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    I've never heard of anyone playing Minecraft to 'get to the ending'.

    I've never heard of anyone complaining that Minecraft has no ending.

    Minecraft owes its popularity almost entirely to its non-linearity.

    Yep... Good work there Notch adding a totally unnecessary ending :rolleyes:.

    Minecraft development over the last six months just entirely smacks of either "we have no ideas left" or "we just couldn't give a crap anymore". Unpaid modders come out with all this really great stuff like waterwheels and new water shaders and increased height-maps and good new mobs and more blocks and NPC villages that don't look like poop and what do we get from V1? We get Mooshrooms and an 'ending'... Righttt... :dry.gif:
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    It would have been nice to see a quick summary of the pros and cons of each server...

    Thanks for ruining it random negative forum-goers...

    I suppose your contributions are all the more worthy... Oh wait... :rolleyes:
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