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    Me and my Team are looking for Actors for our Roleplay. This Roleplay will be recorded and will be uploaded to YouTube if you have a YouTube channel you will get a shout out in the Description. This will be a series and also a side note on that we will be doing other Roleplay Series though we do not know yet what they might be.

    Mic to Speak
    Minecraft Obviously
    Good Schedule for Roleplays to fit in
    Maturity to a Point
    Have Fun

    P.S I love ideas if you join us I will listen to your ideas and we may even give them a shot. You will be assigned a role in the Roleplay's if you have problems with that role you would just let me know and we can figure it out. Everyone is welcome to apply.

    Contact me to Apply or Ask Questions with the Info below:

    Email: [email protected]

    Discord: Shockwave#5272

    Discord Group: discord.gg/EXKuTM

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    This would be a Medieval Roleplay with Vampires, Dragons, Werewolves, And adventure all together in the magical medieval era. Also We will also be doing other roleplays such as City Life, Star Wars, And Others

    Thank You


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    Name (First is Fine):


    Age (Not Required):



    Have Atleast one of these


    Can you Build:

    Do you work well with other People:

    Tell me a bit about yourself:



    (For Canada and America) State/Province:

    You can also email me for a faster response:

    Or ask Questions

    [email protected]

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