural regen and your ability to sprint.

    Extra Stuff...
    Pssh. I bet nobody does this kind of 'Soup PvP...'

    One of the biggest Soup Servers has over 3,000,000 players. So. That nobody? Also there a TON of Youtubers that enjoy these Soup Servers. To name a lot..

    Thanks for reading this guide. If you have something to say, mean or nice, say it.
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    Out of Character

    In Game Name: SKY19091
    Age: 14
    Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
    RP Experience: I have applied and been on several RP servers in the past.
    Reason for joining: I found you guys after a search and you looked interesting
    Skype name? (feel free to send as PM if you do not want it public): skymcpvp
    Did you read the rules?: :Notch:
    Any questions or comments?: Nope.

    In Character for Non-Mages (Post in forum)

    Name: Lokia Adrium
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Class: Soldier
    Lokia was born into Viaris. Her mother was father were farmers, working very hard to fund the kingdom. When she was 16, she set off on a journey, traditional to her ancestry to travel to Camelot. She arrived, and was amazed at all the hard working knights, nobles, and other people. She fell in love with a knight by the name of Mattheius. Mattheius could not see Lokia on a regular basis though, so she and him often snuck out late at night to meet.

    One night, Mattheius did not come. After doing a little research into what had happend, she found out he had been killed by a mage on a secret mission. She wept for days at her lost lover. Then, she knew she now had a vengeance for this mage. She trained herself to wield a sword with the might of a knight, training herself to the point where she could barely walk. After about 3 weeks of training, she entered the kingdom and applied for knighthood, leaving her family, memories, and friends behind... all for this.

    Strengths and Weaknesses:
    Lokia loves using bows and swords. She hates not being able to protect those she loves. And she hates spiders. She absolutely despises spiders.
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] The Elder Scrolls: Era of the Vanguard - Roleplay/RP - Custom Lore - War - Friendly Staff - 99.9% Uptime - Adventure - Q

    IGN: SKY19091[/b]
    [b]Age:[/b][b] 14
    Role-Play Exp.: [/b][b]I have played on several roleplay servers and enjoyed them.[/b]
    [b][b]How did you find us(For our referal program:) [/b][b]I was searching MCforums for a Roleplay server, happend to stumble across this interesting thread.[/b]
    [b]Why Us: You guys had an interesting backstory with a lot of plot. something I would want to enjoy.
    Time You Can Dedicate: Maybe around 1-4 hours a day
    Brief Description of Yourself: [/b][b]Well, I'm 14, I enjoy minecraft and pvp. I have a pushy/bossy personality that can go along with my character.[/b][b]
    Explain Role-PlayInYourOwnWords: Acting out a scenario with people and live out a sort of fantasy.

    What Is Powergaming and Metagaming? Explain in your own words:
    Powergaming: Acting like you cannot be killed or you are stronger than anyone else.

    Metagaming: Using knowledge in OOC that you use to your advantage IC.


    Name: Lokia Virandra

    Race: Humanoid

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Stands at about 6 feet tall, red hair, large eyebrows and brown eyes.

    Fears: Not being able to protect those she loves. And spiders. She despises spiders.

    Personality: Bossy, a little overconfident and cocky. Hates being near irritating people.

    Occupation: She has no occupation, she wanders the land looking for a challenge to suit her needs.

    Skills: Taming dragons, using the bow and blade.

    Nickname(Optional): Lokia

    Can Your Character Wield A Sword/Axe?: She can't wield axes, but she can decently use a sword. She's better with a bow in her hands though.

    Can You Character Farm?: No. Lokia hates anything calming and relaxing.

    Can Your Character Mine?: No. She hates boring things too.

    What Other Things Can Your Character Do?: She can hunt, kill fugitives, and do anything that involves dungeons or fighting.[/b]

    Lokia was born into a small village, unknown to her this day. She spent her days frolicking in the roses on her parents farm. Even though she has vague memories of that, she still remembers. But everything changed. Alduin attacked, the village was burnt down. She ran, and kept running until she couldn't. That's when she discovered an ancient Dwarven ruin, and an old man by the name of Willakers. Willakers took her in, trained her. She was a fighting machine.

    When dragons attacked the ruins she lived in, Willakers forced her to run once again, and he stayed behind, fighting the beasts. He was old but he could fight, almost killing dragons as they poured into the ruins in one hit. Holding the memento from Oldman, a small dagger, Excaliju, she ran again, feeling helpless. After she had heard the cries of the dragons fade, she ran back. Oldman was sitting there, bloody, bruised, almost no chance of survival. Lokia knew she couldn't do anything to help him, and he asked her a favor. He whispered into her ear something. Lokia shook off her tear, raised Excaliju up, the silver light gleaming in the cave, and pierced the oldman's heart. Willakers died with a smile on his face.

    Lokia got up, picked up Willakers' bow, and was off again. She had a promise to fulfill to both the world and to Willakers.
    Fus Ro Dah
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    Alright, so you're part of a special team, working to better improve society by setting up events, bring ideas to senate, and overall helping the people. There is a team of these sort of people stationed in every state.

    World War III breaks out. Planes are flying by, the land becomes dry and desolate, and people are dying. There are several nuclear fallout shelters around the US, so you and your team are ready to head to one remotely nearby. Suddenly, you get a call from another team in New York. They are claiming to have found a few survivors, and are not sure who to bring into the fallout shelter. The shelter can support 6 people with enough food, water, and air for 3 months. The problem is? 11 survivors. They have all agreed to let you choose who goes in, and what you decide is the best. Think about who you bring, you could be restarting society. You hear vague descriptions of the people over the phone, and that is all the info you are given. Here are the people:

    A bookkeeper.
    The bookkeeper's wife, who is 4 months pregnant.
    A Rabii
    An Olympian
    A college Co-Ed
    A historian
    A food scientist
    A chemical engineer
    A police officer with a gun (The gun and the police officer CANNOT be separated.)
    A college professor.
    A Hollywood actor.

    Choose wisely who you bring. Here are some tips:
    Think about it, you may or may not be recreating the human race.
    You can bring 6 people, but you can bring less for more food, water, and air for longer.
    Think what kind of power are you giving these people?

    Good luck, and explain your reasoning for bringing each person if you feel like it.
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    Well, I am an awesome face, and a king, so I made this. I basically photoshopped a crown onto an awesome face. Nothin' special.
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    Quote from Izraili

    August what year?
    I just remember your avatar and all, don't think we talked at all.

    August 2012.
    Yeah, lots'o people recognize me from my avatar. And my signature, some people get my signature reference...
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    Quote from Izraili

    I have some weak memories of you, im not sure, might be wrong though.

    Hm. You look familiar as well. Not too sure. :/ Were you around back in August?
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    Quote from kernymi

    I'm someone.
    Clearly you ditched this section long ago.

    Section? I ditched the FORUMS. Probably out of bored-ness, or another reason, not too sure.
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    Quote from Dextrous

    We are no noobs.

    Well, I have never seen any of you people before o_o WHO ARE YOU?!?
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    wassup nubs, first time posting in like 3 months wooooooooo
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