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    posted a message on McMMO damage comparison - Axe vs Swords
    How would you compare a sword user versus an axe user?

    Both would be high level, 1,000+ in their respective weapon usage and if they were using enchanted items or not.
    And how would you factor in potion use and golden apple use?

    For people who dont know what im talking about its a PvP mod that lets you level certain skills and weapons to improve their effects.
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    posted a message on Wolfhound Pack - Build your own custom version!
    Been using this for about a month now
    Still makes my pee pee wet.

    Keep up the good work
    I know you'd get more hits if you added higher resolutions of this
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    posted a message on Man made villages
    I've run into a few hiccups while making man made villages
    The first problem is zombie infections, having to clear these out are a pain in the ass and iron golems no longer naturally spawn as protection.
    The second problem is not knowing how many doors cause villagers to breed to the point where they overflow the boundaries I made

    I figured i might try a mob egg crafter for #1 but I already updated to 1.4.2 and the mod isn't available yet.
    As for #2 anyone have an idea?

    The boundaries I made are pretty small and I'm making a village for each matching biome, desert and jungle are next up.
    Still up to debate as how I should make it look more like a tree

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    posted a message on LB Photo Realism, 1.6 convert 7/16/2013. RPG Realism 1.3.1 updated 10/12/2012
    Are the numbers the bit rate?
    I was thinking of trying the 512x with the real time shading mod thats out there, forget the name~

    I've used your pack before for 1.2.5 and it was really well done
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    posted a message on Starting an underground town/city project
    I thought it might be an interesting spawn point for a server so started working on the project

    I found a problem with the bedrock and end zone black particles just making it impossible to see anything.
    I know you can easily fix that be just blowing out the roof but then whats the point of it being underground?

    Im in the process of taking out the bedrock underneath the platform but I doubt that will fix it
    How would I fix that?
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    posted a message on [Surv][Adv] ☠☠ Quad Mountain Survival ☠☠
    So far I've gotten pretty into this map, whatever mods the player chooses really determines the play experience.

    The only thing I think that could have changed was the spawn location and having the player spawn during the day and not at night.

    Other than that enjoy. I've completed 4 of the challenges so far
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