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    Quote from Chrono_King

    I repeat DO NOT SET THE SERVER'S IP. leave the properties file unaltered.

    That does nothing at all; now I, as a Hamachi user, am left with nothing but a singleplayer world that appears on my servers list.
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    So I just downloaded the minecraft server client and it's quite simply not working. I can launch it fine, and I've used this program before, however right now it's not doing anything. In the log where it should show it's progress in generating the world and such, it says the following:

    " "

    In other words, it's blank. I don't know how to fix this, and I am willing to redownload the program should I need to.

    So any suggestions?
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    Hello, everyone! I just signed up for the Minecraft Forums today, and I would like to share an adventure map with ya'll!

    P0RTALCRAFT! It's exactly as the name implies; P0RTAL in MINECRAFT! Very little is actually here, it's just enough to wet your appetite. Have fun!

    Click here---> http://adf.ly/ZWMrg to download it.

    (For anyone who hasn't used adf.ly before, just wait until the countdown in the upper-right corner finishes, then click "skip ad" to proceed to your download. You will receive a warning if adblock is enabled...just dismiss it and it will work as normal)

    Thanks everyone!
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