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    posted a message on plz release full game already ...

    erm, the game was officially released back in 2011 with version 1.0

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    posted a message on Autojump? Good or bad?

    it obviously has uses for some people, but for me, after playing this game for whoever knows how much years, id rather play the way im already used to

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    posted a message on Adjustments to my skin <3


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    posted a message on [CTM] The CTMCommunity Maps Thread - Discordancy, Austerity, and more! - Scarcity, the sequel to Austerity newly released!

    GG! First??? :D

    So, Discordancy completed! Managed to do it under 10 deaths! (9).

    So, here is my review of all areas:

    The Sadow of Pluto: A quite easy area, exept maybe the Mineshaft B. What I really liked about that area, is that you gave the player infinite source of food right away, and I know what is sitting and waiting for wheat to grow is like.

    Grave of Starlight: The coal blocks were really handy! But I think in the hallway, that goes to that room with disc, there was too much spawners.

    Shame of Adonis: Really well-designed area, but not much to say about it.

    Walkways of Abandon: It's just suuuuper easy, if you have a bow you just walk through that area.

    Abridged: A fun area. What I liked about it, is that despite the whole area is made of snow, there was almost no creeper spawners, and inventory didn't instantly fill up with snowballs.

    Temple of Decay: Not much to say about this one, decent place.

    Prison of Forgotten Cries: a first really big area, but it's not very confusing.

    Grunkoid Falls: A really annoying area, I havent explored it fully. The zombies in green are super tough, I think they should either have less health, or not be immune to knockback.

    Sporeblight Laboratory: fun and easy area, I really liked the idea of those angry pigmen who couldn't move.

    Suspended Exodus: Really evil area. To be honest, I cheesed the last part with the disc, i just dug to it.

    Shrine of the Last: Huge and confusing area, in some places it felt just like spawner spam. Water bucket is essensial here.

    Flamekissed Foundary: easier then previous area.Fake red wool sign is hilarious! I think it should be in the map :D

    The loot in the map is really well balanced, I think you can complete the map in multiplayer.

    The teleporter hub is really convenient.

    Difficulty is about 5-7/10.


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    posted a message on [CTM] The Ultimate -CTM COMMUNITY- Thread
    Quote from TT2000»

    A quick question to the community: What is your opinion on STORY elements in CTMs? To what extent should it be taken? Can it enhance the map or does it just always get in the way?

    I think the story is a good addition, but only when its done right: in a way, so you dont need to read 9999+ pages long books to find something important for actually completing the map. Also, story should be just an addition because the community is international, and not everyone knows English (or any other language the story is written in) good enough to understand the story.
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    posted a message on Update Helper

    There should be a bug tracker too (i remember i spent like half an hour looking for official bug tracker when i needed it for the first time :D )

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    posted a message on Update Helper

    Im pretty sure thay said that they will never add official mod support, but i might be wrong.

    Also i didnt quite get why you need to use mods, they could add something like in-game suggestion forum, but you can post your suggestions online already (lol, you for sure didnt know that xD). And i didnt understand how this will help modders, because you can do the same thing online.

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    posted a message on Annoying People?
    Quote from MoonbowMercury»

    People who feel the need to PvP anyone they come across.

    Look, I get that you enjoy PvP, that's fine, and I get that it's not against the rules, but god damn. All I wanted was to go to a nearby village so I can buy some cattle. There's, like, twenty other people online. Go pester one of them.

    Thats why i like singleplayer alot more :)
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    posted a message on Help me, I'm not sure what to do anymore, my game looks all messed up

    turn on Vsync in minecraft options to get rid of that line

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    Digging room for underground projects

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