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    With NBTedit is it possible to make enchantments for non-tools like torches? I want to make a Fire Aspect torch xD
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    Quote from Builder4Free

    Just like skyblock, copier.

    Quote from flazooni

    rip of skyblock

    Quote from XXdeathreaperxx

    rip of skyblock

    So, from what i understand. Anything that exists in the sky involving blocks is a ripoff of Sky block...
    Legitimately though... Sky Block survival is not anywhere near original in the first place. In fact i am sure that the "Sky Block" you all refer to is probably even a copy of another. Fact is Sky Block at this point is a genre, not just one map. Of course the "Original" Sky Block has waaaaayyy more views than most. But realistically it is not THE original. I have played this map and I think it deserves TONS more views than it has. It is a legitimate challenge with almost no ground to live on. You Literally MAKE your OWN sky block here. Its 2 blocks placed to start with. and from what i currently have made. Its gone from 1x2x1 to almost 100x50x75. I really think this map deserves fair review and not just dumb asses who are too lazy to download this so called "Copy" of another Copy that just so happened to be more Popular than other Copies. All in all play the map and don't judge books by the fact that they're similar to others.
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