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    posted a message on Why do players on multiplayer think that they can team or truce with someone by blocking with their sword?
    Quote from IslandDefender»
    I've never seen something like this. Is it a server where you can't talk with people or something, because normally my teams are made via talking directly.

    I agree with your thinking. Communication is part of what makes a game good.
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    posted a message on Ender Egg Bug?
    There's no way there could still be bugs this far into this game's development.
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    posted a message on One use per player command block starter kit
    Quote from Phantom2207»
    Create a new scoreboard team called kitused:

    /scoreboard teams add kitused dummy

    Then add a command block to your existing ones to set them to that team:

    /scoreboard teams join kitused @p

    Finally allow only players who are not on this team to gain access to the starter kit, for example a clock connecting to a command block teleporting all players on the kitused team away:

    /tp @a[r=#,team=kitused] (coordinates)

    The # represents how near to the command block they have to be before they are teleported away

    Let me know whether it works :)

    There should probably be a way to have one command that does all that.
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    posted a message on [ W.i.P ] Caveman
    You're looking for a small server? There are tons of them...everywhere.
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    posted a message on In 1.9 Mojang Has Suggested Adding Seasons To The Minecraft [Season Discussion]
    Quote from supertydon»

    i agree with this perfectly now just add a few sub biomes that combine the existing ones that can be next to each other so if snow falls in like plains thats next to a desert it would only barely snow in the biome that's in between them thus no awkward snow next to things like deserts

    I definitely agree with this
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    posted a message on Minecraft Movie?
    Well, "favorite YouTubers" is a very flexible definition, depending on who you ask
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    posted a message on PaleoCraft -- Realistic Dinosaurs in Minecraft!
    Wow, what a great looking mod. You must have put a lot of time into this!

    Quote from Xtreme_Gamer51»

    Can't say the same about all things, however...^_^
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    I get it! The title is a reference to Attack on Titan™, a popular Japanese show! I am surely amused!
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    I don't know how many times you've probably heard this, but I can't extend my gratitude enough.

    You fixed what Notch didn't. Minecraft actually run like a decently optimized game now. Recording used to be so frustrating, but now I don't have to worry about it as much.

    Thanks, man, you are the best.
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    posted a message on MineCraft: The Beginner's Guide (Newb-Friendly!)
    Quote from iOliimar

    Even though i've been playing minecraft for years, and knew all of these things, this is a great idea for a thread. Also i do think it will be very helpful for a new players out there who don't know about some of these things.

    Thank you. I thought something like this had a place as sifting through community work can be overwhelming. I'm happy to have someone else feel the same way.
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    posted a message on MineCraft: The Beginner's Guide (Newb-Friendly!)
    Quote from Duhhxx

    For one of the mods you should put optifine. Its a huge mod and a ton of people use it

    All done!
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    posted a message on MineCraft: The Beginner's Guide (Newb-Friendly!)


    Share The Love!: http://j.gs/22ZJ


    Welcome to Minecraft, adventurer! This is your one-stop-shop to helping you explore the massive community extras that the game has to offer, without having to sort through everything for the diamonds in the rough. You can also find helpful information about each one!

    The guide is ever-updating! Feel free to come back and check it for the new hottest mods, maps, servers, and texture packs.

    Know or have an awesome creation that isn't on the list? Recommend it below for a chance to get more people to see it!





    Fly in the air, steam-punk style! Create airships from scratch and fly them around the world!

    This mod adds support for HD textures and a lot of options for better looks and performance. Doubling the FPS is common.

    He builds things, he will haunt you, he will scary you, and much more, just try it out.

    Ravage the world, destroying everything in your path with your weapon of choice!

    Need resources, but don't like getting them? With this mod, enjoy modern technology! Automatic farming and mining are at your command!



    Explore the dark world that Herobrine calls home, and fight against his minions. Best played with a friend.

    Zelda Adventure is a map currently in progress, created by Gary520 and helped by Spirale. The map is inspired by the saga "The Legend of Zelda". Six dungeons have already been released and more than eight dungeons are planned to be for the final map.

    You live in a city called ''Minecraft's edge'' and you are a runner. You used to deliver packages from the one person to the other, but the company called ''Skully Jewellery'' stole your package. A diamond was in the package, and now You need to steal it back and take it to the ''Rainbow Company''.

    Prepare for an amazing adventure in Egypt, in dusty village by the Nile. Enter the pyramid of Heyhops, the mighty and cruel pharaoh.



    This is Buxville, one of the longest running, feature packed SMP Minecraft servers. We have a stable base of reliable admins and moderators and are always looking for more players to expand our awesome community!

    Welcome to CurseCraft PvP. We are a factions server with many fun plugins for players to use.

    EcoCityCraft is as legit and purely economy based as you can possibly find.

    You have arrived at an auspicious time. For seven thousand years, gods have ruled the men of the Mortal Plane, an Age of Balance unchanging across the eons. But no more. As the Second Calling dawned, the gods were called from the plane, leaving humanity to its own devices.



    Q: My stuff is up here. What if I want to change it?
    A: Not a problem! Simply post what you'd like changed, whether it be the poster, description, or link, and it will be. I will also delete it at your request.
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    posted a message on "Failed to set new photo"
    Quote from jefe323

    700x700 is waaaaaaaaay to large, try an image no larger then 150x150

    I have a .gif that is 279x209, but even when I resize it to 150x112 it still does not work.

    What's the problem?
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    posted a message on A Realistic Sky
    Quote from lopalop3

    i like this picture, but thats not realistic...

    Maybe you should re-read the thread.

    Quote from Jsn_man

    Nice avatar thing.

    Thank you.
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